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    Grand Theft Auto is back. This time with three different protagonists and packed with missions across a map that is almost four times the size of Liberty City. Rockstar's latest installment is going to blow your mind.

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    GTA V is one of the most incredible games I've ever got to play. It's unique way of having three main characters rather than one. Meet Franklin, a normal guy living in the ghetto, dreaming of the bigger "score". Michael, a rich middle-aged guy with family crysis. Or Trevor, the comical psychopath that you really don't want to piss off. Combined, these three fellas create chaos in the streets of San Andreas while doing everything they can to reach the final "score".

    I had my doubts when I first heard about three main characters rather than one. I understood the idea. Rockstar wanted to create something unique. Something that many games don't have. So they came up with three characters. Right there I had my doubts whether this game was going to be good or not. But once I played it myself, it really felt geniune and like something very special. The way they managed to create the game is very impressive. If I, myself, gathered all my best ideas and tried to create something, Rockstar still beats it with GTA V.

    This GTA comes totally updated from any other GTA. The graphics are AMAZING, as well the environment. Try flying a jet during dawn and you'll see what I mean. Even if you don't like the GTA series at all, but you enjoy flying, this thing is the real deal. The way pedestrians react to certain things is another thing that makes GTA V fantastic. They know and fear danger. They respect that you're in their path and won't accelerate... most of the times. To put it simply, the game is very realistic in many ways.

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    The gameplay is undoubtebly one of the best I've ever experienced. You can pretty much do everything you want. Considering to play tennis on Top Spin? Play tennis on GTA! Golf of Tiger Woods? Ding! GTA! Cycling in Tour de France? GTA! These are only a couple examples. The list could've gone on for quite some time.

    You could encounter random events while roaming the streets of San Andreas. It could be someone in danger, or even a thief running away with some old woman's bag. These are random and that's what makes this game so good. You may be bored driving around, when all of a sudden someone needs your help. Keeps you occupied and adds joy to the game and does indeed extend the gameplay.

    There is so much to do. It has multiple sorts of vehicles. Not only cars, but even jets! You can even take rides in boats and jetskiis. If you feel like you want to explore even further down, why not grab the submarine and explore the depths of the sea? Maybe you'll find something worth keeping...

    I've played video games for a long time. I can't recall the exact time when I started, but it was a long time ago. Since I started hunting achievements I noticed that collectible-related achievements started to show up pretty much in any game. At first, I found them interesting. They weren't fun, but was something new for me, and I thought they were OK. By the time I played my fifth game with collectibles, all I saw them as was something that needed to be done. I hated them, and couldn't wait for them to all collected so that I never had to se them again. That didn't apply to Grand Theft Auto V.

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    The game contains many collectibles, but believe it or not, I enjoyed collecting every single one of them. These collectibles weren't just there for you to collect. They were introduced somehow. Either through a mission or otherwise. Because the collectibles had a meaning to the game, I was just eager to collect them and find out what exactly happens! Of course, it could get boring sometimes after running around, looking for them for hours, but then it's just back to doing missions, until you're ready to go again.

    Any previous GTA fan will recognize the achievement list. Pretty straightforward. Rockstar did not forget to include their classic "100%" achievement. In my opinion, this one is easier than the one for Grand Theft Auto 4. We have a couple of story-related achievements, along side one or two missable ones. Some of them really puts your skills to the test.

    My GTA journey began with GTA 4. I wasn't an achievement hunter back, so therefore I just played the story for fun. The online experience for GTA 4 is probably the only game that I play without gaining any achievements. I usually buddy up with a couple of friends, and just start tearing the environment (including ourselves apart). What I'm trying to say with this is that if I enjoyed GTA 4 that much, then I can't wait to see what the multiplayer in GTA V has in store for us.
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    Original: Grand Theft Auto V review on Gamin' Girl

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    The GTA series backtrack to Los Santos, though this time without jetpacks and with no Las Venturas. It’s still better in every way possible.

    Meet Franklin. He’s a hustler living in the ghetto. He’s darn charming doing it, but his friends are not. If you’re at all like me, you’ll hate every soul in his environment within minutes of meeting the different personalities. He’s living with his aunt, who does not do much other than protest Franklins presence – and she’s not even the worst. If you aren't a hustler yourself, you want to bash in the nose of Lamar the very second he starts to speak. He’s an ignorant fool who does nothing for anyone but himself – luckily Franklin doesn't seem to be fond him either, so there’s at least that.

    - I like Franklin the most. He’s charming and he just want to get out of the ghetto. There’s a little too much ghetto-talk though (dog, homie etc.) but when this doesn't happen, I just want to give him a good, big hug.

    Meeting with friends
    Franklin is a repo guy, and the question how legit the car dealer is will remain up in the air. Lamar is Franklins colleague and Simeon, the russian car dealer gives them a couple jobs. In one of these jobs, Franklin meets Michael, an old bank robber who’s been housed by the FIB as part of a witness protection program – from who isn't clear. These two quickly get along, as Franklin needs a job and Michael gets a backlash of old days.

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    - Michael is the one with the most level-headed personality and good at planning things to take the lesser risk and get the bigger outcome. I like the guy, but he has trouble with his family at home, and the yelling and cursing makes it hard for me to think of him as a stand up guy. Seeing him with Franklin makes me think otherwise. Besides, Michael real son, Jimmy, is living at home and playing video games all day, so I can level with Michael on being frustrated and mad at Jimmy.

