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    29 Mar 2012
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    Wrote this to a friend just now and decided to put it up as a review of this game (my first official one). Hope it helps you make up your mind:

    Review of Goldeneye...

    Okay, first of all, the original came out when I was in college and I almost flunked out from too much Goldeneye! I was the reigning champ in my frat house (actually, went back and forth with one other guy for the #1 and #2 spots)... MANY a late night wasted and hours lost playing that game that changed my world.

    But I digress. Point is: I was VERY excited for Reloaded.

    Single player game is great. It is a lot of fun. As far as the story goes, think of this like Evil Dead 2, compared to Evil Dead... It is not a remake like Rob Zombie's Halloween and not a sequel at all... it's more like a re-telling. It's kind of like the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka compared to the original film with Gene Wilder -- whether or not you hate the newer one, it's the idea of re-telling the same story in a different way. Same story, but slightly changed characters, updated to modern times, etc. Same way Evil Dead 2 was a re-telling of the same basic story of the first one (evil things in woods attack people in cabin).

    Gameplay is cool. A LOT of the game relies on stealth which actually is way more enjoyable than I thought. I like to be Rambo and run right in and blow shit up – but this game requires you to be slow and cautious and stealthy. A lot of people compare it to Clancy games – I have never played any, so I can't comment on the comparison.

    Difficulty? Easy as shit! Really. I NEVER play my first play through on the hardest difficulty (e.g. Veteran, Legendary, Insane, Nightmare, etc.) – but for this, I DID!! Because with body armor and moving slowly, it is seriously one of the easiest "hardest difficulties" I have ever played. The only time I played on NOT the hardest difficulty was when it was related to an achievement. The ONLY part of the game that was hard on Classic 007 difficulty was Alec (006) at the end. But after an hour or so, I got it easy.

    Achievements are also very simple. There are "collectables" (destroying emblems) which will reset/re-appear if you die before reaching a checkpoint after destroying them – be aware of that, as I finished a few missions without re-"collecting" after a death, and thus not all emblems were destroyed and I had to reply to get them... other than that, these achievements are actually quite fun – especially the timed ones and the stealth one. They seem difficult, but if you watch the videos and you are a somewhat good gamer, you'll have no problem. To me – THAT is what an achievement should be! A task or objective that you may not get on your first try, but is fun to figure out, try for again, and eventually get. To me, as a gamer – THAT is a satisfying achievement.

    Spec Ops – since there is a cheat code, you don't even have to play them if you don't want to and just want the 1000gs. I didn't play more than 2 of them, so I can't really comment on them at all.

    The biggest problem with the game and the achievements is the multiplayer. The movement and play is more like BF3 than CoD... slow, clunky, sometimes (nay, often) laggy... and it's a desolate waste land! NO ONE plays. There are two clans that play every night for leaderboard stats. They run around with RPGs, shottys, prox mines and body armor and are the highest rank (level 50 at what is the equivalent to 5th prestige). But even with them ruining more potential fun, I managed to do alright as I climbed up the ranks. I managed to get to rank 15 or 16 legit already from just a couple nights of play. Lots of bonus XP to be had for kills, streaks, etc. Unfortunately, the game types in which you can get achievements are dead zones. BUT, there does seem to be about 40 or so boosters that are always looking for a session and you only need 5 or 6 people to start a game. In a session last night I mopped up 7 achievements. It is a pain in the ass, but it is completely doable. Nowhere near the pain of Wolfenstein, AVP or CoD3. More like BF3 and BFBC2.

    AND you don't have to grind to reach the top rank – there is one achievement related to a gun you acquire at rank 31, but if someone in your boost party has it, he can drop, you pick up and use. There is another achievement related to something you get at rank 42 (prox mines), but there is a way to boost it in one of the particular game modes (it just takes a while).

