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    19 Jun 2009
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    Ghostbusters is a game where you play as a new rookie joining the team. You can't play as any of the original guys in single player. ( Multi-player: you can pick any of the characters.) The game is a third person action "shooter". You have some moments of first person, mainly when you have the para-googles/ PKE meter equipped. The game consists of seven different levels ranging from the Sedgewick Hotel to Central Park. Your job consists of following the others around and supporting them as you shoot and trap ghosts. You are also the guinea pig because you get to equip some untested equipment from Egon.
    The game can be a little tedious because half the time you are running around reviving your teammates as they fall over after being hit by the ghosts. This is probably the worst part of the game: baby-sitting your fellow ghostbusters. If you don't revive them and YOU become incapacitated, the game is over and you have to start the level over from the last checkpoint. The story is good and the voice-acting is first rate. They even bring back the red-headed and bearded jerk, Mr. Peck from the EPA. Overall, the single player is okay. There are the usual artifact searches, upgrading your equipment, etc. Another job is to use your para-googles to scan ghosts. Scanning them will give you information about the ghosts, strengths, weaknesses, attack patterns.
    There are four different weapons to choose from: your standard proton pack, Meson Collider ( yellow), Dark Matter ( blue), and slime beam ( green). They have different properties and affect ghosts differently. For example you can use the Meson Collider for far away damage. Other equipment consists of your PKE meter and para-googles. This combo will tell you about the environment. When the bars are blue, there is an artifact nearby. Green tells you where the ghost trail is. Red is for danger nearby.
    Multiplayer really shines. It is an addicting and fast-paced part of the game. Single player is pretty linear. When you play with three other guys, you don't do as much baby-sitting. If you become incapacitated, your fellow busters have to revive you or you revive automatically after a set time. There are different types of games consisting of Survival, Artifact Protection, and a game where you have to trap as many ghosts as possible in a set amount of time. You pick up different power ups on each level similar to Halo 3. You earn cash for trapping ghosts and your total career earnings are tracked as well as number of ghosts trapped, assists, etc.
    Overall, the game is good. Achievements are pretty easy to get: about 100 -150 pts in the first couple of hours of game play. There are some for multi-player, some for collecting artifacts, destroying certain locations on different levels, completing levels, etc.
    -addicting multiplayer
    -great story, should have been Ghostbusters III
    -lots of collections/upgrades to weapons
    -lots of different ghosts to scan and trap
    -Sound effects are top notch: from the proton packs to Ecto 1's siren
    -voice acting and character models
    -graphics look like they are from the movies
    -easy learning curve
    -achievements are named after quotes from the movie: my favorite: "Aim for the Flattop"- which you get for eliminating a creature.

    -bad AI for fellow ghostbusters in single player
    -bosses can be a pain to beat, especially with your fellow ghostbusters lying on the ground, leaving you to run around trying to revive them.
    -too many ghosts on screen at times, making it hard to lock on to a specific one
    -connecting to Xbox live matches has been touchy at the start. Hopefully an update will -fix this

    In closing, give this game a try. If you are a fan of the movies and grew up in the 1980's, this game is a way to remember 1984. If you like playing against three other players and competing for cash online, this is a fine alternative to CoD 5 and Halo 3.
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    STANGER31Am I the only one who found the load screens to be ridiculously long and annoying?
    Posted by STANGER31 on 10 Sep 09 at 16:26
    GremUKIt appears you are STANGER31 :P
    Posted by GremUK on 03 Dec 09 at 12:07
    WookieKiller247No he's not they took forever.
    Posted by WookieKiller247 on 07 Dec 09 at 17:49
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    DLC: None
    100% Completion: 20-50 hours*
    Achievement Difficulty: 6/10

    *Time varies greatly, due to the fact that several of the online achievements are glitched and do not unlock when they are supposed to. Also, until there is a patch, 2 achievements are unobtainable.

