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Top Five Longest Running Franchises

With backward compatibility bringing even older titles to the Xbox One, we decided to look at some of the oldest gaming franchises that have survived through to the current Xbox generation. Hop into our time machine!

Posted 19 days ago by Andrew Ogley, 77 comments

Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: April 4th, 2017

Discounts on Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution, Deadpool, Conan, Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, ArcaniA: Gothic 4, de Blob 2, Worms: Revolution and more

Posted 3 months ago by Rich Stone, 47 comments

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Headed to Xbox One

While it's become commonplace for games, especially those going to Xbox One via ID@Xbox, to get their funding via Kickstarter, it certainly wasn't always that way. One of the earlier beneficiaries of

Posted 2 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 28 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: March 11th, 2014

I've come to the conclusion that Microsoft has gone off themes. This week's Deal of the Week brings yet another random selection of Games on Demand and Xbox LIVE Arcade titles. Check them out below.

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 88 comments

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams DLC Announced

Fans of the platformer title, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will be pleased to hear that new DLC has been announced for the game. Not much is known about the new content with the video released by th

Posted 4 years ago by Andrew Ogley, 8 comments

Project Ravensdale Revealed

With Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams having successfully made its way to XBLA, the folks at Black Forest Games have set to work on their next project. Though they'd been kicking around the idea of a st

Posted 4 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 9 comments

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Gets Release Date

Finally, after tempting us a while back with a number of screenshots, developer Black Forest Games and publisher bitComposer have finally revealed the release date for their upcoming XBLA title, Gian

Posted 4 years ago by Andrew Ogley, 24 comments

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams New Screens Revealed

It's been a while since we reported on the last set of screenshots for the upcoming XBLA title Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Today, Black Forest Games have revealed a whole new bunch of images from

Posted 4 years ago by Andrew Ogley, 20 comments

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Screenshots

Sidescrolling has been a main staple in the long life of gaming, yet it gets better when the 2D world is transformed into a vibrant, detailed, buzzing landscape that changes from cute to darkness; th

Posted 5 years ago by SgtDigglesworth, 13 comments

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Teaser Released

Late last month, Black Forest Games revealed that, in the wake of a successful Kickstarter, they would be bringing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Now, the developer has releas

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 20 comments