    My overall opinion? I actually like Q of Solace better. But this was a lot of fun for the $10 I spent (got it on sale over holidays). The single player was great and the multiplayer is a minor inconvenience with some actual fun included. And the achievements are not hard if you watch videos, be smart, know what you are doing and are a halfway decent player. I would recommend it to anyone that likes FPS and anyone who loves Bond!
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    Posted by ShadyShall on 27 Apr 12 at 21:40
    This game is ridiculously bad no matter how you slice it. Aside from forced ADS and lame ass QTEs, you have the most sickening unskippable cutscenes I've ever watched. Being unskippable is bad enough. Having the watch the story of Goldeneye get shit on so bad is just insulting. Knowing the game and original movie should cause anyone to hate this story. I don't like Craig to begin with, but watching all this nonsense with Zukovsky having a scar instead of a limp, the ending not playing out the same or even on the same goddamn continent? Come on.
    Posted on 29 Sep 15 at 16:53
    Gilbert PrimeGoldeneye Reloaded was a buggy and unbalanced POS. And thanks to 38% of the achievement points being for the discontinued multiplayer, it will always be a gaping hole in my completion rate AND because one of the MP achievements was for 33 points, my gamerscore will end in either 2 or 7 until I find an odd numbered achievement to balance it out. The entire Cradle on 007 Classic is a relentless crapstorm. Not fun. Not engaging. Just constantly being swamped by waves of enemies in enclosed spaces topped off by the worst boss fight I've ever experienced. Alec Trevelyan is not an extradimensional demon with super powers. He's just a guy wearing ordinary clothes. Yet Eurogame couldn't think of a better setup than having to pump over 100 bullets into him before he goes down. Totally stupid.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 04 Jun 20 at 04:13
  • FPSDeathFPSDeath2,079,907
    23 Nov 2011 24 Nov 2011
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    Well Goldeneye... The game that everyone loved back in the day. The best and most memorable FPS shooter on the best console at the time. Personally to me it was the best game ever made, I would sit for hours playing until my eyes got sore!

    So we are now presented with Goldeneye 007 Reloaded, which is a decent game. But not by any means great. I will touch upon the basics of what I would expect from a game.

    The graphics are basic, there is nice detail in the weapons. The MP5K (which is called a Sigmus in the game) is a smart and awesome gun. The environments are quite well done but still very basic and not groundbreaking compared to more of the recent batch of releases. Overall the game looks like it belongs on a basic console (which this console wasnt really made for great graphics)

    Right always important is how well the game plays, no longer will you be playing as Pierce Brosnin but Daniel Craig instead. The gameplay is pretty smooth, I found the controls were a bit stiff and even when you adjust the sensitivity it was still stiff and sluggish. But in saying that it still plays well and the guns are accurate. What for me was disappointing, they added too much extra onto the maps, for example they ruined the look and feel of the facillity level, it's just not the same or similar at all. Overall it's very very similar to a COD game.

    Well kinda similar to the original with alot of extras added which some weren't in the original. Need I tell you the gist of the story it's BOND!

    Like an old COD multiplayer with a Bond inspiration. You have The Golden Gun mode, Conflict, Team Conflict and Classics to name a few. Classics lets you play as some of the famous characters Jaws, Oddjob and surely a couple of new ones. But don't expect the multiplayer to be long lasting.

    Now to the second most important part in buying a game. Goldeneye Reloaded is very unrewarding. You will get 10g for completing all objectives through the course of the game. So if you miss one objective you will miss the big 10g achievement! There are a few random ones like reaching a certain point in the game using just stealth, shooting wierd orange emblems, and killing the dude having a poo while whistling for an amazing 2g. Most of the achievements tend to lean more to the multiplayer side of it, which you will more than likely end up boosting it.

    Overall this is a new game rather than a copy or addition to the brilliant original. Do not look at this game as being a remake or a tribute to what was a great game, because this falls far short. Most levels are completely ripped up and changed, your enemies sound like robots (seriously!). The game doesn't feel like it's it's own game but more of a badly made COD look-a-like.

    But it's one of those games you really want to like but can't and for that is a big shame so is deserving of a 2 star status.

    This is my first review so if anyone can find anything negative please be sure to leave me feedback so I can improve and update. And in no way am I ripping on COD as I love them, just wanted the game to be it's own, thanks for reading compute
  • LitaOsirisLitaOsiris958,820
    04 Jul 2012
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    Originally reviewed for in November 2011.

    External image

    A remake worthy of the original? Or another Bond title to forget? Eurocom’s latest development has a lot to live up to.

    The name's Bond, James Bond
    Now if you’ve been thinking this game will be something like the original, think again. Eurocom’s GoldenEye is as the title says and is a complete re-loaded, re-imagined version of a fantastic classic. The plot is the same as the original/movie but all the levels have been re-envisioned and updated. The only part that looks similar to the original game is at the very start of the “Dam” level in the first area up until the tunnel. There are a few similarities along the way, such as taking out the guy in the bathroom during the “Facility” mission, but these parts look completely different. The entire cast has also been changed most noticeably with Daniel Craig now featuring as Bond. Even the main GoldenEye song has got an update and is now performed by Nicole Scherzinger.