    You play the Rookie, the newest addition to the team. As you are being introduced to the rest of the group, a spiritual shock wave is felt throughout the city, causing all sorts of ghostly activity. The story itself revolves closely around the original Ghostbusters movie. As you hunt down the origin of the ghosts, you will travel to familiar settings, such as the Library or the Shedgewick Hotel, and meet old friends such as good-old Slimer and Gozer's destructive form, the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man! Plus the plot ties so well to the movie, you would think that this was all planned since the original release in 1984.

    However, let's not forget that the movies were supposed to be funny, and the game is just that, hilarious. It has all the same humor and unique personalities, that made the original movies such a hit. The game even has the original actors doing the voice overs, which it wouldn't be the same without them. Bill Murray (Peter), Dan Aykroyd (Ray), Harold Ramis (Egon), and Ernie Hudson (Winston) all continue their roles flawlessly. With the original cast and similar script, the game seem like the perfect extension of the franchise.

    The length of the game, seems to be about right as well. There are a total of 7 missions, each running one to two hours, giving just enough time to deliver enough plot and gameplay, but not to draw things out. Although the pace moves around quite a bit, you can't expect a game to compete with a movie's fluid story.

    In spite of all this, there is still something that bothered me throughout the game. There always seems to be someone missing. Although you can't expect the whole group to always be in the same place at the same time, you would think, that since they are a team, they would be together more often than not. Heck, I didn't even know Winston was in the game at first, because he doesn't show up until the second mission. Even Peter Venkman, arguable the star of the franchise, is missing for nearly half the game, and I have to say, his comedic relief is sorely missed.


    The game plays as an over the shoulder shooter, oddly familiar to the Gears of War series, with its similar reload and revival system. The basic premise of the combat system is to "Sap 'em, Cap 'em, and Trap 'em", or sap their energy (health), capture them with your Proton Stream, and then trap them in your Ghost Trap. Seems simple enough, but not all spirits are alike, and some will take different strategies to get rid of them. However, for all intensive purposes, you'll be wrestling those little buggers into your traps, one after another.

    The best part about it, is that it doesn't get boring. It's a nice a relief from the "headshot" tactic, that you find in most traditional shooters. Plus, in addition to your basic proton stream, you'll get plenty of new weapons and abilities that help to keep things fresh. Not everything will be spelled out for you, so experiment with the weapons to find new ways to capture those ghosts.

    There is also a bit of a CSI aspect to the game, with your PKE meter and goggles. These items will help you find hidden ghosts, trails, and even cursed artifacts hidden throughout the game. Plus, if you scan a ghost with them, you'll get a little background information, including their abilities and weaknesses.

    Unfortunately there are a few flaws in the games AI. The enemies aren't even remotely intelligent, as you'll find each ghost follows its own strategy, time and time again. However, the biggest problem by far, is your teammates. I don't know if they can't aim or if you are the only one with a working proton pack, but for some reason only you can effectively damage the ghosts. Not to mention, you'll be lying around for awhile if you happen to get knocked down, and are waiting for a revive.


    The game's basic visuals are a bit so-so. The environments and enemies aren't the most detailed and there really isn't anything amazing about them, but they do pass and are somewhat standard to the current console generation. Although, the character models are quite well done and are spot-on to their original counterparts.

    There is one thing that is remarkable, however, and that is the game's destructive engine. Nearly everything is destructible, short of shooting holes through walls. Your proton pack even leaves a nice trail of scorched and charred remains over everything it passes over. It feels rather rewarding to look back on a room, in which you just demolished everything while attempting to catch a ghost. There is even a sort of mini-game aspect to it all, as everything you destroy is added to your damage claim, which is accumulative throughout the campaign. Although you really don't get anything for it (besides achievements), it is kind of fun to see how much, or little, you can destroy in the game.


    As I said before, the single player isn't drawn-out, which unfortunately leaves it sort of on the short side. Your first playthrough should take you a little under 10 hours, and after that there really isn't much left to do in the single player. There are quite a few collectibles and such, but if you were paying attention you should already have most of them. Besides that, you just have different difficulties, and even then there isn't a huge difference between them.