    Unfortunately for Michael, an old acquaintance recognise the details from the robbery and assumes Michael ain't dead after all. Cue Trevor. The intro sequence lets you know how maniac he is – and he ain't afraid of anything either. The intro sequence of Trevor shows him in a fight against a bunch of bikers. He sets a new quest: to find Michael.

    - Trevor is by far the most fun to play with as he has the most creative lines. He’s also the one character who fits the best into the wild story of ANY GTA game. Maniac, doesn't care for others, ready to kill for no reason, and wants money no matter what it takes. Surprisingly he still has a heart as you’ll discover playing the game.

    Mayhem is inevitable
    As these three, very different personalities, meets up altogether, all hell is loose. Especially after Michael loses his temper and destroy something worth a lot of money – and he has to pay for it. He only knows one way to get quick money: by doing a heist.

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    The biggest game-changer in this new instalment to the GTA series is that you play with three different characters throughout the story. Most of the time you can switch between characters, even on missions you’ll be able (some even encourage you) to, but it depends on the situation you’re in the middle of. It works rather well I might add.

    There’s a couple different collectibles; for one there’s loose papers scattered around town which will help you solve a murder of a woman. But the more fun of the collectibles is the small side missions each character gets – Franklin gets some assassination and photo missions, and Trevor has to steal stuff from celebrities.

    As usual you’ll get around on the map by car, boat, jetski, helicopter or plane. Most of the time you’ll travel by car, as these are right at hand when needed because of the traffic. Handling of cars is spot on, and you can clearly feel if you’re driving a truck, a family car or a sports car. Old friends are back such as the Infernus, Sentinel, Futo, Feltzer, Sabre and Stinger. Trucks with cargo such as logs can lose their cargo and it’ll be scattered around the road.

    Experiences galore!
    Here’s three different experiences with the characters – all three is quite early in the game, so spoilers are minor and I’ll keep to small things such as side missions.

    Franklin is involved with drug dealing, but you’ll quickly get the gist that he want out. He know it’s a risky business, he’s clever enough to realise that. A friend of yours is asking you/Franklin to pick up a car that’s loaded with some drugs. You’ll find the car after looking for a while in the area you've been guided to. The car is old, and it won’t start. Your friend says he needs the car, so you can not just grab the drugs and get out of there. Luckily a tow truck isn't far away, and you’ll tow the car to it’s destination.

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    Michael seems to be the most clearheaded of the three characters, yet, he’s the only one of the three that you can use to get into the epsilon program – some sort of pyramid scheme – and this is done by going to their website as Michael. at one point, you’re guided to meet someone out in the mountains, and you will find a red truck there. Next thing that happens is that Michael is ambushed and knocked out. He wakes up in his underwear. You’ll have to run a marathon in the desert as well.

    Trevor is a maniac. Everything about him ooses of it, and he can get quite scary sometimes – Michael is the only one who doesn't fear him, but he knows when to stop annoying Trevor though. There’s a quite fun dialogue where Michael calls Trevor a hipster and as you can imagine, Trevor doesn't like that. At some point, Trevor is taking someones wife as hostage, but something unexpected happens: they fall in love with each other, and you’ll see her work in Trevor’s garden, available to escape if she wanted.

    There’s plenty of old friends to meet up with and even to engage with during missions, and I’d advise everyone to take the small events happening around and in Los Santos as you can get new crewmembers. The more crewmembers, the better, right? You can pour a gasoline trail as a new thing to the GTA games – and you can lit it by either shoot bullets at it or use a turbocharged sedans backfire which sounds quite cool.

    Looking good
    The city is stunning, and that’s to an extent that its hard to believe that the game is running on current gen hardware. There’s a world in difference from GTA IV to the new installment. Only thing that still lacks a little is face animations, but I guess it’s to make room for other things. The sky is lively, buildings are very varying, so is the streets, the asphalt has different impurities and while the water isn't the most beautiful and well made water in all games ever made it’s darn close to it. White foam, different heights of waves and trails from boats looks fantastic. And I haven’t even talked about the different weathers yet! Just don’t look too close at doors that aren't supposed to be able to open up, mmkay? Also, flickering and aliasing is a little problem when looking far ahead, nothing that annoys me, but might poke at other players eyes.

    To sum everything up, GTA V is presenting the player for a very immersive, believable and amazing story involving three very different characters, that gets along – more or less – and how they engage with each other is beyond hilarious on various occasions as well. The game looks great, and even better, it’s gigantic. Not to mention that you can do so many different things so even if you think you've done everything, there just might be a thing or two you didn't do.

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    The online part of GTA V – which is just called GTA Online – is out in a weeks time, and by the sound of it, this is going to be a standalone thing from the future of GTA games. The content however, is on the GTA V disc, making it easy to start your online journey when they open up for it. Rockstar has confirmed that it is going to be a free-to-play game, so you can buy ingame money with real-life money. I’m a little concerned in that regard, as one can fear it’s going to be pay to win (much better weapons for example). We’ll get back to you guys in a week or two when we've had the chance to make some mayhem online.

    Hit; Three different playable characters makes for a great and entertaining story.

    Miss; While there is glitches, which I haven’t met myself, I didn’t encounter anything to include here. Too much ghetto talk when around the hustlers though.

    Need; Franklin would have done well with a woman by his side, even though the occasionally annoying call would have interfered with the pace of the game.

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