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    20 Nov 2009
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    Golden axe is a side-scrolling hack and slash game originally released in 1989 by sega for the System 16-B arcade hardware.

    Story - The game takes place in the fictional land of Yuria, a Conan the Barbarian-style high fantasy medieval world. An evil entity known as Death Adder has captured the King and his daughter, and holds them captive in their castle. He also finds the Golden Axe, the magical emblem of Yuria, and threatens to destroy both the axe and the royal family unless the people of Yuria accept him as their ruler.

    Gameplay - The game is a side-scrolling hack and slash game so that means you have to keep walking to the right to finish the level. But as you probably expect you come across lots of enemies as you progress through the stage including normal enemies and bosses.
    The normal enemies include armed men with clubs and maces, skeleton warriors and knights. But since you can't really fail the story the game can be completed in less than hour.

    Graphics - The game itself is a port from the arcade version and includes nice old-school pixely graphics. I wouldn't say the graphics are brilliant but you probably already know if you like old-school pixel graphics or not, 'cause the game graphics aren't gears of war. laugh

    Multiplayer - Golden axe includes local co-op and online co-op which I think makes the game more enjoyable. I would recommend playing it with a friend at your own house because at the time of writing this, online is virtually dead. The annoying thing about the multiplayer is that you can attack the person you are playing which can be really annoying at times.

    Achievements - This is probably one of the easiest games I have completed in a while so it should be no different for you. Two achievements could prove difficult, the co-op win achievement and online co-op achievement. For co-op win you need to play with a friend on your console if don't have a friend to play with or another controller. The online co-op achievement is quite hard because the online is dead so I would advise you to boost with a friend get it.

    Overview - A fun little game with easy achievements which doesn't last long due to its short story but it can be great fun with a friend.
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    zJakeyYay! first review!
    Posted by zJakey on 20 Nov 09 at 22:42
    seema419nice review, i didn't know you could play online co-op. i'll prob buy this game now, i'm always looking for great retro games!
    Posted by seema419 on 26 Nov 09 at 06:07
    Smokin JoeyBI was going to write a review, but i don't see the point now.
    You covered everything well.
    Posted by Smokin JoeyB on 16 May 10 at 20:21