    There is multiplayer, but unfortunately it is a glitched mess. It is still playable, but just expect to have to end quite a few games early, whenever you run into a game breaking glitch. When it works, however, it is rather fun. The different game modes are interesting and different enough to keep things fresh. One thing I found rather interesting, was the Most Wanted Ghosts. These ghosts won't appear until certain requirements are met, and then appear randomly throughout the different gametypes for you to collect. There are 20 in total and some are quite hard to get, but unfortunately the idea was wasted, as the last two on the list are glitched.

    Of course, what good is multiplayer if you can't play with friends. Unfortunately, however, there is only a max player amount of 4 and you can't send invites to ranked matches, making it frustrating to get a group of friend together, but not impossible. The game also advertises a co-op mode, but all it really is, is three randomly selected multiplayer games stringed together.

    This isn't some sort of Call of Duty or Halo multiplayer, it won't keep you entertained for hours on end, but it should add significant life to this otherwise short title.


    I would love to say that these achievements excel with the rest of the game, but unfortunately that isn't the case. They are all pretty standard, and in spite of the comedic presence, there is very little ingenuity in them. There really isn't a hard one among them, only a couple multiplayer ones that are just time consuming. The collectibles aren't very well hidden and the hardest difficulty isn't all that hard.

    I wouldn't be disappointed if the achievement's only flaw was that they were too easy, this game is for casual players too. The thing that really gets me aggravated is that nearly all of the multiplayer achievements are glitched. There are several that only unlock for some (On the Payroll and Egon's Guinea Pig), others that unlock at random times (Overachiever), and even a couple that are just plain unobtainable (Payday! and No Job to Big). If that isn't bad enough, it has been over 2 months since the game's release and there is still no official word on a patch.


    It looks and feels exactly like the movies released decades ago. Nearly a perfect addition to the franchise, if not for all the glitches.

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    21 Jun 2009
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    First, let me make this clear, I was a huge fan of the Ghostbusters movies especially the first one. With that said I review this game as a fan, not just a gamer.
    The game is a basic third person action game which puts you in the shoes of a generic, nameless new recruit. I guess they did this to kinda make it feel like you the player is really a part of the team. The story is simple and pays homage to the movies with levels reminiscent of the movies. The training levels are really well done and the gameplay is easy to pick up and decently difficult to master. The controls feel "real" and the ghost wrangling is both fun and exciting. In lots of ways the player really feels like they are catching ghosts. The mulitplayer component is good but not great. It is played coop but there are only a few levels. Hopefully this will be remedied with some DLC.
    Graphically, the game is beautiful. There is a lot going on in every level and almost everything is destructible. I did notice a little slow-down when there were a lot of ghosts on the screen, but overall the graphics are solid.
    There is some collecting elements in the form of ghost scans and rare occult items which add to the replayability as they can be missed in the first play-through, at least without a guide. Overall these are a fun aside to the main campaign which are not too numerous to be aggravating but interesting in their own right.
    I did find a couple of errors in a few levels that caused me to have to restart a checkpoint because there suddenly was no exit but it only happened twice and did not repeat. The voice work (all the original cast) was excellent even though some parts repeated quite often. I got pretty tired of hearing "look out....above you" and such but it is forgivable. The story was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis who wrote the original films and the same humor and wit is interspersed in this game.
    The achievements are pretty varied with some to do with multiplayer but most are tied to the campaign mode. There are simple "find" achievements as well as the generic "finish the level" achievements. I liked the secret achievements that require you to do certain tasks like drink from all the water fountains in the game. Overall the achievement list was pretty good.
    If you are a fan of third person action games, this is definitely worth a look. If you are a Ghostbusters fan as well as a gamer then do yourself a favor and pick this game up. This was a thoroughly enjoyable game with moderate replayability. " Busting makes me feel good !!"

