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Posted on 01 December 11 at 21:19
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This title, released November 30, is the port of the original PC title created by Psionic3D. He details it as "a ‘scary’ point and click adventure where you have to collect evidence of paranormal activity in a spooky old house, find diary pages to reveal the backstory and perform an occult ceremony with 5 red candles to escape the house!!" The game was released in 2008 and 100% created by Psionic. To play the PC version, follow this link:

It has been updated and altered for the Window's Phone version, but in my humble opinion, I believe for the better. This seemingly simple point and click title has lots to offer, especially a great, creepy soundtrack, some alarming visuals, and a detailed plot. For the achievement and completion hunters out there, it can be 100% completed in under an hour, granted you are skilled at multiple puzzle styles, patient, and can manage your phones' tilt function well.

The story is simple: you are a (insert whatever) with a camera and you find yourself at the threshold of a very spooky house. As you search for clues to what happened their, you will be enticed by stereotypical haunted house sounds, such as creeky floorboards, howling wind, and the occasional distant scream. You are tasked with your camera to collect evidence of the paranormal - but as you enter the house, you are locked in, and must escape the dangerous poltergeist within.

As you progress, the sub-story, or, what happened to the previous owners, becomes more clear as you discover diary pages that will only hint at the happenings. You'll notice blood smears all over the house, and the ending will be expected, but still entertaining and surprising.

Psionic has created a great little game for your Windows Phone, and I highly recommend it.. It's only a few bucks, and even if you want to breeze through it for easy gamerscore and a completion, I guarantee you will enjoy it.

I give it a firm 4 stars. I can't give a max score because I found the duration and difficulty lacking, the replayability near minimal, and some of the puzzles can be redundant.

However, the ambiance, the great frights that will make you at least jump out of your seat, if not drop your phone, and the story are delightful.

This game is a must buy for completionists and gamerscore hunters.
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Posted on 07 May 19 at 20:34
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I started playing Ghostscape on a whim, looking for a fairly easy game to complete on my Windows phone. While games that are still available for the platform seem to be dwindling, Ghostscape was available for roughly $3. So I took a chance and decided to purchase and give it a whirl.

In Ghostscape, you play as a reporter(?) that gets trapped in a haunted mansion, needing to escape (or ghostscape, that is). While transvering the house, you can use your camera to take pictures of ghosts and other paranormal activities for points and achievements. You can also find secret rooms with puzzles that give you occult items to increase your score and provide achievements. As you work your way through the mansion, puzzles become more difficult, but not too difficult that would prevent you from beating the game in a hour or two. Overall, the game is fairly quick and enjoyable for the most part. It just stinks you have to do it all in one playthrough.

Wait, what?!? All in one playthrough? That's right, one playthrough. I am not sure if it is with all windows phkne models, but if you decide that you want to quit, and continue the game at another time, you can't. The game makes you think you can, but when you try start where you left off, the game locks up. This, to me, is gamebreaking. And why it is hard for me to recommend playing this game. A somewhat decent search and find adventure game, undone by inability to continue where you left off.

So there you have it. A horror adventure with a couple of cheap scares ruined by a gamebreaking glitch. Unless you are willing to sit down and play this game straight without breaks (probably for a few hours), I would avoid this game
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