    External image

    The game is quite lengthy, featuring 14 missions, most of which are takes on the original version. The only new inclusion is the “Nightclub” level which is designed to set up the “Carrier” mission on the ship. Most of the missions are quite straight forward and contain objectives, some mandatory, some optional and about half of the levels offer a stealth approach option. The player is rewarded more for staying out of trouble and as a result is given less enemies to deal with. The only real frustrating mission is the last one which features three consecutive challenging parts. I may add this was on the 007 difficulty for me which wasn’t really that challenging on the other missions so I was actually amazed at the difference. For players wanting to go that extra mile there is the 007 Classic difficulty which is somewhat the same as the one I played on except there’s no regenerative health. Instead you have to look around for health packs and armour which is just like the original and would be a worthy challenge indeed.

    Shaken, not stirred
    The graphics are quite nice and detailed. As an example, one particular detail I enjoyed was the visibility of Bond’s breath in arctic conditions. However, the main menu in comparison is actually quite bland in design which was a bit disappointing when thinking back to the Blood Stone menu. One mission I didn’t enjoy was “Bunker” as the end of the level features plenty of explosions which shake the screen quite frequently. Although realistic for such a situation, I felt almost motion sick with it that I actually had to stop aiming during those shakes. This for me was the only badly designed visual aspect to the game but it may not affect everyone. In terms of sounds, the music in the game is all Bond-themed action style and is quite spot on for the situations you encounter. The shooting and explosions sound great along the other environmental effects.

    External image

    The controls handle well with a variety of weapons to choose from. It also features a snap-to aim assist which can be activated from both in and out of cover and is available on all difficulties. The shooting mechanics are arcade-like in that there’s no bullet drop or swaying of the sniper rifle to worry about. Unfortunately the AI is a bit easy to deal with. As the difficulties go up, they do deal more damage but they often just rush you which leave them exposed.

    For England, James?
    GoldenEye also features an additional M16 special operations style mode which consists of individual challenge missions. There are eleven levels with three different types of missions – elimination, defense and stealth. The objective is to complete each level with a maximum four star rating. The player can adjust the settings to increase the difficulty including the player’s health, the enemy’s health, enemy’s accuracy and grenade usage as well as if the radar is displayed and so on. Although it’s nice that you’re able to customise your difficulty, this mode isn’t really anything new or special in games. It’s enjoyable for what it is but I think it may have benefitted from having a co-op option.

    External image

    The game does have a multiplayer but unfortunately, it’s not its strong point. There’s a variety of different game types to choose from but quite often the lobbies are empty. The multiplayer feels sluggish and one particular thing I didn’t like was that I could get killed when I was still choosing my loadout when I first joined the game and had no control over my character. In comparison to other top quality multiplayers out there, this game doesn’t stand a chance. It really is quite average.

    GoldenEye is a decent game and it certainly has a solid campaign but the multiplayer is definitely not up to scratch. In comparison to the original, it’s certainly a fine attempt for a remake and worth a go for when there’s a lull in new releases.

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  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside905,837
    11 Feb 2012 11 Feb 2012
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    What a game of two halves this turned out to be.

    Before we get to the "it's nothing like the N64 classic" bashing I would like to start by saying I thought the campaign mode was excellent. So there. This does comes with a caveat though so please read on...

    I started the campaign on 007 Classic 'cause I'm hardcore and wanted all the campaign-related achievements in one go. I wasn't expecting much and, given I can't really remember last week let alone 1997, I was just hoping for a decent shooter.

    Having replayed a few of the levels on lower difficulties to mop up the achievements my decision to start on 007 Classic was the right one. The lower settings are far less punishing, and opening the game out into an all out gunfight doesn't do it any favours.

    On 007 Classic your health doesn't regenerate, you die very quickly, but you can pick up the obligatory flak jackets to help you on your way. Death results in a checkpoint restart with less than half heath. Proper old skool then, and the game is all the better for it. You are forced to take things slowly, steath and silenced kills are your best friend. Chuck into the mix some additional objectives on each level and you've got yourself a very nicely paced game. One false move sets of alarms and your frantically seeking cover as reinforcements pour into the level, so stealth is all important.

    One small niggle is the aim out of cover feature. Crouching behind cover all is well, you pop up whenever you aim, but you also pop up when you're crouching out of cover too. This can make aiming a bit of a chore as you have to compensate before you take your shots.