    Graphics 9/10
    Gameplay 8/10
    Controls 9/10
    Achievements 8/10

    Overall 8.5/10
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    06 Dec 2009 06 Dec 2009
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    Well there is already 5 great reviews for this game, so what is one more! I borrowed this game from a friend. I thought is would be just another terrible movie/T.V. show rip-off game. But...I was very pleasantly surprised, as I am sure anyone who picked up this game was. A typical Ghostbusters storyline involving Gozer and some random dude who did some evil things while he was alive. So heres a breakdown of the game:

    Story 8/10: Pretty well written story. Unfortunately, the campaign of this game is extremely short though. Story plays out much like a movie. You'll even see the return of the "Peck"! I'm not going to give away the story, as I don't want to spoil the game since it plays out like a movie. The dialogue of this movie is great. The script is actually written by Harold Ramis (Egon) and Dan Aykroyd (Stantz) just like the original movies. They get all the original ghostbusters actors back for this game to do the voice overs. I was somewhat disappointed not to see Rick Moranis in the game cry. This story would have a 10/10 if is could have just been a little longer!

    Graphics 10/10: The graphics and physics are great! I am really impressed with the graphics of this game. Your entire environment is destructible. One thing that made this game very visually pleasing, is the fact that fighting ghosts isn't something you do in to many games. The Ghosts are very original and there must be somewhere around 100 different type of enemy in the game.

    Multiplayer ?/10: Not sure how to rate this. Multiplayer is fun! Different multiplayer modes. But from what I've seen, (given I've only had the game for a little over a week now), is that not many people play this game online. As I play the game some more, I will update this part of the review.

    Achievements8/10: Some of the achievements can be a little glitched and not unlock when they should. There two achievements in this game I believe that have been labled "unachievable". For the most part, majority of the achievements can be earned in campaign (about 3/4 of them). The other 1/4 are earned in multiplayer.

    AI Difficulty 6/10: There are 3 game modes. Normal, Experienced, and Professional. I began playing this game on Professional and have been going right through it. The game is not terribly difficult. You will be fighting with AI guys on your team and there will revive you, if you get knocked down. They will even do half your ghost fighting for you. The AI can completely suck when taking on ghosts though. You will find yourself 90% of the time during a boss fight, running around reviving your teammates.

    Weapons10/10: What can I say....It's the Proton Pack! Where could you go wrong...."just don't cross the streams!". The Proton Pack is back, and it kicks ass! Your able to upgrade your weapons in this game. There are four different weapons, (all on your proton pack), with 2 different firing modes. You have your Proton Stream/Boson Dart, Shock Blast/Stasis Stream, Slime Blower/Slime Tether, and Meson Collider/Overload Pulse. You also have your trusty Ghost Trap and PKE meter!

    So overall I thing this is a pretty good. A must play for all Ghostbusters fans! I would suggest this as rental rather than purchase, due to the short length of the game. Also, the movies an TV show are from the 80's. The release of this game may have been a little to far from from the 80's to have may a dent in the video game marketplace. Only evidenced by the face that the game was released June 16th, 2009, and is already $29.99 at both Gamestop and

    If I were to buy this game, I would price is somewhere around $19.99, if you really really have to buy it! But I suggest you rent it rather than buy.

    Here is the link to
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    13 Jan 2010
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    Graphics 8/10: As I placed the disk into my 360, I thought back to the preview screenshots I had seen a couple weeks ago. To me, the graphics lookied like a 360 launch title's, which isn't that bad. I was proven wrong, however, once I saw the game in motion. Everything in the game seems full of life, or rather, afterlife, and the vibrant colors lend to the atmosphere of the original films. The actors' virtual counterparts looked barely different than they did in the second movie and locations from the films are replicated perfectly. Almost every location an be fully destroyed with no consequences whatsoever. My only problem was that the voices didn't sync with the characters in some scenes, much akin to an old old Jackie Chan movie. Overall the graphics are on par with most games today.

    Story 9/10: The story is something that personally, I feel, shines the most in this game. The game was written by the very same two legendsthat wrote the movies, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It was written as if it was a third movie in the franchise and pulls it off really well. I don't want to give anything away but the designers kept some things in mind from the films that they knew you would want to do in the game.

    Gameplay 9/10: This is another category in which I think this game shines the most. The Heads up display (HUD) is primarily on your Proton pack, making the experience all the more immersive. You technically have unlimited "ammo" on your pack but you'll have to vent the pack every so often to keep it from overheating and leaving you vulnerable for a short time. The game autosaves frequently and quickly with virtually no load times except between chapters. The achievements are a good mix of unbelievably easy (slide down the firepole) to hardcore (overachiever) and a few more achievements for doing fun/weird things on each level as well as your standard level/game completion and collectibles. All I could think while I tracked and trapped ghosts and fought bosses epic in size was "Damn this game is fun!" There is a decent amount of replay value and extras to look at and mess with such as concept art and cutscenes.

