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  • Posted on 02 November 20 at 02:25
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  • Posted on 02 November 20 at 02:25
    MCPandagamerz has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
    I don't think this should be in the point and click genre. The game is in first person so you don't have a cursor to literally point and click. I know that's not in the genre definition but I think it should be added to it because it's a key to the genre, anyway I digress. What is part of the genre definition is that the game is played scene by scene, This game is one big map so it doesn't fall under that either. In conclusion, although there are items/objects of interest needed to progress the story it doesn't have other aspects of the point-n-click genre. Having items/objects of interest to progress the story is just a part of most single player games so I think it should only be considered adventure. Let me know what you guys think and I'm sorry for rambling so much.
  • Posted on 02 November 20 at 11:45
    I agree with removing P&C and just having Adventure. The interaction with items is mostly just for narrative, their is no real using the items to solve puzzles and progress or anything.
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