Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns Reviews

  • FullMoonBeaverFullMoonBeaver1,066,775
    28 Jul 2019
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    Hello and welcome to my review for Grass Cutter: Mutater Lawns. Another Indie game from publisher Sometimes You, who in all fairness have been responsible for some questionable releases over the last few years. However, the tide has changed, and whilst Grass Cutter isn't going to win any medals, it's also not that that terrible. In fact, it is a bit of fun. Time to go mow the lawns.

    First off, one of the most important questions which Incan answer you, is yes, this is an easy 1000g and shouldn't take you an hour if you're efficient.heck, you wont even need to complete the game to accrue all 20 achievements, which require various tasks to be completed including a small grind for some, but overall there is nothing difficult to be found.

    Now, onto the main bulk of the game, and what Grass Cutter is actually all about. No prizes for guessing as the clue is in the name. Level after level of cutting grass in this voxel world. Sounds easy right? Well, yes it is. There are various obstacles to avoid and enemies to either avoid or destroy as you trim the lawns in each level. It's simple enough, as you only need to move over each tile of grass to finish a level, and while there is a mild puzzle element it's easy enough to sit back, relax and work your way through the levels.

    Once you choose a direction to start the level, it will constantly be on the go, and all you need to do is pick a direction as and when required. Genuinely a very easy set of controls. Making this easy to get to grips with. The lawnmowers available can be bought by collecting gears in each level, and by performing well enough in each level. I opted to purchase a moose if you must know, because why not.

    The soundtrack is really enjoyable, and surprised me with how much I enjoyed listening to it as I let my green fingers get the work done. Everyone I've spoken to about it is in agreement. Not often an Indie game soundtrack gets praise, but Grass Cutter does have one of the best around in the ID Xbox scene.

    Visually, its voxel based, and if that's not your thing, you wont likely care much for it, but it suits the game as far as I'm concerned. Its colourful, and grabbed my kids attention enough to make them want to play it. A kid friendly game as far as I've seen, so they can enjoy the silly fun too.

    Overall, Grass Cutter wont blow you away nor will it win any awards either. A game that's definitely above average, and raises the reputation of Sometimes You. Throw in some easy achievements that can be done with inside an hour for the cheap price its selling for, and you have a win-win situation.

    Developer: USANIK
    Publisher: Sometimes You
    Price: £5.79
    Release Date: 10th July 2019
  • A Big RadroachA Big Radroach540,116
    22 Dec 2019
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    They see me mowin' they hatin'

    Developed by USAINK: Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns is a fast paced puzzle game where you play as the honourable, persistent lawn mower. Your objective is to contain and destroy all infected lawns created by a Xtract Grass's company experiment gone awry. Facing challenges to overcome, power ups to collect and environments to conquer before your battery runs out. It's a short but simple story for us to get behind.

    The game is a surprisingly satisfying play despite first glances. There are several features introduced gradually introduced throughout this Pac-Man styled game, giving you new mechanics to learn and adapt to. Collecting various power ups and hoarding Gears to buy some new lawnmower skins, play as a Llama dropping dangerous poop or call in an airstrike with the camouflage mowers. The customisations add both novelty and strategic advantages.

    So how does it play?
    Overall, it's a marvellous game with no bugs encountered. The music although limited is conducted extremely well for a small title but an hour of subjection should be moral boosting enough before the repetition sinks in. The only notable issue is the inconsistent difficulty curve, with several levels being easily completed on your first attempt, then being stuck on a longer level for 30+ minutes. As advertised, the game isn't glorified and sells you exactly what you see from the trailer. A lawnmower cutting grass. It challenges reflexes, wit and you can at least brag about finishing one chore today. There are par times for each level in but achieving these adds very little to the player other than knowing you're better than the AI. This makes it welcoming experience to both new and veteran puzzlers.

    The Brief:
    - A small but well structured game that kept the idea simple and entertaining. A steal for value and a very fun achievement list to go through that all would come rather naturally.
    - With a tidy Ratio of just 1 and a estimated completion time in under an hour. It's a safe bet for achievement hunters. The bonus is that only 16 levels are require for the completion whilst those who enjoy the game have over 60 to play.
    - For £5.79, it's honestly a steal.
    - 504MB Download so there's no excuses.