3. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Multiplayer


  • Slime Tether (cn_LT with the slime powerup equipped) is the best way to capture ghosts. Attach one end to your trap, one end to them, and it will slam them into the ground. Even if they don't get dunked into the trap right away, they'll be at low enough health where they can be captured through normal means.
  • For all gargoyles, flying books, cherubs and skulls they can be slammed instantly and destroyed. As soon as you start attacking them the reticule will turn red, get them in a capture stream and slam them for an instant takedown.

Starting with multiplayer, since doing the single player first is likely to cause an achievement to become discontinued for you permanently. Great design, right? Anyway, the first thing you'll want to tackle is the buggiest of them all: Campaign mode. I suggest having 2 available players to do this with 2 more on standby, since some stuff later on gets tricky, but I don't recommend everyone start on their main accounts. Have one person start off on their main while the other 3 use dummies, in order to avoid triggering the glitches that litter this online mode. Start off by selecting any of the campaigns, where you'll have to do a series of jobs on 3 maps back to back. The jobs are selected randomly, and the person on their main has to be the highest scoring player at the end of the campaign (I was the highest scoring on each individual job, to be safe). The modes you may get are as follows:

  • Protection - Oof, this is a bad boy. In order for this to count you must raise all 3 PKE towers and successfully win the match. The best solution here is to have the player going for "Payday!" capture one ghost, then have player 2 whittle down the other ghosts health before using their capture stream to hold the ghost in place until the tower is fully raised. If another ghost spawns, player 1 will have to do the same. Repeat for tower 2. For the final tower a "boss" will spawn that can't be contained, so have player 2 lure them away from the tower by occasionally shooting it. Player 1 will stand on the tower and kill any minions that come off the boss, preventing them from damaging the tower. After the final tower is raised, you win. If you get Protection on Cemetery, just set your controller down and let time run out, since it's impossible with less than 4.
  • Survival- Easy as can be, just capture the ghosts in the first round and then die in the 2nd for this to count.
  • Thief - Another easy one, protect all the relics until time runs out. So long as you still control at least one relic once the time runs out, you win. Have all players standing by the relics at all times, attacking any thieves that grab them to make them fall back onto the ground.
  • Destruction - So long as at least one relic is destroyed, you win.
  • Containment - Have player 1 capture a single ghost, then just let the timer expire for this to count.

Go through all 4 campaigns like this, making sure player 1 always gets the most points. At the end of the first campaign you should unlock:

Loans Paid Off

More than $100,000 earned in Xbox LIVE.

Loans Paid Off
1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativeCumulative +Buggy -

On the Payroll

Successfully complete one Xbox LIVE campaign.

On the Payroll
1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativeBuggy -Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

While you're going through these maps and gametypes, keep an eye out for powerups. They're the floating canisters that spawn around the map, and they come in a variety of colors. Every time you see a new one, pick it up. They are:

  • Green - Green Slime, good for slime tethering ghosts with cn_LT but awful if fired regularly.
  • Pink - Pink slime, turns creatures with physical bodies against each other.
  • Blue - Stasis, a powerful close range shotgun but also a freezing beam that is very helpful against the blue ghosts.
  • Blue lightning - Instantly knocks out all enemies on the map
  • Purple ball - Provides a shield that lasts for quite a long time
  • Purple rod - Shrinks all enemies and makes them more susceptible to damage.
  • Orange - Meson Collider, a very powerful but inaccurate blast shot that deals a ton of damage.
  • Red - Electron booster, makes your regular beam more powerful.

After picking all of these up at least once, you will earn:

Egon's Guinea Pig

Use one of every pickup (both power-ups and equipment).

Egon's Guinea Pig
2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeBuggy -Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Note: This is extremely buggy. It unlocked for me as soon as I collected the last powerup I needed. Others in my group needed to collect powerups for hours before it unlocked for them. Some say it never unlocks at all. Be warned.

With all that done you will hopefully unlock:


Be the overall top earner in each Xbox LIVE campaign setting.

4 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeBuggy -Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Note: Payday is notoriously buggy. If you follow the procedures outlined above it SHOULD unlock for you. I even failed multiple times on campaigns before it finally unlocked. Just make sure to do it ASAP.

You'll also have unlocked:

It's a Living

Trap over 50 ghosts in your Xbox LIVE Ghostbusting career.

