Goat Simulator (Win 10) Walkthrough

5. GoatZ

GoatZ After Outbreak

If you want a quick tutorial for how GoatZ works, you can choose "GoatZ Tutorial" or "GoatZ Before Outbreak", but this isn't really necessary since you can easily gain all of the achievements in "After Outbreak" with some mutators.

In the GoatZ world, supply crates will fall from the sky every couple of minutes. When you see a supply crate land, go to it and open it up by headbutting it. You're looking for a weapon called the "Minifun", which can only be found in these supply crates and is heavily RNG-based. If you manage to find the Minifun early on, go to the bottom of this page so you can obtain the achievement related to it.

When you spawn in, press M to access your mutations menu and activate "Angel Goat", "Double Jump", "Casual Goat", and "No Hunger". The most efficient way to travel is to double jump, then hold R in the air with Angel Goat to stay in the air for a very long time. Meanwhile, Casual Goat allows you to not take any damage from any infected humans in the world, while No Hunger allows you to roam around the map without having to worry about eating food and starving to death.

When you spawn, head towards the mall, then look to your right at a big blue waterslide. This waterslide is part of the waterpark "Whiplash". Head inside of Whiplash and make your way up to the top of the blue waterslide. Your goal is to ride down the waterslide and launch off the ramp, over the wipeout course below, and into a small kiddie pool on the other side. When you begin walking down the slide, you should automatically ragdoll (if not, press Q to manually ragdoll). Once you're sliding down the waterslide, position yourself so you launch off the middle of the ramp at the bottom. As long as you had a decent launch angle, you'll end up flying directly towards the kiddie pool. This may take you a couple of attempts, but once you land in the pool, you'll unlock:

Warm bath in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Warm bath57 (30)
Use the slippery slide to land in the kiddie pool
  • Unlocked by 102 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 120

Next, you need to complete the entire wipeout course without falling into the water. Before you start the course, remember that pressing F toggles slow-motion, which you should be using for the majority of the course. Here's how you complete the course:

  • Next to the waterslide, climb up the ladder to the word "Start" to begin the quest "Whiplash!"
  • Jump over the 2 spinning red wheels, then bounce off both red blobs onto the green disc
  • Jump to the blue box with the red planks, then onto the following 3 green discs
  • Jump to the green ledge of the orange wall and follow it to the three green discs on the other side, avoiding the spinning red bar that can knock you off
  • Take all three green discs up to the blue box, then jump over the red wheel and land on the next three green discs (you need to land on every green disc, and slow-motion is very helpful for this part)
  • Jump off the red blob to the blue ledge with the finish line

If you fall into the water at any point, simply head back up the ladder at the "Start" point to try again. Once you've successfully completed the course (without falling in the water), you'll unlock:

Big in Japan in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Beat the whiplash course without getting wet
  • Unlocked by 98 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.93) 120

Next, head into the city and go to the tallest building. When facing the entrance to this building, turn around towards the statue of the penguin wearing a hat. Just behind this statue is a red billboard of a man giving a thumbs-up. Jump up to the billboard and take the fan right next to it to be launched up. Once you're in air, look at the roof of the next building to see a crashed parachute. Lick the parachute to unlock the "Paraglider" mutator.

Once you've unlocked Paraglider, head back to the tall building. Go inside of the entrance to the building and take the elevator up to the roof. Once on the roof, equip the Paraglider mutator and jump off the roof, then activate the parachute and stay in the air for 1 whole minute to unlock:

Hang tight in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Hang tight57 (30)
Paraglide in the air for 1 minute
  • Unlocked by 101 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.90) 120

Once that's unlocked, land on the roof of the tall orange building. In the middle of the roof is an electric chair. Jump on the electric chair to get zapped and unlock the "Prototype Goat" mutator. With the Prototype Goat mutator active, you need to slam into a group of at least 5 zombies. The easiest place to do this is in the mall. Head there, then turn humans into zombies by pressing "1" at them. Once you've gathered five zombies, double jump into the air then hold R to charge up and slam down into the 5 zombies on the ground, unlocking:

Goat from above in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Hit 5 zombies in one bullet dive
  • Unlocked by 95 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.96) 120

Exit the mall, then head directly behind the mall until you reach this area with a goat pen

goatz goat pen

When you enter the goat pen you'll see "Goat Simulator" appear on your screen. Simply stay inside of the goat pen for 5 whole minutes to unlock:

I am Goat in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
I am Goat54 (30)
Play GoatSimSim for 5 minutes
  • Unlocked by 115 tracked gamers (96% - TA Ratio = 1.78) 120

