2. Glass Masquerade General hints and tips

Controls are very simple for this game:

cn_A - Pick up/place down a piece

cn_LS - Move the piece around

Some notes:

  • The game gives you 4-8 pieces per level with a ring on them that line up the border. This can be a great way to start all of the puzzles. I recommend not turning off these hints as it works for a good start.
  • The order of which nations you hit is mostly up to you. France is the guaranteed start, but after that, it branches. I'll give the order I got the achievements in, but that is not the required path.
  • The difficulty on each puzzle is relative. I found some of the 5-star puzzles easier than the 4 stars. Even the number of pieces on the puzzle doesn't line up with difficulty really. So don't really worry about that when choosing which to do next.
  • When doing the puzzles, use the edges to your advantage. Usually, these straight lines and curves can be easily picked out and thus make placing a piece simpler. This can include some features in the layout where an edge gives you some distinct patterns to line up.
  • The pieces rotate along the edges, but once you pick it up, it will snap to its correct orientation. You don't need to rotate them.
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