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The Best Xbox Shoot 'em Up Games Available in 2018

What no one tells you about the shoot 'em up genre is just how helpful the Five Ds of Dodgeball can be. In the words of the immortal Patches O'Houlihan, "dodge, duck, dip, dive and... dodge" can go far in a shmup.

Posted 6 years ago by Mark Delaney

XBL Content Roundup: October 30th, 2015

I apologise for the late showing of this listing. Due to personal circumstances, we decided that it would be better for all if we did one roundup on Friday for this week only. http://www.trueachievem

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

TA Clips of the Week - Apr 5th to Apr 11th

Hello fellow TA-ers, and welcome to the latest Clips of the Week roundup, where we showcase the five clips that have received the most favourites over the course of the last seven days, as a well as

Posted 9 years ago by Dave Horobin

XBL Content Roundup: March 31st & April 1st, 2015

Xbox One Games After being available for pre-loading since last Thursday, the servers for Neverwinter (HK) are now open. If you hadn't already downloaded the title, it can be found here worldwide. Ge

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Geometry Wars³: Dimensions Evolves

One of the common complaints that I see in the XBL Content Roundups is that a new release isn't worth its asking price. Geometry Wars³: Dimensions was one of those titles. Well, if you weren't convin

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review

Geometry Wars, a retro-themed twin stick shooter, is one of the most celebrated series available on the Xbox platform and has had no small part in making Xbox LIVE what it is today. While it may have

Posted 10 years ago by Jerry Minnich

XBL Content Roundup: November 25th & 26th, 2014

Xbox One Pre-orders Although there has been a page for this game on for what seems like forever, only now is it available for pre-order. You can choose to purchase the standard edition or th

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Achievement Preview Spotlight: Geometry Wars³

When Bizarre Creations was shuttered in 2011, the question as to what would become of the franchises for which they developed titles, such as Project Gotham Racing and its mini-game off shoot, Geomet

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

XBL Content Roundup: November 20th & 21st, 2014

Xbox One Pre-orders Ivory Tower's upcoming MMO racer gets two different pre-orders, while the first title to be released under the relaunched Sierra Entertainment also offers incentives to pre-order

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Geometry Wars³ Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

With Geometry Wars³: Dimensions inching ever closer to launch, Sierra Entertainment and Lucid Games have decided to offer a pre-order incentive to those who purchase the title before launch. http://w

Posted 10 years ago by Damien Knox

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