    Multiplayer 7/10
    No local co-op, which it automatically loses a point on the multiplayer there. The multiplayer is something I haven't delved too deep into but I can say that it promotes communication with your partners (granted not as much as Gears of War 2) and is pretty fun. It spans several 3 level "Job" campaigns that range from Slimer Dunk to a Horde-like survival mode. I acquired a couple of rank ups and a new uniform during my time online but I have no idea what they mean. The only problem I experienced was the protection "job" was incredibly difficult and I never won it once out of ten attempts. The online achievements are rumored to be glitched but I personally haven't experienced it.

    Overall - Fan Factor -9/10
    As a fan of Ghostbusters since I was really little, its kind of a dream of mine to wield a Proton pack and trap ghosts with the original team, even if it is virtual. The original cast returns to voice their respective characters with the exceptions of Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver. The developers cleverly mask Rick's absence but I didn't hear Sigourney's character mentioned. I don't know why they didn't participate, its not like they have anything else to do. Little easter eggs have been strung throughout the game for the hardcore fans and the newbies will get a kick out of them too. I think, for a Ghostbuster fan, this game is a must buy but for those on the fence, rent first So go trap some ghosts and remember...

    "Don't Cross the Streams!"
  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108317,853
    28 Jun 2009 28 Jun 2009
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    Story: You start out as the new rookie ghostbuster. Going on jobs with them and trying out the new dangerous weapons. Then throughout the story it sets in the story for each of the missions so everyone can understand. Oh and the missions are from the movie so its just so great to live the parts.

    Graphics: The graphics for this game are great. They feel like ghostbusters and everything. The characters look great as do the ghosts. Envirorments look awsome as do the bosses. Blowing up things around you looks greats and the lights and everything that comes out your gun look great. Just great visuals in this game.

    Sound: Well this game has all the orginal cast in it with their voices. Need I say more on how that sounds. Well for anyone that doesnt know it sounds great. Ghosts sounds are great and your gun and everything makes the right noises. Great sound in this game.

    Controls: The controls work for this game. Aiming is good but sometimes when the ghosts are going around you have to me and aim. Also sometimes it can be kinda of tough to aim the ghost into the trap but other than that the controls are good and easy to get use to.

    Gameplay: Now heres the fun part. The gameplay is alot of fun. Really your thing is chasing ghosts and thats what the game does. I mean there are other things that cursed artifacts and upgrades and everything so its just more fuel for your fire. Almost all the game is in third person except for when you switch to your PKE meter. But both view points work.

    Multiplayer: A really great idea and very fun. There are all just little mini games almost but very fun. 4 play coop is also great amounts of fun. Collecting money and leveling up is alot of fun and working as a team to take down some ghosts is also fun too. Hopefully we will see some DLC for online soon with some new game modes.

    Achievements: Even list filled with hard and easy achievements. Ones for completeing missions in single and beating the game. Leveling up all your guns. Then theres the collection ones. Online ones are a mix of hard and easy. Most you will just get over time but as one right now from the looks of it a couple online achievements are unachieveable. One of the best things though are the achievement names. Most are taken from quotes from the movie which if you know what they are then its great.

    A long rent/buy.

    Overall 9/10

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  • DavieMarshallDavieMarshall220,819
    05 Jul 2010
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    This is a game I've been meaning to play for a while, but I never got round to it because of the fact it retained it's price so well.

    However, with that aside, I finally managed to get my hands on a copy and partner up with Venkman and co. (Venkman being the best Ghostbuster, no arguments), to get down to some Ghostbustin' action.

    The title has been developed with a keen eye for detail, and the look and feel of the game is just right. The opening cut scene is in keeping with the tone of the movies, and of course features the original cast to voice the digital counterparts. The same overarching level of humour is there so things aren't taken too seriously, and the music score, again is dealt with aptly.