It's a Living
1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativeCumulative +

While going through all the game types and modes for "Payday!" it is advised you keep track of the awards you earn at the end of each round for "Overachiever", since many rely on you placing first within a match. The achievement tied to them is (surprise!) extremely buggy and the qualifications are vague at best. 50 completed jobs will come naturally (you need 60 for the Most Wanted Ghosts) and the $2,500,000 will be attained pretty early on. The 30 post-job awards are the mysterious ones, as we don't really know whether or not the awards have to be unique or not. We assume so, since you get an award at the end of every job so having 50 jobs as a qualification alongside this would be redundant. Mine eventually unlocked in the middle of a game, way after I met all the qualifications and before I hit 30 unique awards. From what I gathered, these steps work:

  • Go for most awards in campaign. It is the most likely game mode to give you something unique, we couldn't get 75% of the awards to trigger in Instant mode.
  • Keep track of the awards you get and the gametype you get them in. For example if you unlock the Slowpoke award in Destruction and Containment, it will count twice.
  • Focus on awards specific to gametypes before moving onto general awards.
  • Slime Dunk is a good mode to farm awards with a 2nd person

Here are all the awards:


The Real Ghostbuster - Most ghosts trapped or destroyed

Aint Afraid Of No Ghost - Least amount of knockouts
Medic - Most revivals of teammates
Most Revived - Most times revived by a teammate
Marathon Runner - Longest total distance traveled in the match
Slowpoke - Shortest total distance traveled in the match
Slime Magnet - Most times slimed
Rollin In Dough - Most cash earned in the match
Broke - Least cash earned in the match
Tech Head - Most power-ups collected in the match
Purist - Fewest power-ups collected in the match
Itchy Trigger Finger - First Person to shoot in the round
Nice Shootin Tex - Highest accuracy with the Proton beam (including the Boson Dart)
Light Show - Lowest accuracy with the Proton beam (including the Boson Dart)
Dead Aim - Most ghosts hit with the Meson Collider (including alternate fire)
Darkest Matter - Most ghosts hit with the Shock Blast (including the Stasis beam)
Ghosticle - Most ghosts frozen with the Stasis Beam
Slimer - Most shots with the Slime Blower (including the Slime Tether)
Befriender - Most ghosts turned into good guys with Pink Slime
Duckin and Dodgin - Most dodges and jumps
Slammer - Most wrangled ghost slams
Long Time Wrangler - Longest ghost wrangle
Demolitions Man - Most ghosts damaged in a single explosion


Keeping An Eye Out - Longest period of time in PKE goggle view
My Ghosts My Trap - Most ghosts trapped in your own trap
We Came We Saw - First person to trap 10 ghosts


Destruction Master - Most Evil Relics destroyed
Smashy Smashy - First player to destroy 10 Evil Relics
Blink Out - Most ghosts eliminated by destroying Evil Relics
Rampager - Shortest period of time between destroying two Evil Relics


Soul Survivor - Longest run without getting knocked out
Team Savior - Revived each teammate at least once
First Death - First knockout of the round
Commando - Highest ghost defeat to player knockout ratio

Slime Dunk

MVP - Most points in Slime Dunk
Slimer Wrangler - Longest amount of time wrangling Slimer
Slimer Dodger - Least number of times knocked down by Slimer
Gloop Dreams - First person to perform 5 Slime Dunks in the match


Best Rescuer - Most Artifacts returned to the safe zone
First Rescuer - First player to destroy an Artifact thief
Red Handed - The player who destroys the most Artifact thieves


True Protector - Trap 3 ghosts in a row while the active PKE Disruptor remains undamaged
Comeback Kid - Trap 3 ghosts in "Sudden Death"
Vendetta - Be the first to destroy or capture a ghost after it has damaged a PKE Disruptor

So by the law of averages you'll eventually unlock:


Get over $2,500,000 in Xbox LIVE, over 30 post-job awards, 50 jobs completed.

3 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeBuggy -

Since you completed all the modes except one to get "Payday!", jump into an Instant game of Slime Dunk with your partner. They can sit still as you capture the Slimer's, and at the end of the game you'll unlock:

Employee of the Month

Be top earner in each Xbox LIVE job type.

Employee of the Month
1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativeBuggy -

Now the real grind begins. You need to win every game type on every map, and "winning" is much more difficult than it was for "Payday!". Start with Slime Dunk since it's by far the easiest, go through on every map and capture as many ghosts as you can in order to win awards, accumulate money, and ensure the win. You'll also need to capture 20 Slimers on every map for a Most Wanted Ghost, but I had between 15-20 on all maps before it appeared so that may be bugged in a positive way. Use this checklist provided by TA user AC1DGro0ve 3o3 to keep track of what you're winning on which maps:


Now onto actual strategy:

Slime Dunk - By far the easiest game mode, just have your partner stand still while you capture Slimer's. Recommended players: 2

Containment - This one really sucks, you need to capture 15-20 ghosts (depending on the amount of players you have) within the time limit. The time gets an extension after every ghost you capture, but it's always pretty tight. It gets exceptionally annoying when the ghosts run around the map and teleport away from you, wasting valuable seconds. The best strategy here is to have everyone specialize in the Slime gun in the lobby so you all start with it. Use the slime tether (cn_LT) to attach ghosts to nearby surfaces and bring them down to stunned immediately. Sometimes you can tether them to the trap you set and capture them instantly. Once the ghost is stunned, capture it. Refill slime from map pickups and repeat until victory, but don't expect them to always cooperate. Recommended players: 4

