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Best Xbox open world games

The freedom to do as you want, when you want, or not at all; the best open world games offer an immersive experience that you can get lost in — here are some of the best open world games on Xbox...

Posted 3 months ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 23

UK police arrest teen hacker reportedly linked with GTA 6 leak

UK police have arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of hacking, and it's been reported that the arrest is directly linked to the recent GTA 6 hack that saw 90 early gameplay videos of the open-world game uploaded online.

Posted 6 months ago by Sean Carey 129

GTA 6 will reportedly offer story DLC

GTA 6 will apparently receive story DLC in much the same way as Grand Theft Auto IV, a leaker has claimed, and that other reports that mention cities and missions as DLC will "definitely be planned out before 6 releases."

Posted 7 months ago by Tom West 66

Poll: When do you think GTA 6 will launch?

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in the news quite a lot lately, with both official and unofficial sources discussing aspects of what Rockstar has in store for its next open world crimefest... could a new GTA be closer than we think?

Posted 7 months ago by Luke Albigés 97

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