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Posted on 27 April 12 at 16:33, Edited on 27 April 12 at 16:36
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Another edition of Worhammer's Shameless Easy-Mode Super Happy Gamerscore Funtime.

So here we are again. Another week, another easy game. As my ratio continues to drop and my gamerscore continues to climb, I drag you along on my adventures and perhaps provide some new low hanging fruit for each of you.

First off, let me say I love this show. I haven't missed an episode thanks to Tivo. The storyline is well thought out and provides good character development along with some good voice acting. The American anime industry is really stepping up their game. Another 20 years and maybe we will be able to compete with Japan.

So now that full disclosure is out of the way, let me say this: The controls are passable but not great. The graphics could use some work. There are a lot of load times and for a game that requires you to play through twice for the full 1K, there are too many cutscenes you can't skip.

Generator Rex features a lot of button mashing and QTEs. It isn't a challenging game apart from one achievement, and it can easily be finished in under six hours.

The graphics as I said earlier are somewhat lacking. The cutscenes are very obvious CGI and not very well related to the art style of the TV show. There are some areas with slow-down even when the game is installed on your HDD if there's too many enemies on-screen, which happens often.

The most frustrating thing for me was that there are several areas in the game where you'll be running along and - for no reason at all - you'll just stop running and be forced to walk for about 30 seconds. Sometimes there will be accompanying dialogue, but more often there won't. Since I'm on the subject, I'll go off on a tangent and ask: Why is it that many games force you to walk when you get in-game dialogue? Seriously, are these battle-hardened heroes not capable of running and talking? Bah!

On to the controls: For the most part they are responsive, but I sometimes found switching weapons harder than it should be. This could be due to the age of my controller, but since I don't have problems switching in Gears of War (same method of switching weapons) I don't think so. There will also be some parts during the jumping sequences where you might find that you press the jump button and don't jump. Or you'll press a QTE button and it will think you pressed the wrong one. These issues are few and far between (and don't impact the game beyond adding an extra 30 seconds of replaying from the nearest checkpoint) but I felt they were worth mentioning.

The sound in the game is decent. They use pretty much all the music from the show, including the opening theme music and the battle music for the "epic boss battles!" The sound effects are sorta just thrown in and are rather forgettable. The voice actors in this are all from the TV series, which means a little visit from our friend Marcus Fenix in the form of monkey sidekick Bobo Haha. The only one who is missing is White Knight, who seemed to me to be some other voice actor. Not sure why he was the only holdout, but there it is.

The achievements are mostly story related. There are a few that require some practice. I managed to get the perfect skydiving achievement on my first try for it thanks to the solution here. The perfect driving achievement took me about 30 minutes to get. The only time-related achievement that was a pain was the "under 10 minutes" and that is only due to the stupid extra two minutes of cutscenes you're forced to sit through while the timer ticks away.

There are two or three grindy achievements, but nothing you should have to spend more than an extra hour on after you've finished the time trials (your second run of the game). There was one minor glitch I ran into. When trying to replay abyssus I couldn't get the timer to show up. I've written a solution for the achievement if you run into this problem.

Final time to 1K: less than 10 hours. Can be done in 6 if you use a guide for everything and run through. I spent time enjoying the cutscenes because, ya know, I like the show roll
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