    The story itself is a rehash of the Goldeneye novel/film and it ticks along nicely. Graphically it's well above average without threatening the likes of COD:MW3 and Battlefield 3. The odd guard gets stuck in the odd door but there are no game-breaking glitches and it all runs without any slowdown. It sounds like Bond, looks like Bond and is pretty much the best Bond campaign I've played.

    But then it all goes a bit wrong.

    For those who've played Quantum Of Solace you may remember the excellent multiplayer that propped up a very ho-hum single player. Goldeneye is unfortunately the opposite. Yes, it throws a large selection of game types for you to choose from, but someone forget to check the servers. The lag is game-breaking. On large, open maps, it's a joke. It fares a little better on closer quarters maps but still is nowhere near the levels you should expect these days. After enjoying the campaign so much it's bitterly disappointing, especially as there are a lot of achievements to unlock in multiplayer.

    Is it good enough to warrant the Goldeneye name then? Play the campaign first on 007 Classic and complete all the additional objectives to get the most out of it, and yes, it is. Dive straight into the multiplayer and it falls well short (unless they sort the lag out).

  • ell635ell635432,824
    24 Mar 2013
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    I didn't pick up Goldeneye: Reloaded until 2013, so I'm going to give my review for this game from a 2013 perspective, gearing it towards those tempted to pick this up if they haven't already.


    Fitting to start where everything does - the beginning. If you were a fan of the original N64 Goldeneye - Expect few similarities and don't purchase if you're expecting a remastered version of the N64 title (like: Halo Anniversary). This is a re-telling of a great story.

    Let's begin with the Single Player Story Mode, this portion of the game is its strongest asset and by far exceeds the other features within this game.


    Following the Goldeneye movie's narrative, this game tells the exact same story with a modern setting. Of course the game expands in areas of the story where necessary, and also adds its own twists to the story here and there. I won't spoil those for you, though.


    Everybody is in the game, minus the computer genius Boris. James Bond is portrayed by Daniel Craig as opposed to Pierce Brosnan, M is the only character portrayed by her original actor in the movie. All other characters are re-imagined with new models and voice actors, and Eurocom have added their own flavours to each character to help drive the story.


    If there's anything this title does better than the N64 original, it tells the story much better. The presentation is fantastic, imagine the presentation of a Call of Duty campaign, placed into a Bond game. Previous games have not had the opportunity to present the story in such a robust way due to a lack of detail in the narrative. This game succeeds on all levels of presentation.


    To help place the player into the mind of Bond, secondary objectives and alternate methods of carrying out each objective are placed in each mission to ensure the players approach to the action is much more calculated. This makes for a very enjoyable playthrough, especially on the hardest difficulty. Minus one or two action packed levels, most missions will include an element of stealth, and you'll want to use this to your advantage in the aforementioned harder/hardest difficulty. Stealth is your friend, and there are ventilation tunnels you can crawl through to navigate around your environment to take out enemies quietly and remain undetected.

    The aiming system isn't perfect, whilst crouch, a permanent system makes you lift upwards to aim which is made for popping your head over cover to shoot enemies. This system works nicely whilst behind cover, in some instances it is frustrating, out of place, and can blow your cover in stealthy moments.

    The melee system is quite nice. Stealth takedowns are possible when you're taking an unsuspecting enemy from behind. There's also a variety of takedown animations for those moments where your magazine has run empty and your best option is to sprint after the enemy and dish out a few hard punches. In other instances, you may simply smack the enemy with your weapon if you haven't hit the melee button at the correct timing. Whilst this is inconsistent, it can become extremely useful on your harder difficulty playthrough, as well as during your attempts to unlock the speed run achievements on specific missions.

    Overall the gameplay behaves like Call of Duty and most First Person Shooters, and it makes the game fun to play.


    For its time - Goldeneye: Reloaded was just a fraction behind its true potential. Comparing to the Call of Duty title of that time period - this game feels held back. However, not to a point where the game feels spoilt. The graphics are quite acceptable, however in 2013 you can definitely see the age in this game and it's engine.


    The soundtrack for Goldeneye is fantastic. The music plays well with each passing moment of a mission. From those slow & stealthy moments all the way to those action packed, all guns blazing moments. This games audio has been carefully prepared and it adds to the overall presentation of this fantastic Single Player.

