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Posted on 07 June 11 at 09:19
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Googly Eyes is another part of the free Kinect Fun Labs package, enabling the player to take any object, scan it's front and back side with Kinect and convert it into a virtual animated character, complete with the title giving googly eyes.

Fortunately, this tech demo actually works in regards of what it claims to accomplish. I tested with a still boxed Murloc Plush Toy ( and after a noticeable while of processing time, Googly Eyes converted it remarkably well. It even detected that the plush toy is protruding from the front of the box and gave it a rather authentic look.

Sadly, that's it. One can select one of several eye configurations, animate the object by moving around and even record a short skit with sound which can then be shared with the world, but unless you are a kid or very easy to please, you'll probably get bored of this within 5 minutes. And while the object looks decent enough, the animation part really does not - it just doesn't seem to react well enough to your movement with the exception of jumping. Obviously, most objects have a distinctive lack of limbs that could be animated.

There are 8 achievements worth a total of 50 points to get. Most of them are obtainable by just playing through the "game" once, but there's some rather annoying grind part as well - create 25 googlys and share 10 skits, which is a pain with slow upload speed and caused my Xbox to get disconnected from Live more than once (it ultimately worked tho).

One can definitely imagine this technology being used in a game sooner or later, but then again, this tech demo promises more than it ultimately does. It's only redemption are the achievements and the super cute "Googly Eyes" title song which got stuck in my ears pretty quickly. Oh, and it sure does help that it's free.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 07:37, Edited on 04 November 11 at 07:42
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Ah yes googly eyes, not really much of a game more like a pastime or something you would do with friends, honestly i would have to say that this is way more fun with friends or family and you get a couple of good laughs out of it.

Googly Eyes uses the kinect sensor to detect an object that is put in front of the sensor, afterwards you are given the option to record a something making it look like the figure is talking, and you also get the option of putting some googly eyes on your figure.

Once you have recorded something you can share it with friends, or you can decide not to publish it, if you do publish it then not only does it get published on the kinect fun labs stream, but also on the kinect web site and from there you can put it on a social website like facebook, which i think its a really neat thing. in my opinion the search feature on the kinect fun labs stream takes rather long but thats a whole different thing.

Honestly this does amaze me however, the way the technology of the kinect sensor can detect, record and produce something into the screen, rather impressive technology. When I was growing up i never would have thought that such a thing would exists but i guess welcome to the future folks.

Some of the downsides of this is that you are not able to create something out of a figure thats too small or to big. Sometimes the figure you are trying to create may not look to good, and the achievements are rather time consuming and get boring over time. facepalm

Just make sure that if you play this "game" then play it with some one else come up with funny ideas it will make this experience alot more interesting and I'm sure you'll get some memories and some laughs out of it.
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Posted on 15 April 12 at 11:49
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Googly Eyes is a free app that you download in Kinect Fun Labs located in the Game Marketplace. All you basically do with this app is have your Kinect scan an item front and back, put one of six different googly eye selections on the item and then you are able to dance around as that item recording a 10 second skit that you can share with friends if you choose.

The problem with this app is, unless you really enjoy putting googly eyes on stuff, it gets boring fast and the achievements turn into a grind. Other then that I'd say it was worth doing for the short time I did since me and my girlfriend were basically busting out laughing just making the most rediculous skits with random items (pizza box was the most fun since i sang a little song for it too).

In the end, I'd say this was a lot more fun with another person to mess around with then it was them by self. I gave it 2 stars because it scanned items well for the most part but sometimes it wouldn't scan proper and the item would have holes in it. Also, it didn't have a lasting appeal but hey, who can argue with free achievements right?
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