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Ghost Blade HD Review

Ghost Blade HD is unashamedly a throwback to arcade classics. It's short, migraine-inducing chaos that remains absurdly addictive despite us having moved on in the last thirty years, but now you can compare scores online.

Posted 7 years ago by Sam Quirke

ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning February 27th, 2017

Last week brought us a rather large number of titles; this week, not so many. There are just three titles that are vying for your attention -- a shmup, an action-adventure title and a foray into tower defense.

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Beam Streaming Schedule for Week Commencing February 27th

We've planned another busy week of live streams for our Beam channel, with six games being played over the space of five days - including an additional double-length stream on Tuesday afternoon.

Posted 7 years ago by Dave Horobin

Ghost Blade HD Dated

Ghost Blade HD calls itself an "intense bullet hell shmup," which probably makes some of you instantly want it and some of you recoil in fear. Either way, it's coming later this month.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

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