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Upon starting the game for the first time, you'll play a tutorial level that gives you a basic overview of the game and the controls. You appear as Ikk in basic form and after running to the right, you'll see some glyphs and balloons floating in the air. Use a balloon to jump into a glyph, which will unlock an achievement:

Carefully collect all six glyphs before exiting to the right (be careful that the sixth glyph is right at the edge of the screen so don't pass it before getting it). Remember that you will jump higher when holding cn_up, which is extremely important moving forward.

The next area contains the tree of heads where you will only have a single head available- the Skull head.

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Collect it and you'll equip it (and receive the 5 hearts of health that it comes with). You'll then be taken to the next area where you emerge from a World Snake then continue to the right. Use cn_A to jump, remembering that you have a double jump and can infinitely wall jump. Get to the next platform to obtain your first weapon- the Rifle. You can then press cn_X to fire. Your ammo will be shown as a yellow bullet meter and can be refilled by picking up a yellow bullet item that enemies sometimes drop when killed. Remember that you can shoot enemies or jump on their heads Super Mario style, which is required should you run out of ammo.

Continue right, kill the two enemies (each requires two shots/jumps), then climb up and collect your first backpack- the Reload backpack. You can use backpack abilities by pressing cn_B, and the Reload backpack produces an ammo refill bullet. Backpack abilities have infinite uses but require a cooldown between each use which is indicated by the backpack symbol next to your ammo meter. Continue right and jump into the World Snake to exit the tutorial area.

In subsequent runs through the game, you'll start in a loadout area where you can choose from any head, weapon, or backpack that you've previously found, and then move to Cave World.

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You should see a few enemies in this small area and the exit World Snake, but subsequent levels will be much larger.

As you progress through the first three levels of Cave World, do your best to kill enemies quickly to build your combo up. When your combo builds to 5 and then 15, achievements will unlock:

You'll eventually need to get a 50 and a 100 combo which is much easier with a different loadout, so don't worry too much about getting any of the combo achievements now. You should always make it a point to build your combo to increments of five, though, to build up glyphs as you progress.

The first time you die, you'll be given the option to spend glyphs to continue. Do so by pressing cn_A repeatedly and if you have enough glyphs, you will respawn and an achievement will unlock:

I'm not clear on how the glyph requirement for continues increases, but it's difficult to continue more than once or maybe twice without running too low on glyphs. You'll need to eventually complete the game without continues and while that may seem like a daunting task initially, once you get better familiar with the levels and enemies and acquire a specific loadout, it'll be much more manageable.

You should find the Shotgun in the second or third level, so be sure to grab it. You also should find the Brick Head:

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I found this to be the best head as it prevents you from breaking apart when taking damage. Levels may also contain blue healing mounds that produce a heart when jumped on, so keep your eye out for them.

Be careful with the larger enemies as they can turtle up, making it so they take no damage and if you try to jump on them when they are in this position, you will take damage yourself.

You can access a secret level in the third level by killing every enemy in the level. Once you do, a new World Snake will appear and take you to an area that contains numerous flying enemies and several glyphs. The exit World Snake will follow you around, though, and if you get too low he will grab you and take you to the next level, so be aware of that. This is the first place where you can get the achievement for jumping on 20 enemies in a row (VIDEO), but it will likely take a few tries so don't bother restarting if you mess up (you'll have plenty more chances at this level moving forward). Once you manage to jump on 20 enemies without landing, an achievement will unlock:

If you have trouble getting this done, there are other levels later in the game where it might be easier and other heads that grant helpful abilities (triple jump and glide), so don't worry too much about this achievement right now.

If you can make it to the upper-right area of this secret level, you'll find the Ant Head, which allows you to glide by holding cn_A after jumping. This may make the 20 jump combo easier but for actual game progression, I much prefer the stability of the Brick Head.

After completing the fourth level, you'll arrive in the shop:

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You want to buy the Shark Fin backpack here as this is the best backpack in the game and the walkthrough will assume that you are using it. The Shark Fin's ability fires off a burst of shots from your weapon without consuming any ammo and can be particularly destructive.

You then want to reroll the shop until you run out of glyphs, at which point the Scythe should be for sale for 1 glyph (it may take 10 cumulative rerolls before it is, though, which might require an additional run or even two). Since you are out of glyphs, you'll need to carefully combo five mushrooms on the ceiling to get a glyph, allowing you to buy the Scythe.

The Scythe is a melee weapon that has a special ammo system. You start with three ammo and lose one when you swing the Scythe and don't hit an enemy, but you refill whenever you touch a wall or the ground, making it so the only time you can run out of ammo is while swinging wildly while airborne, which doesn't happen often.