    All of these things put you at ease and comfort straight away, and you know you're going to be in a for a good ride. The obligatory tutorial level out of the way, you're soon into the action and wielding your proton blaster in anger in a bid to recapture Slimer at the Sedgewick Hotel.

    The manager asks you, nay pleads with you not to go into the main event room where it has been prestigiously set-up to cater for a Bar Mitvah. The problem is, at this point in time you're partnered with Venkman, and he doesn't take the 'wrong' answer lying down. You' steal into the room via the hotel's kitchens, and are soon faced with a grand room full of fine silverware and ornate table settings.

    It's here you'll notice for the first time that your proton blaster can cause untold havoc and destruction. The attention to detail with regards to the destruction of the environment is top notch. Most, if not everything, is destructible, and your proton blaster can also burn gashes into the ceilings and walls. Needless to say Slimer it's a slippery customer, and you and Venkman tear up the joint in traditional Ghostbusters fashion.

    Piano's, tables, flower arrangements, hams, wine, chairs, chandeliers, glass ceilings, all are razed to the ground as you pursue Slimer. Some of the damage will often be deliberate too... just because it's a heck of a lot of fun.

    After this the plot quickly begins to gather pace, and the Stay Pufft deity will make an appearance. Without giving anything away with regards to the plot, it's solid and in keeping with the original movies, and, as a reviewer before me said, could perhaps have even been used as groundwork to a Ghostbusters III. It wouldn't have won a cabinet full of awards, but it's fun and sticks together well.

    There's plenty of variation in the ghosts you fight, so that doesn't get to wearisome, and there's also a range of corporeal entities which basically means you can obliterate them rather than having to catch them.

    All of this means the combat system is variable and gives you enough reason to use the eight or so different attachments available to you via your backpack. None of them feel 'tacked on' as such, which I was worried about seeing as how Egon uses you as a guinea pig for some of his 'beta' equipment.

    All equipment is upgradable too, so you'll have a chance to use that cash you've been earning to boost your performance and efficiency.

    Graphically the game is sound. It won't drop your jaw like Arkham Asylum however. Perhaps just as importantly, the frame rate is consistent for the best part. As lots happens on screen at any one time, the game handles it all well. Ghosts with their luminous trails, five proton blasters, explosions, ghosts attacking and environmental effects all at very close range could have choked up the frame rate, but things keep chugging along nicely.

    Additionally, the over the shoulder camera system helps give the title the 'right feel'. If this had been a first person 'shooter' I'd have not enjoyed it anywhere near as much I feel.

    On to the negatives, (aside from the glitched multiplayer achievements of course), the AI build of the Ghostbusters lacks in a sizeable way. Play on casual difficulty, this won't be a problem. Bump it up to experienced or professional, and you're going to be babysitting the pros as you revive them one after another before they return to the scene of their death, seemingly to await retribution for daring to stand against the enemy once more.

    Difficulty can be patchy too. The hardest boss of the game by far makes an appearance at the end of chapter 3. I say difficult, but more so because your team keeps dying and the controls at your disposal aren't quick enough. Turning around 360 degrees for example, whilst normally not an issue, suddenly becomes a deal breaker during this particular boss fight. The speed and dexterity of the paranormal being far outclasses your own, so you'll instead likely take to running around backwards to defeat it. Similarly the dodge and evade button (B) you'll rarely find user for (throughout the entire game in fact) as it's just too slow to react and doesn't offer you any real advantage.

    After the chapter 3 boss fight, the others are a cakewalk by direct comparison. After taking several dozen goes to beat chapter 3 (basically waiting for a slice of good luck) I skipped past the remaining bosses very easily, perhaps dying once or twice thanks to my fellow ghostbusters dropping like flies.

    As faults go however, you can live with them. They're not game breaking, and they won't dampen your experience of the title greatly. It's a fairly easy run through for achievements too, and I polished off as many as I knew I'd be able or patient enough to get within three or four days of on/off play.

    It's definitely worth playing, but for the price it still seems to command in store and online, try to bag a pre-owned copy, or check out your rental choices.

