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Posted on 19 May 19 at 16:31, Edited on 21 May 19 at 07:54
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Generation Zero came as a recommendation after 2ish months of DayZ.
As an 80s boy into this world, the concept of this game was ticking all the boxes all the way to pre order. The colours, lights, sounds, even the cover art looked a bit flashback - leaving you no confusion on what to expect.

But wow is it confusing at times. Not only storyline, but basic gameplay, items, enemies, and that’s even before I get into ACTUAL combat. This games taken a pasting online, and from the recent comments from the latest Hotfix - pitchforks are still on stand by.

With that in mind, and your reading this on a trueachievements, I’ll be adding an achievement part below for all you completionist's planning to 1K it. Specific guides have already been done here in relation to specific ones, so with some pre planning you’ll be fine.


The fundamental issue with this game is the tracking system is broken. In releasing the hotfix, it reset the counter to 0. Brilliant for all those that are still to play, but like me meant the counter got reset. I have posted a solution to how to fix this in the achievement specific guide in the forum.

Completing missions in multiplayer, or joining another players game will guarantee issues in achievements. The fundamental issues people have are because they have shared their game file online and completed missions together which is ridiculous considering the multiplayer experience is brilliant. It messes up your own tracking log - so if this is purely for the achievements....I’d recommend a solo play through with multiplayer turned off from the in game menu.

The majority of the achievements come over time through natural progression, so get yourself a checklist. I’m only now to do my second character which my 9year old is playing now leaving the 2 remaining glitched achievements so any issues.

On a positive note, Avalanche Studios confirmed on 09.05.2019 that they are aware of the tracking issue and are working on a fix. If anyone is stuck or wants my own route map I took - feel free to message on XBL.


It’s a tough one at first as it’s one difficulty for all. The enemies are fast, and takes you by surprise at first. Loot is key early on and there’s plenty of it, but it’s repetitive. As is the houses, buildings, scenery, cars, and enemies. The only real change to you is the perks through the skill tree, but I’ll cover that in a moment.

The game wants you to lay traps, and setup ambushes using the explosive canisters, battery packs, fuel packs just like the cover art suggests. But, it’s a far cry from that early on. It’s pretty tedious, and while it introduces the basics - I kept saying to myself that this is not a fair fight. The balance is well off here. Head first charge wont work here, and the pace of the game is the hardest part to swallow.

Map progressions normally ties in nicely with world missions, along with main story providing the bulk of backstory. Fast travel is free to any safe-house you unlock, which will pop up on the direction bar at the top of the screen when your near one.

Progressing through the map 30 hours in, the enemies change into more advanced problems. Likewise the pickups get better and do allow for better equipment but now it’s about the perks in the skill tree as firepower alone now is just not enough. You’ll now face your second issue on what to actually focus your character on becoming. I went for the Hacker perk, that actually works quite well. It gives you a chance in % of a successful hack, and is superb for distractions.

Weaponry is the usual collection of shot range, mid and long. Specific missions later in allow for the good stuff, but you’ll want to get some perks into health and damage early. When it gets a large enemy spawn you’ll know about it - as the frame rate will drop to 1999 Dial up lag.

Imagine the terminator in bullet time. That’s you. And I’m running a Project Scorpio no Gen 1 Xbox One and it’s shocking. Unplayable to the point it’s 10 seconds to reload 6 slugs.

Adrenaline shots have also been a hot topic recently and I too have fallen victim to it. At the start they were EVERYWHERE! then you could only get them based on your current inventory count after update 1.03. I even did a YouTube video on how to farm them as it got that bad. The hotfix neutralised it all, so its all good. Just don’t waste them, this game prefers you to heal than re-spawn. You’ll often get wiped back down if your mid combat so try to heal.

That said, robots will still come through walls, shoot through any object, ticks will spawn on you and there will be countless WTF moments in game. Gunfight pace is no MW2, but not as slow as DayZ. Not as fast as PUBG, but its FarCry pace. Explore, discover, missions into XP, collect items - ONLY engage if you need to.

Take it as this and it’s all right. It’s as good as it’s gonna be until they refine the gameplay, missions, and sort the damn tracking. It’s 2.5/5 because it’s half a game and needs to be finished. +0.5 for the storyline, missions, and battles that actually came through. +0.5 for time spent against achievements obtained.
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