The Shark Fin barrage with the Scythe is absolutely devastating and can make short work of all normal enemies and completely wrecks bosses. Now that you have the Brick Head, Shark Fin, and Scythe, you are ready to push through the game. Exit the Shop and prepare for what should be a joke of a battle with the Cave World boss, Fatty Bats:

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This battle consists of three large bats and several normal enemies and takes almost zero effort when you use the Scythe and the Shark Fin. If you wait for the three large bats to bunch together near the top of the screen, you can drop in and kill them almost instantly with a single Shark Fin barrage:

After exiting through the World Snake, an achievement will unlock:

Go to the right in the next area to find Sally. Approach her and if you have full health, she will grant you additional max ammo (two more swings in the case of the Scythe), If you are injured, she will instead give you a heart that will fully heal you. Then get right next to her and press cn_X several times. You will drop your weapon, then your backpack, and then she will grant you an additional heart, increasing your max health to four (assuming you are using the Brick Head). Note that this additional ammo and health are lost if you change weapons/head or if you die.

Sally will also grant you a ghost friend if you hug her and you are hurt. This small black skull will follow you around and pick your gear up for you should you drop it, but since you don't break apart while using the Brick Head, he shouldn't have to. If you press cn_down + cn_B , though, you can drop gear and see the ghost retrieve it for you.

Pick up your gear and exit through the World Snake on the far left. You'll then appear in the first level of Fish World.

This world is different from the other four in that there is no boss. Levels will be full rising balloons and blue and red platforms that disappear briefly after you touch them, and you take damage if you touch the top of the red platforms so avoid them. You can simply drop to the lower part of each level and bypass all enemies, climbing up the final wall to get to the exit. Just beware that level generation occasionally creates terrain in such a way that you might need to backtrack and bounce up with balloons.

There will also be larger cloud enemies that constantly spew out small cloud enemies, making these levels another good place to try for the The Floor is Lava achievement.

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As you drop into the third level, you'll see the Chomp Head, but I'm not even sure how it works so I never used it.

There is a Shop after the fourth level that has rising balloons that you can use to reach upper platforms where you will find some glyphs.

The fifth level is a short ascent to an upper World Snake exit rather than a boss. Upon entering you will see the Flame Gun, but again, I never bothered with it so feel free to experiment if you'd like. In this level, simply run to the far right vertical wall and climb it to the top to find the exit World Snake and you shouldn't encounter any resistance along the way. Be aware of the turret enemies that move aback and forth on their surfaces and occasionally shoot out a straight burst of bullets (you can jump on them from above).

After exiting Fish World, you'll arrive in an area that contains a tree full of Hearts and Ammo, so refill health, then exit through the World Snake to the left and you'll appear in the first level of Robot World.

There are a few new enemies in Robot World but the Scythe will decimate them all. Try to take the high ground (should there be any) and by bouncing off of copter enemies. Beware, though, as there are gaps in the ground that, if fallen into, will kill you. The first two levels are usually short and the third and fourth are generally longer. Proceed with caution and use a Shark Fin barrage should the enemies get thick.

As you proceed through Robot World, keep an eye out for the Teddy Head:

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It usually appears in the open on level 3, so swap to it, then back to the Brick Head and continue forward. You need the Teddy Head for an achievement in an earlier area, so you'll want to use it in a future run as explained later.

You also may see other weapons and backpacks as you move through Robot World. Feel free to briefly swap to them so you keep them, but you want to continue with the Scythe and Shark Fin. After exiting level 4 you'll arrive in the shop. This Shopkeeper can sell the Ball backpack that you need for an achievement, but it's random.

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I had a hard time getting it to appear while working on this guide. After several runs through the game trying different loadouts and other things like not talking to Sally and being sure to collect all randomly found gear in Robot World, it finally appeared on a run where I had continued. I had tried rerolling the inventory with max runes multiple times to no avail as well. It might have just been RNG but if you can't seem to get this Shopkeeper to sell it, try continuing before you get here.

Exit the shop and prepare for the Robot World boss:

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This is another boss that is a joke with the Scythe. When you first drop in, you'll see turrets along the ceiling that fire bullets at you and a few copter enemies. Move to the right, ignoring the enemies if possible, and you'll soon reach the boss. The goal here is to destroy four of the his red panels, and each time you destroy one, enemies are released. This can be a bit of a chore if you need to shoot him with a gun, but since you have the Scythe, quickly use a Shark Fin barrage into the plate on his left side, then go under him and you'll destroy two more plates, then exit to his right. Quickly jump up and attack the plate on his upper right to finish him off:

Once he is dead, push his dead body to the left side of the area until it falls over the edge, unlocking an achievement:

Then take the exit World Snake on the right and another achievement will unlock:

Feel free to skip a little further in the guide and pressing forward, but I'm going to explain how to get a few miscellaneous achievements now that you have the required items. You need to start a fresh run for these so you can wait until your run ends.

Start a new run and select the standard loadout (Brick Head, Scythe, Shark Fin). The goal with this run is to build a combo to 50, then 100. This can be done in Cave World by carefully comboing enemies in the first four levels, then holding the combo through the mushrooms in the shop and reaching 100 with enemies in the boss room, as seen here:

You may need to try several times to get level and enemy layouts that work for you. It's also possible to set up enemies in level 3 in such a way that you kill the final enemy near where the secret level World Snake appears, allowing you access to dozens of additional enemies for the combo, but I didn't need this situation to reach 100 myself.