    As a friend of mine said, Ghostbusters is not so much a game, but more 'a simulator of awesome'.
  • NewtypeS3NewtypeS3133,060
    12 Apr 2014
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    +You get to be one of the Ghostbusters!
    +The voicework is utterly awesome, featuring pretty much everyone returning to voice their characters from the movies.
    +The dialogue feels perfect, like this really is a third film.
    +Weapon variety is unexpectedly nice, featuring up to eight different ways to bust ghosts.
    +Bustin' makes you feel good!

    -You do not play as one of the original four Ghostbusters.
    -Your “Rookie” doesn't really have a voice.
    -Bosses are a let-down as the game goes along.
    -Set design also seems to go slowly downhill as the game goes on.
    -Controls are clunky for character movement.
    -Some of the achievements are broken, either by bug, or by being just plain unachievable.
    -...where is Egon pulling all of these upgrades from?


    In the 1980s, and indeed up through the very early 1990s, it was hard to escape the Ghostbusters. It might have started with the pair of movies, released in 1984 and 1989, certainly. But we also had the Real Ghostbusters cartoon (named such to distinguish it from the other Ghostbusters cartoon, oddly enough), comic books, video games, toys, board games... it got to the point that only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could (and eventually did) overtake the Ghostbusters in terms of merchandise.

    And then the flow of Ghostbusters content drew to a trickle, and stopped. One cartoon, released in the late 1990s, built off the idea as a sequel to the original Real Ghostbusters cartoon was pretty much the swan song of the franchise. However, like the Ghostbusters themselves at the start of Ghostbusters II, they were considered old and washed-up – or at least a pop-culture icon that had played their part already. That still didn't stop developer Terminal Reality from putting out a Ghostbusters video game for almost every console on the market in 2009, though.

    And really? It's actually pretty awesome, and is easily the best Ghostbuster game on the market.

    Admittedly, this is damning the game with faint praise. Until 2009, nearly every other Ghostbusters game released has been a nigh-unplayable pile of horrible code. Few exceptions exist, including the Sega Genesis Ghostbusters game from 1993, and the Europe-only New Ghostbusters II on the NES. But these were just vague platformers and shooters that only barely felt like Ghostbusters at times.

    Instead, Terminal Reality worked with the original cast of Ghostbusters to make what could essentially be considered the third Ghostbusters movie. While they didn't write the entire script, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were brought in to punch up the script and make the dialogue fit right in line with the original cast, and nearly every single castmember from the original movies represented here is voiced by their original actor. And, of course, their likenesses from the 1980s, so it really doesn't feel like much has changed in the 20 years between the last movie and this game.

    Our story is set in 1991, with the Ghostbusters being officially licensed by the city and state to bust ghosts in New York, and the crew all set to expand on their business. This is where we, the player, step in. Not as one of the main 4 Ghostbusters, but as their rookie (and test subject for all the new toys).

    This is, I admit, an odd move. Most people would rather play as the titular Ghostbusters themselves from the movies... but the experience pays off perfectly. By being their rookie, you get the feel of actually joining the Ghostbusters and palling around with them while saving New York from the ghosts and ghouls that threaten the 1991 holiday season.

    The story winds up bringing our Rookie (and the Ghostbusters themselves) to many familiar locations, including Times Square, the New York Public Library, the Sedgewick Hotel... and, of course, the Ghostbusters' Firehouse itself. A lot of love was put into that Firehouse set, with a ton of awesome in-jokes and references to the past movies and cartoons. However, the same cannot be said of some of the other sets.

    There's a ton of atmosphere in the game, don't get me wrong, but atmosphere only helps so much when you've gotten lost in the walk-up to the final boss for the umpteenth time because the level designers accidentally made a literal maze out of it with no display on your HUD to let you know which direction you're supposed to go. This is, however, late in the game, so it could be forgiven if the bosses were worth that slog through some of the lesser levels.