    Single Player Overall Rating = 8.5/10

    MI6 Ops:

    This feature in the game was a nice addition in some respect, but really missed the mark. The concept stems from Spec Ops on Call of Duty, and it consists of missions based in all the locations on the game. Each mission has its own style, the four styles are Assault, Defense, Elimination & Stealth. Completion on a mission then offers you a rating between 1 and 4 stars. It's an exciting new concept that should be taken further in later Bond games. This time it sadly misses its mark due to a lack of split screen/online Co-op which would've been a sensible addition to this mode to give the game more of a quality shared experience value. Otherwise, these mission can always be avoided if you're after the gamerscore. A cheat code titles "quilbecile" will allow you to ignore these mission completely. Please see the relevant guides for more information on that.


    The biggest feature of a game in 2013 is often its multiplayer. If you've played Quantum of Solace (especially closer to its release date) then you would've been extremely satisfied with its multiplayer portion. Sadly Goldeneye doesn't follow the same trend.

    The game behaves exactly like Call of Duty multiplayer. However you can expect far less smooth gameplay mechanics. It's very glitchy and jumpy, and the lag is very bad on certain maps. Even years before 2013, this games multiplayer was dead and for very good reason. It isn't groundbreaking, and it isn't that fun. There are a lot of multiplayer achievements too, thankfully none that are over- bearingly long winded (Think: 007 Blood Stone). The fact that the online lobbies are a ghost town would sound attractive for boosters looking for a peaceful session of boosting online achievements. But this is not the case. The lack of activity on this game means your boosting session will be the only game running on Goldeneye: Reloaded. Expect Randoms and expect them frequently. This is their only opportunity for a piece of multiplayer action too, after all.
    Overall Multiplayer Rating = 3/10

    A very kind rating if you ask me. That goes down to the core setup of multiplayer which had potential to be a sustainable game. It's the gameplay mechanics and laggy servers which spoilt this portion of the game. There are a ton of creative & interesting game modes packed into this multiplayer which were nicely crafted and could've made for a compelling multiplayer experience. But the main issues with multiplayer made this game a quick trade-in/rental for most gamers, and this you'll never get a chance to play anything over than Team Deathmatch legitimately. The other game modes will all require boosting.

    Overall Goldeneye: Reloaded could've been the full package. Sadly like almost every Bond game in recent memory - there is always something that brings the Bond title down. And in this case, it was the most important section of a video game in this current generation: Multiplayer. Rent this game if you must, otherwise only pick this up for a very cheap price. You'll know whether this game is cheap enough in comparison to retail prices. I spent £10 in the UK and I wouldn't have paid a penny more.

    It's another interesting video game experience for a Bond fan. And I'd recommend the game even if just for it's enjoyable Story Mode. Outside of Bond fans, for a casual FPS fanatic, perhaps you may want to skip passed this game and pretend you'd never looked. It's a good single player experience but you're missing nothing if you don't pick Goldeneye: Reloaded up.

    Overall Rating = 6/10
  • senor scientistsenor scientist227,264
    10 Jan 2013 23 Mar 2014
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    We all remember our first first-person shooter that really stood out. I am one of the many people that fell in love with the genre with GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64. It was a game that truly stood out on the console. GoldenEye on the N64 was developed Rare, eleven months after the N64 was released in America.

    At the time, and even still to this day, it is considered one of the greatest video games based on a movie. The re-playability of the game was the highest ever. In addition to the split-screen multiplayer the game featured a level select that let you choose a specific point in the game as well as a difficulty to play it at. The higher the difficulty; the more damage you took, the more objectives to complete and overall a much more challenging experience. There were time challenges tailored for each level and they were even tied to a specific difficulty. Upon completion of the time challenges, you earned unlockable cheats or multiplayer elements. With these prizes dangling on a string, you wanted to be the very best.

    Flash forward thirteen years. In this timespan we: watched a few more 007 titles based on movies release and fail on the Nintendo 64 and Playstation; had a couple of mediocre 007 titles released on the next generation of video game consoles (xbox, Gamecube, PS2) that did not follow any particular movies; and we also had a game released on those same consoles that stole the moniker of GoldenEye to release another flop.

    After 13 years of attempted mimicry, GoldenEye saw a rebirth on the Nintendo Wii. I chose not to play this title based on the controls for the Wii console. This was not just a graphic overhaul, it was a new game developed by Eurocom. It was not until the game released a year later on much friendlier First Person Shooter consoles that I picked up a copy. I actually waited a few months and picked up this game, Halo: CE Anniversary and Metal Gear Solid HD as a buy two get the third free deal. Of the three games that I purchased, I was most excited for GoldenEye.

    After returning home with my new old games, I quickly put GoldenEye in. It was incredibly pretty. The first level, The Dam brought back so many memories as the level loaded. I was having a nostalgia attack. Then, just like that, the nostalgia was ripped out of my chest like the ritual that takes place in the Temple of Doom. So much changed, so quickly. I played through the first level and set it aside. I went on to play through Halo: CE anniversary and even take a small break from video games before finally coming back to it.

