Gorogoa Reviews

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    06 Apr 2019
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    Gorogoa is a unique puzzle game that tasks you with manipulating objects across four movable images to collect five different coloured fruit across several inventive and challenging levels.

    The game consists of a four panel grid, each of which may contain an image. Solving the puzzles requires you to manipulate the images presented to you to allow a boy to move through them and collect five different coloured fruit to offer to a mysterious creature. You can zoom in or out, move images around to join them together, overlap them, or move them to reveal a hidden image beneath them. Conceptually, the puzzles manipulate space and time as they are presented in these images, and the greatest reward in the game comes from figuring out how all the pictures in a section fit together. It is hard to do justice to the experience in words, as the game is very heavily based on its visuals.

    The game is quite short - it can be speed run in under 25mins once you know what you are doing, though a first playthrough will take substantially longer as you figure things out - but the puzzles remain challenging until the last section, which feels like more of an epilogue. Completing the game unlocks a demo version, which adds a bit more gameplay along with an achievement for its completion. Most of the puzzles in it are nearly identical to those in the final game, though.

    Controls are very simple, and only use A, B, and the left analog stick. .

    The hand drawn images give the game a gorgeous art style, and all the puzzles and plot are conveyed through the images. This approach helps the game stand out; there is no dialogue, and what soundtrack there is remains unobtrusively in the background, except for the creature's theme, which is appropriately dramatic.

    The game has eleven achievements, most of which will come through just completing the game. There is one achievement for completing the game in under 30min, and another for completing with fewer than 500 moves. It is possible to get these in the same playthrough, but I would strongly recommend making it your second, or splitting them between your second and third. Trying to pack everything into your first playthrough would require extensive use of walkthrough videos, which would significantly compromise the intended experience of the game. I would estimate 2-4 hours for completion, depending on how long it takes you to solve the puzzles initially.

    A great and challenging puzzler with a short completion time for 1000 gamerscore. What's not to like?