When you get your combo to 50, colors will go crazy an achievement will unlock:

When you get your combo to 100, colors will turn white and an achievement will unlock:

There is also an achievement for having 24 glyphs at once (the max amount). This is possible in Cave World alone and you may have done it already:

If you need to make an effort to earn this achievement, just focus on holding combos to 5 for the glyph and it shouldn't be a problem.

For another achievement, "Visit Death" - start a new run and choose the Teddy Head, which gives you a triple jump. You can have Death grab it from the tree for you by holding cn_B to control him. Note that your double and triple jumps now cause you to flip, which will affect the trajectory of guns (but you're using the Scythe, I assume, so this shouldn't matter). Play through Cave World until you reach Sally, but remember that you're no longer protected from breakup since you don't have the Brick Head and when you're headless, and additional damage will kill you. If you take it slowly, getting to Sally shouldn't be an issue.

Once you get to Sally, you want to get close to her and triple jump, holding cn_up with each jump to get max height. If you get high enough, you can climb up and over her to get to her right. Once there, enter a World Snake sticking out from her rear to access a secret area that contains several enemies and the Shit Head.

Pick up it up and an achievement will unlock:

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Another miscellaneous achievement requires the Ball backpack, which is randomly sold in the Robot World shop. If you approach Sally and press cn_B, the backpack will become a large purple ball. Use cn_A to knock it into the air and you can play volleyball with Sally. After several volleys (10, perhaps), let the ball hit the ground and it will break to reveal the Ankh backpack, which you can collect to unlock an achievement:

If you have a problem getting the Ball backpack, an easier way to get this achievement is to simply get the Ankh backpack from the Daily Challenge, which offers a different, random loadout each day. If the Ankh backpack is there, picking it up will unlock the achievement.

With those achievements out of the way, get back to a normal run picking up after the Robot World boss and in the area where you again encounter Sally. Hug her (to heal or extend max ammo), then press cn_X several times to drop your gear and get an additional heart upgrade, which should bring you to five total hearts. Then take the exit on the left to enter Shooty World.

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The levels in this world are mostly vertical with exits at the bottom.

The annoying enemies in this world are the rotating turrets, and things can get hectic when there are several of them in one area. You ideally want to just drop down without engaging anything unless you need to try to refill glyphs. If you'd prefer to carefully fight your way down, that's an option, too. Remember that if you take damage, you'll remain in an immune animation until you touch the ground, so use this to your advantage as you fall downward to the bottom.

After level 4, you'll again enter a shop. Be sure to spend glyphs buying hearts and rerolling the shop to fill your health as there is no meeting with Sally to heal after this boss.

Once you're ready, exit at the bottom to enter the area with the Shooty World Boss:

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This is essentially a chase sequence where your goal is to drop to the bottom, then go to the far right and exit through the World Snake. There will be random normal enemies along the way but the boss is a cluster of several red snakes that chase you as you progress. You can attack their heads to chase them away and the Shark Fin barrage can be helpful if you get cornered. They will die after several attacks but I found it best to just beeline it all the way to the bottom and then directly to the right to find the exit World Snake.

Once you enter the next area, an achievement will unlock:

Sally is gone and instead you'll just see a tombstone and Death, who takes you to Death World after a few seconds.

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Death World looks a little like Cave World but it's structured differently. There will be enemies from all of the previous worlds and a new enemy in the form of a red tombstone. These can be destroyed but the broken stump will still damage you, so be careful. Exits will either be in the upper right side or somewhere in the lower central part of each level. There are tons of enemies and it's up to you how you want to approach these levels, as you can either drop down and then head right, or head right, then drop down. If you get to the lower part of a level and don't find an exit, you'll eventually see the world snake along the right side of the area and you'll need to climb up to him, which can sometimes be a hassle based on how the area is generated.

After exiting the fourth level, you'll reach the final shop where you hopefully have enough glyphs to refill your hearts and buy the shotgun. I had a hard time using the scythe against the final boss and found the shotgun to be much more effective. This is your call, though. When you're ready, take the World Snake on the right to enter the area with the final boss, which unlocks an achievement:

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The area with the final boss is pretty large. The goal is to shoot him in the eyes, and I found it best to move right, kill/avoid normal enemies, and watch out for his lunges. There are generally multiple healing mounds along the way, so getting a few extra hearts in the course of the battle can be key. He is constantly protected by a cluster of blue blobs, some of which will turn red and dash at you. They are invulnerable when blue but can be killed when red.

NOT SHOWN IN THE VIDEO: during this battle, you want to push all the way to the right, attacking the boss when you can. Once you reach the end of the area, jump into Sally's skeleton and an achievement will unlock:

After defeating the boss, you'll be taken to the final area where you'll see his giant skull:

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Use balloons to jump over the skull and walk off the screen to the right to unlock an achievement:

Then interact with the skull to end the game, after which an achievement will unlock:

If you completed the game without continuing, another achievement will unlock:

Assuming you've completed everything else, congrats on another great completion.

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