Destruction - Somewhere around 25 relics will spawn around the map and you must destroy them all within 5 minutes. Have everyone specialize in Stasis or Meson, since those deal high damage to the relics. Don't focus on enemies, since destroying the relic which summoned them despawns them all. Have 2 players on one end of the map and 2 on the other destroying relics, but have everyone come together to work on the red ones that spawn bosses. Recommended players: 4

Protection - Same strategy as the campaign, have both players hold a ghost in place with the capture stream and without setting down a trap for the first 2 rounds.On the third, have someone bait the boss around while the other player sits on the PKE tower and destroys any incoming minions. The most challenging map by far is Cemetery, since that horrible boss refuses to be baited and one hit from him drops the tower to 0% no matter what. For that map, we had 4 players all using Stasis and we froze him at the spawn. We all kept tapping cn_LT periodically after freezing him, keeping the boss stationary until the tower fully charged. Nothing else can spawn with him frozen and we won the match. Recommended players: 2, 4 on Cemetery

Survival - These are just long and boring. You must survive all 10 waves to secure a victory, all the maps are pretty easy. the 10th wave will always be a boss round, so make sure you have a Meson prepared for that. Otherwise just coordinate with your team and make sure at least one person is always alive. The worst map is Basement Stacks, we repeatedly had the ghosts on wave 8 infinitely respawn and had to restart. Wave 10 is no joke either, use Meson's to focus on the book men and stasis shotguns to finish them off before you're overwhelmed by minions. Recommended players: 4

Thief - Another very easy one, just hold onto at least one artifact until the time expires. Stand near the safe area attacking anything that comes close and you'll be fine. Recommended players: 2-4

After doing that on every map available for that gametype you will unlock:

Gozer's Most Wanted

Successfully complete each Xbox LIVE job in every location.

Gozer's Most Wanted
4 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeBuggy -

Note: This is also reported to be buggy. If it doesn't unlock for you after completing the last necessary map, start again and go through them all until it unlocks. Matches sometimes don't count as a win, but there's no way to determine when it does or does not besides going to Xbox Live Statistics at the end of the match and seeing if your counter goes up.

Now surely, as you were traversing those levels, you came across at least some Most Wanted ghosts. These guys all have special criteria that unlocks them, and most only appear on certain maps. I suggest grinding out criteria for these alongside doing gametypes for Gozer's, so that way they'll appear as you cycle through maps normally. This is easier, since you don't need to "win" these jobs to complete them. In Survival you can fail after round 1, or just catch 1 ghost in containment, it will still count. Here are the ghosts and the qualifications needed to unlock them:

New York Public Library

The Book of Pain

  • Complete one job on any library map.

Captain of the Guard

  • Capture The Book of Pain
  • Kill 20 Paper enemies

Olga the Terrible

  • Capture Captain of the Guard
  • Complete 5 jobs on any library maps.


  • Capture Olga the Terrible
  • Complete 10 Thief jobs on any library maps

Times Square

Smelly Ned

  • Complete 5 Containment jobs on any Times Square maps

Dolnasky the Foreman

  • Capture Smelly Ned
  • Collect 50 powerups


  • Capture Dolnasky
  • Kill 20 gargoyles/cherubs using slams.


  • Capture Grimgreave
  • Complete 10 Survival jobs on Times Square maps



  • Complete 5 Protection jobs on Museum maps

Sharpshooter Bailey

  • Capture Grundel
  • Capture 15 Civil War ghosts

The Maestro

  • Capture Bailey
  • Complete 10 Survival jobs on Museum maps

Grandpappy Sargassi

  • Capture Maestro
  • Complete 15 jobs on Museum maps


Mad Mad Minimo

  • Earn $50,000 in a single job on a Cemetery map

The Darkest

  • Capture Minimo
  • Kill 15 Black Slime monsters

The Clawed Menace

  • Capture The Darkest
  • Kill 50 Cemetery Crawlers

The Uprising

  • Capture Clawed Menace
  • Complete 10 Survival jobs on Cemetery maps

Slimers (these will appear on any map and any game mode except Slime Dunk)

Rotten Slimer

  • Capture 10 Slimers

Wee Slimer

  • Capture Rotten Slimer
  • Win 3 Slime Dunks

Polar Slimer

  • Capture Wee Slimer
  • Get 20 Slime Dunks on every map

Glutton Slimer

  • Capture Polar Slimer
  • Win 60 jobs

After defeating 3 ghosts you'll unlock:


Defeat three Most Wanted Ghosts.

1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativeCollectable

After defeating the last ghost you'll unlock:

No Job Too Big

Defeat all Most Wanted Ghosts.

No Job Too Big
4 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeCollectableBuggy -Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Note: If you defeat all Ghosts and they're checked off as completed under the Xbox Live Statistics menu there is a chance this may not unlock. If that's the case, play on another console (Xbox One backwards compatibility works) and host a game where you play with someone who has a fresh account. Go through the ghosts again with them and this should unlock.

That's the nightmare multiplayer nonsense done, now onto the single player.

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