    After returning to the game, I had accepted the fact that this was a new game. It re-imagined the story based on the current state of the franchise. It took the key points and characters and reworked the aspects to work with a Bond fifteen years (the movie was released in 1995) later. They made the game flow extremely well, by reworking and extending certain parts of the movie to make them fit a video game format. With that regard, I felt like some scenes were taken too far. There were some elements that the game could have done without; Mainly the casualness of Bond as he mingles during the missions was a bit overdone. Sure, 007 is a suave and sophisticated man, but there is no room for that in a First Person Shooter. Another element that I did not agree with was the use of real-time events that had you mashing a certain button in order to “succeed” in an event. Things omitted or changed too much were the character models and complete lack of Boris.

    After working past these flaws, I can appreciate the game for what it does. It takes a 15 year old movie and a thirteen year old game, mixes in the newest and most hyped bond of the past thirty years, with a little bit of retooling on the story elements to create a game for a Call of Duty Generation. One aspect that I particularly enjoyed was the use of stealth. I loved it. Silenced weapons were a godsend. If you ran out of ammo for your silenced weapons, you were forced to blow your cover. This made it feel more like 007 than the story.

    With the multiplayer of the Nintendo 64 version receiving such high marks, we could only expect the best from this re-imagining. Unfortunately it is too drastically different. The multiplayer maps are no way shape or form identifiable with the original game’s maps. That right there is a deal breaker and that can be seen in the ridiculously low number of online players if there even are any. I have tried to play the game online several times at different times of the day, but have yet to be able to get into a match.

    The achievements for the game were quite entertaining. I decided to go for the difficulty and collectibles achievements, but the game really ratcheted up the difficulty towards the end. I have twelve out of the fifty collectibles to find and I made it through two-thirds of the game on the 007 difficulty with three-fourths of the timed completion achievements. On a much darker note, a solid 37% of the game’s achievements are tied up in multiplayer which no one plays so they are completely lost.

    After playing through the game on Agent and making it to the more action intense levels where you are constantly being bombarded and left near death for the majority of the time, I have decided not to finish the game and just move on once and for all. I would like to say that one day, I would like to finish this game on 007 difficulty for the pride in saying that I completed both the Nintendo 64 version and the newer 2012 remake at that difficulty, but that would only be me lying to myself. Newer games that look much better have presented themselves and I still have better older games that I have yet to touch on my list of games to play.
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    After some consternation to my first review (which to be fair was more of a rant) I thought I’d take a second shot at this…

    First off, I’m going to be upfront, I never owned an N64 and therefore have never worshiped at the altar of the first; I played this purely to get my Bond geek fix…

    Rather than being a straight run through the movie and remake of the (few) parts of the original I have played, this is a nice reimagining and modernisation of the GoldenEye story line, including the inclusion of Daniel Craig’s Bond rather than the Peirce Brosnan of the movie, which in my opinion is a nice touch.

    At the risk of damning with faint praise, the visuals are best described as functional, not the best looking game when compared to something like Arkham City, but nowhere near the worst game you will see on the 369. I haven’t noticed and tearing or texture popping or frame rate drops when things get busy, which was a huge problem I found with Crackdown 2 for example.

    Over all the sound is very good, gun effects are crisp and the music isnt obtrusive. Generally the voice work is excellent, the odd dodgy accent aside.

    Again being honest, I don’t play much online multiplayer and I haven’t tried this yet and I can imagine the online community for this will be small and will dwindle quickly. Which is a shame because a lot of the achievements for this title are tied to multi player content, so 100% may be difficult to acquire.

    You also need to use multiplayer to even out the 2g Gamerscore you get for reliving the scene where you punch out a dude on the toilet and scored that don’t end in a 5 or a 0 really annoy my OCD!!
    So to sum up, good game, not great…if you’re after a Bond fix, maybe best stay away from this and play Bloodstone or Quantum of solace, this does kind of feel like filler until the next film / game tie in.

    Again, I’m not judging this against the original because I’m not attached to it from a nostalgic point of view, just a current gen player. So overall my rating would be 3 stars, nice average game with what looks to be a 6-7 hour play though maybe. Good weekend rental or even £20 pickup, maybe not worth it as a full price day one purchase.

    Hopefully if you have read that it’s been a little more in depth and informative that before, I hope you enjoyed it.