Grand Theft Auto V Reviews

  • MissSapphire xxMissSapphire xx82,609
    15 Jul 2018
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    Gta 5 Online endless fun

    I've had GTA 5 since a couple months after the release date and I played it on the 360. I've come to the Xbox one last year in April, not making the transfer(one of the most unfortunate things for the dedicated GTA players)

    There is always something to do, and you can learn something new any day you play. There's lots of variety if you're looking to rank up and/or make money such as races, death matches, last team standings, captures, missions, adversary modes, versus modes, survivals, heists, etc.

    GTA public lobbies are not all the same. Sometimes you have to switch lobbies depending on what you're looking for. From my experiences, it depends on the individual players in the lobby if they're hostile or not. You have the option of having free aim or assisted aim too, which can help your overall experience of killing if you're into that.

    In public lobbies you can make money, too. If you have a CEO you can run special cargo crates or collecting cars. If you have a MC you can run any business(s) which gives good money also.

    Some vehicles in GTA can be a bit over priced.. however, it is worth it because of all the upgrades available and the wide variety of what there is. There's something for everyone whether you're into driving or flying.

    They're very good with having glitches patched so there's not much cheating and so it's fair for everybody.
  • joFuRijoFuRi141,893 141,893 GamerScore
    31 May 2018
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    What can I say other than this game is one of my favorites in my modest collection of games?

    I've only played GTA 4 and 5, but the first time I played 5, I admit I was a little hesitant. I had come off right from finishing 4, and my mind and heart were still with those characters in Liberty City, it almost felt fake to come here to Los Santos. I played these games on the PS3, so I played the prologue of GTA 5 and then took a break for awhile. After coming back after maybe a year, my perspective had totally changed. I'd missed the GTA world, and it was exciting for me to try new content. This time I had it for the PS4 and immediately my reaction was insanely more positive. Maybe it was just the graphics that bothered me the first time around, but this time that I played it was truly uplifting for me.

    The game centers around Franklin, Michael, and Trevor: a small time hustler, retired bank robber, and a deranged, trigger-happy guy respectively, who eventually find their way together and use their criminal cunning to fight for their freedom. It's an open world with a thoroughly engaging story line that had me enticed all the way to the very end. You get to switch between all three characters, doing missions and side quests to further you along the game. It took me awhile to finish my first play through, and when I wanted a break from the main story, there were plenty of Strangers and Freaks side missions to do where you help out (or con out) some pretty interesting people, along with random events that occur around town where you can cash in for a quick buck or play hero to some helpless civilian. My favorites are the collectibles, where you have to collect spaceship parts or letter scraps; finding all of them unlocks a unique Strangers and Freaks mission. Even after you finish the game, there's still plenty to do. I'm currently trying to get to 100% game play and that in itself is packed full of checks you have to get through on the checklist. It's enough to keep you occupied for months.

    The characters were pretty solid, the main characters anyway. Trevor is by far the most entertaining of the three with his general wackiness and psychopathic tendencies. Depending on your tastes, the events and dialogue centered around him are incredibly humorous and never fail to make me laugh. The graphics and driving are so much smoother than on the PS3, making the driving sometimes sensitive if you're used to the rough turns on its predecessor.

    GTA 5 is definitely worth the buy if you don't want to finish a game in a couple settings. The world is vast and full of goodies, like armor and ammo just lying around in the woods or underwater, so you can't go wrong there. With the PS4 version of the game, there are perks for returning PS3 players who played GTA 5 on there first, like exclusive weapons and missions. So, even if you already have the PS3 version, getting the PS4 version would not be a bad idea!