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God Mode Launches a Trailer

God Mode is a third-person shooter that combines retro-shooter with RPG elements. At the time of writing, 107 gamers had played the game since its release yesterday. If you need a little more encoura

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

XBLA Wednesday: April 17th, 2013

Two more titles are on their way this week. One of them offers up a fitting experience for XBLA while the other mirrors something you'd see on retail disc . See anything you'd like with that tax refu

Posted 10 years ago by Mark Delaney

God Mode Developer Diary Descends on the Masses

When Atlus announced that gamers will fall from the grace of Mount Olympus and face the many torments of Hades in an upcoming third-person shooter, some of us may have thought The Gods Must Be Crazy

Posted 10 years ago by SgtDigglesworth

God Mode Gameplay Trailer

A whole ton of details were released with the announcement of Atlus' upcoming third-person shooter, God Mode, just before Christmas last year. With the details, came a teaser trailer which showcased

Posted 10 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Atlus Announces God Mode

Atlus today announced God Mode, a new third-person shooter with RPG elements set in a "humorously dark view of the afterlife". The title is currently being developed by Old School Games, who are work

Posted 11 years ago by Lexley Ford

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