2. Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Controls are a little more involved than the last game, but still relatively straightforward:

cn_A - Select a Level or Pick/Place a Piece

cn_LS - Move the piece around

cn_X - Show the timer (not necessary to complete the game, but if you're curious to know)

cn_Y - Change the difficulty between Normal and Hard

cn_LT/cn_RT - Rotate the puzzle piece (only on Hard)


If you do not want to play each puzzle/the whole game twice, you must play each puzzle on HARD. To know if you're on Hard Mode, pick up a piece and hit cn_LT or cn_RT, If the piece does not rotate, you are on Normal. Then hit cn_Y to swap to Hard mode. It stayed on Hard once I was on it from then on, but I always tested just in case as I was super cautious.

  • For almost every level, the game gives you 8 pieces with a ring on them. These pieces line up with the rings on the border. Luckily, these pieces do not need to be rotated either on Hard Mode currently (as of March 2, 2020). You can rotate them, but they are by default in the correct orientation.
  • I found generally that the number of pieces was directly correlated to the difficulty of the puzzle, but that could be my imagination. Sometimes the shapes and quick swapping of color palettes made it difficult to figure out where to go.
  • If you don't want to use the guide directly for the whole game, I'd like to recommend looking for the unique notches/grooves of pieces. Color doesn't work as the stained glass means the palette can instantly change without any logical reason why. You can sometimes have regions that the colors have a theme, but it won't always.
  • If you do use the images, I have a warning based on what I've seen of images online while checking my own work. It appears that the color warmth can really affect what you might see. For example, I saw some images where the reds on my TV were much more vibrant than the images would indicate. As such, you will either need to know and understand those differences or be willing to adjust your TV settings as you go to match up.
  • The pieces rotate along the edges, but whichever way you left it after the last time you touched it it will snap to the next time. As we are playing on hard, you will need to determine the correct rotational direction for most of the pieces.
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