2. GoNNER Game BasicsUpdate notes

In GoNNER, you control Ikk - a sentient drop of water.

The core mechanic of the game is that Ikk can equip a head, a weapon, and a backpack. Whenever Ikk takes damage, he breaks apart and will need to recollect his gear. If he takes damage without a head, he dies.

You will find various heads, weapons, and backpacks as you progress through the game. Once you find an item, you keep it permanently, allowing you to choose it at the start of subsequent runs.

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Heads serve two functions: they grant a benefit or ability and they give Ikk health in the form of hearts, allowing him to take damage without dying.

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Weapons (primarily guns) have differing characteristics; type of projectile, rate of fire, etc. There is one melee weapon.

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Backpacks, like heads, provide reusable abilities with a brief cooldown.

There are numerous heads, weapons, and backpacks, but only a few are needed for achievements. Most are found throughout the world (generally in specific levels). Some are sold in shops and some require specific steps to obtain.

Levels are filled with enemies that have their own sets of behavior and movement patterns. Whenever you kill an enemy, the combo meter will appear in the upper right corner.

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You then have about three seconds to continue the combo by attacking/killing another enemy. There are achievements for getting the combo to 5, 15, 50, and 100.

Each time you build your combo to an increment of 5, a glyph will be created. Glyphs are used as currency in shops and to continue when you die, so you should try to generate glyphs whenever possible.

There are five worlds, each of which has four main levels, a shop, and then a final level with a boss. Levels are procedurally generated and will follow a basic format, but the specific layout and enemy placement is random each time.

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Shops have a random starting inventory: a refill item (heart or ammo), a head, a weapon, and a backpack. You can spend glyphs with the shopkeeper to reroll the inventory. Shop inventory will include items you've found already and occasionally items that are specific to that shop.

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Sally is Ikk's whale friend and you meet her twice as you progress through the game. She can fully heal you and provide an additional heart of health.

Note that there are only three ways to restore health: buying hearts at a shop, hugging Sally, or jumping on healing mounds that produce a heart.

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Because of the random nature of GoNNER (and the moderate difficulty), you'll likely end up playing through the game numerous times as you master the basics, find equipment, and learn the ins-and-outs of the levels, enemies, and bosses.

The Guide page will give a detailed written walkthrough, but here is a video of my deathless run:

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