1. Glyder: Adventure Worlds (WP) Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Glyder: Adventure Worlds (WP) walkthrough.

In this walkthrough I first describe the general goals, challenges and extras of the progress log. These require that you find/do certain things in multiple locations or can be done in any location.

Then I summarize the goals, challenges and extra of each location. Below the enumeration I give detailed information and hints and tips.

Last page is a list of all wings and outfits and where to obtain them. Credit goes to Avenged Remains for providing the list.

The locations of the crystals are not included. You can see them on your mini-map.

Have fun with this game!

I was already half way through the game when I started this walkthrough. If you have any additional info or improvements, please share the info in the walkthrough forum thread: Glyder: Adventure Worlds (WP) Walkthrough Discussion

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