Exit the pen and look to your right at some protestors gathered in front of a large well. Jump into the well to be teleported to an island. Jump your way up to the top of the island where there are houses and people. In this area, you'll notice a big cauldron emitting a green mist. Lick a human and drop them inside of the cauldron to unlock the "Voodoo" mutator, as well as:

Masterchef in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Masterchef28 (15)
Make the stew taste as good as HUMANLY possible
  • Unlocked by 105 tracked gamers (88% - TA Ratio = 1.87) 120

Head back to the main island and activate the Voodoo mutator. With the Voodoo mutator, pressing R shoots out a purple bomb. You need to gather a group of at least 4 zombies and hit them all with one shot of the Voodoo bomb. There's a small blast radius with the bomb, but the zombies will need to still be packed tightly together in order to hit 4 at once. The best places to do this are in the Mall or at the entrance to Whiplash at the ticket booths. Once you've hit 4 zombies with one Voodoo bomb, you'll unlock:

Look at it go! in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Hit 4 at once with a voodoo bomb
  • Unlocked by 95 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.96) 120

Next, go to the barn that's near the goat pen and the big well. On the ramp that goes to the top of the barn, look at the crashed spaceship in the field. While looking at the spaceship, turn directly to your left and head straight. Keep following the path until you reach a beach with an RV, where you'll obtain the task "Complete the Cook". On the outside of the RV, where it says "Cook 'N' Cruise", are 3 black stands that are meant to hold barrels, which you need to go around the map and bring back here.

  • Barrel 1: Turn directly around from the RV and you'll see it in front of the rocks
  • Barrel 2: On the second floor of the barn (across from the spaceship)
  • Barrel 3: On the roof of the Mall, in the middle of the party

Once you've brought all 3 barrels back, the RV will explode, causing patches of blue goo to appear on the ground across the map. What you need to do is run around to any patch of blue goo, lick it, then go near a zombie to freeze it. Once the zombie is frozen, headbutt it to shatter it. After a short while, the "frost" effect will wear off, but you can simply go back to any blue goo patch and lick it to regain the effect. Once you've shattered 30 frozen zombies, you'll unlock:

Shattered dreams in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Crystallize and break 30 zombies in one game
  • Unlocked by 86 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 2.06) 120

Next, you're going to be working on 3 achievements at once. I recommend you focus on completing quests, as you'll likely obtain quests to craft items/weapons:

1: Complete 25 Quests in one game

Quests are what have been appearing in the top right-hand corner of your screen. These are all relatively simple to complete and will change every 2-5 minutes, or after you complete one. Furthermore, quests will likely repeat, and completing them again DOES count towards your total of 25.

You can check your progress on this in your "Death Stats" in the pause menu. If you feel like you need more than 2 minutes, you can activate the "Wheel Goat" mutator if you unlocked it from the MMO DLC. If you choose to do this, you need to deactivate the mutator to gain a new quest, as well as to move objects around.

List of all quests (in alphabetical order):

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

2: Craft all Weapons in one game

You craft weapons by finding various parts around the map, licking them, and bringing them to a crafting station. The easiest crafting station to find is directly next to where you spawn (on the road, in front of the entrance to the mall) and inside the garage with the open door.

List of all weapons (in alphabetical order):

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

3: Craft all Items in one game

Same as crafting weapons. Simply bring the required parts to the crafting station to assemble the item. All of the Weapons (above) are also considered "items" and are required for this achievement to unlock.

List of all items (in alphabetical order):

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

While going for all 3 of these achievements, you'll also pass Day 10 (if you haven't already by now), unlocking:

Survive for your life in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Survive 10 days
  • Unlocked by 98 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.93) 120

A new challenger has appeared in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Clear 25 survival quests in one game
  • Unlocked by 79 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 2.15) 120

The Goa'th amendment in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Craft all the weapons in one game
  • Unlocked by 85 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 2.08) 120

Survivalist in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Craft all items in one game
  • Unlocked by 77 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 2.18) 120

You've likely eaten a considerable amount of food during your game (you can check in the Death Stats menu). Keep running around the map until you've eaten 50 food items. The best places to do this are at the vendor outside of the tall orange building, the Apple Store in the mall, and at the circus booths:

Don't starve in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Eat 50 food items in one game
  • Unlocked by 89 tracked gamers (74% - TA Ratio = 2.03) 120

At this point, you need to obtain the Minifun from a supply drop. If you haven't obtained a Minifun yet, you need to continue playing and looting supply drops until you find it.

Once you have the Minifun, you simply need to kill 7 zombies with it. Be conservative with your ammo because you don't get a lot of it, and all 7 kills have to be with the same Minifun.

Too much fun in Goat Simulator (Win 10)
Kill 7 zombies with one minifun
  • Unlocked by 83 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 2.10) 120

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