1. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Ghostbusters walkthrough!

Ghostbusters: The Video Game for Xbox 360 was released in June 2009 in North America but delayed in Europe until November 2009 due to a Sony exclusivity deal on the PS3, however region coding was removed from the Xbox 360 version so it is possible to play the NTSC disc version on PAL consoles. It was developed by Terminal Reality, who outsourced the Multiplayer to Threewave Software and published by Atari, except in Europe where it was published by Sony.

Within weeks of the June release, it was evident from gamers that there were issues with the multiplayer preventing the unlocking of achievements. Several weeks after the June release, a patch was released for PS3 to fix the issues in screen resolution and performance, however this included fixes from Threewave for Multiplayer Trophies, though it did not work for those gamers who had already fully met the requirements for one or more and were now stuck, at least new players or some fortunate ones that played pre-patch were ok. That year Threewave Software appeared to have closed for the most part.

Sadly for Xbox 360 there was no patch released, at the time it was believed it was delayed due to either the European release or because the major Xbox Dashboard revision coming out that year, sadly it never saw the light of day and the code was lost.

Over a year later due to public pressure from gamers, Terminal Reality attempted their own patch from scratch and released it at the beginning of December 2010, while this did address a couple of issues, it did not address them all and a number of multiplayer achievements still suffer issues unlocking for gamers. Players continued to pressure Terminal Reality for a new complete patch and to reset the server-side data for Multiplayer progress on both Xbox and PS3 (for the few early players who were stuck), however this never came about and in December 2013, Terminal Reality closed down.

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