2. Ghostbusters: The Video Game General hints and tips

Firstly, some warnings for the multiplayer achievements you should keep in mind.

  • Try to play with a committed group, quitters in a match can cancel out progress for achievements, in fact if someone else quits you might as well cancel the match, quit and start it again.
  • Recommended not to use any DLC if you were lucky enough to get any of them.
  • Recommended to host if you're going for achievements.
  • Recommended to play the campaigns in game order (e.g. start with library and end in graveyard).
  • Recommended to do all campaigns together, one after another in the same session.
  • Recommended to concentrate on one player getting an achievement like Payday! at a time, don't switch every campaign.
  • Recommended to have other players use dummies instead of their main accounts when not placing first in matches.

Use teamwork! Picking up downed teammates is obvious, but some ghosts require extra finesse to capture. Fat ghosts of any kind are very annoying to keep in the trap until they're contained, but having 2-3 people all pulling it into the same trap at once makes it much easier. Slime tether often, and always be mobile to avoid being stunlocked by certain enemies.

Now to learn the wonky controls:

cn_A - Action button
cn_B - Hold to run, tap to jump
cn_X - Throw out trap
cn_Y - Use goggles
cn_LB - Turn damage stream into capture stream when shooting
cn_RB - Vent pack to prevent overheating
cn_LT - Alternate fire/slam trapped ghost
cn_RT - Shoot
cn_dpad - Select powerup
cn_RS - Move trapped ghost

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