    Which, oddly, isn't quite the case. Early in the game, the bosses are some of the best part of the game outside wrangling ghosts into a trap. The Times Square boss? Pure awesome, and the culmination of some rather incredibly well-thought-out level design. However, as the game rolls on, the bosses seem less like actual stage-end events that can be challenging, and instead feel more like speedbumps between you and another cutscene with the Ghostbusters. Sadly, the final boss is the worst of this, where it becomes a demented version of peek-a-boo when you're armed with a homing weapon that takes most of the skill out of shooting the guy.

    On the other hand, though, the weapons are mostly awesome. The traditional Proton Gun and Slime Gun are exactly what you'd expect from the first two movies, and the Dark Matter Generator and Meson Collider wind up rounding out our collection of weapons. Each weapon has an alternate method of fire, and most of them make some form of sense. While I won't spoil what these weapons do (though I think you can make out what the Proton and Slime Guns do), each has their own use, and each enemy has a specific weakness to each weapon. Or you can just blast them all with the Proton Gun (or your personal weapon of choice) and let the containment grid sort them out later.

    The only real complaint I have is actually with the controls. Aiming is fine, and the swapping of weapons works perfectly fine as well. Movement, though, is sluggish. This is... actually understandable, considering the actors themselves couldn't move well with those proton pack props on their backs. However, it leaves the game feeling slightly gummy at times, and can result in more than a few deaths.

    The real unique thing this game tries is having the entire HUD set up on the Rookie's proton pack. Health and ammo/cooling levels of the weapons are both displayed on the side of the pack for you to see, and it really helps immerse the player into the game quite a bit. Of course, it can also be lost in the chaos of being jumped by about 50 ghosts at once, but that's life.

    Multiplayer also exists, and features standard 4-player modes and a semi-campaign mode, but you might want to get some friends and extra copies of the game together if you want those achievements. Online is dead, and it's unlikely to get anyone new anytime soon.

    Really, this game is incredible, and a fantastic experience for those who love the Ghostbusters franchise. It might not be a third movie, but it's as close as we're about to get in the near future. It's not perfect, but it doesn't need to be.

    And besides, it's a proven fact that bustin' makes you feel good.
  • Hell M0nkeyHell M0nkey135,577
    02 Dec 2009
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    Ghostbusters is a revisiting of the classic franchise now in video game form. The story written by original scribes Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd takes place in 1991 after the events of the second movie. Ghostbusters is a game with a ton of promise. In some regards it succeeds and in others it falls flat on its' face.

    The game looks great. The characters match the younger images of the actors exactly. The scenery is detailed and the weapon effects and lighting are excellent. There is nothing more fun then to watch your proton beam scorch a wall and blow apart a table.

    The voice acting you would expect to be good as it features the four original actors...and at times it is. The game suffers a good bit from the "paycheck" syndrome. Bill Murray in particular sounds like he is just there a payday and comes off sounding more like Garfield then Peter. He is also the most annoying character in the entire game. Most of the time I wanted to punch him in the face everytime he gave a line. Ramis though even stale comes off as a great Egon, and the rest do a pretty good job.

    The music from the film is featured but as music from a 2 hour film doesn't stretch well to a five hour game, you will hear the same track repeated infinite times. Also some music doesn't fit the scenes. Some new stuff would have been nice.

    The story stinks heavily of nostalgia and homage to the original film. This is good at times, but others just comes off as cheesy. Why would so many situations and conversations be the exact same as in the movies? A new story that didn't stink so much of the first would have been nice. The enemies of the first do make sense in the scheme of things though, and it is nice to set Stay Puff on fire.

    Gameplay is one of the best parts. The game plays like the slightly retarded brother of Gears of War. You have a dodge move instead of cover, but aiming is easy as it switching weapons. The weapons are fun but you won't need much beyond your basic proton gun and slime cannon to take out every enemy.

    The game is also incredibly short. You can finish it with every item and ghost scanned in about 5 hours. It is still an OK rental or better borrow it from a friend for free.

    The multiplayer adds a bit to it, but it is the same thing you've been doing for five hours. Catching ghosts. Having some friends makes it a bit more fun, but it still gets old quick.
  • MAJESTIC 79MAJESTIC 79187,751
    16 Apr 2012
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    VISUALS 8-10
    SOUND 9-10
    GAME PLAY 8-10
    ONLINE 7-10