1. Glass Masquerade Walkthrough overview

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Glass Masquerade. Glass Masquerade is a simple puzzle game developed by Onyx Lute and published by Digerati.

Glass Masquerade has you completing a stained glass puzzle by putting all of the pieces in place. The achievements are for just completing all 25 of the puzzles. There is no rush from a clock ticking down (it counts how long it takes you, but that doesn't affect the achievements). We'll get one achievement for each puzzle we fill in along the way.

In terms of the walkthrough, I am including an image of the completed puzzles. Trying to give more information than that won't really help as much, so it's just the images for each of them in roughly the order you'll reach the puzzles.

With all that out of the way, let's get started.

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