Graveyard Keeper Achievements

Full list of all 125 Graveyard Keeper achievements worth 2,500 gamerscore. It takes around 60-80 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game.

The base game contains 62 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there are 3 DLC packs containing 63 achievements worth 1,500 Gamerscore.

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  • Side quest

    You killed a Vampire Hunter. In life, there are no side quests.

  • Simple but stylish

    Decorated a Dark Shrine. Looks better than your first apartment!

  • Not a hot dog

    Sold burgers at the burning ceremony. It's a mystery why you didn't make hotdogs.

  • Match 3

    Collected three dark organs. Three in a row! The Inquisition is going to get a prize!

    2 guides
  • Night watch

    Got rid of the guardsmen's ambush. Now you are the Witch Hill Keeper too!

    2 guides
  • Perfume

    Gave some perfume to Ms Charm. It smells nice, and wasn't tested on animals.

  • Ideal song

    Got an Ideal Song from Vagner. Now you know how you'll make a million bucks, once you get back home.

  • Graveyard Veggies

    Started a company with Merchant. A great name for a successful company!


Stranger Sins

445 (14%)
Stranger Sins
  • Epic skull

    Your tavern's quality is 80! Ultra Wow!

  • Employee of the month

    Yorick became your bartender. For no salary. Slavery? No, he's made of wood!

  • First party

    Threw your first alco-party. The guests remember nothing, but they enjoyed it.

  • Open mic

    Put on your first Comedy Show. The guests laughed on command, so everything went good.

  • Locking up the sun

    Put on your first concert. Ms. Charm's fans fell into ecstasy and a brawl broke out.

  • Rat race

    Organized your first rat race. The winning rat got a giant piece of cheese, choked on it, and died.

  • Best party

    Threw an excellent alco-party. It's time to open the local drunk tank.

    2 guides
  • Best mic

    Put on an excellent Comedy Show. It can't be -- the guests didn't have to be commanded to laugh!

    2 guides
  • Best concert

    Put on an excellent concert. Ms. Charm received a marriage proposal from each male spectator.

    2 guides
  • Best race

    Organized an excellent rat race. Two guests lost everything and drowned themselves.

    2 guides
  • The show must go on

    Organized 15 events. You're a natural-born event manager!

    2 guides
  • Forward to the past

    Used the archaeological time machine for the first time. And didn't go mad.

  • Witnessed him

    Watched the Master being summon. Is that Grace you feel?

  • A nation divided

    Watched the scene at the Coliseum. Unemployment benefits is everything.

  • Viva la King

    Watched the destruction of the Bridge. Always think before destroying bridges!

  • Read before signing

    Witnessed the Contract signing. Who are "truly guilty men"?

  • King Gerry

    Watched the scene in the bath house. You saw that one coming, didn't you?


Game of Crone

505 (15%)
Game of Crone
  • An unexpected guest

    Met marquis Teodoro Jr. An aristocrat in danger - what could be more profitable!

  • Vampires in the Village

    A vampire is terrorizing the villagers? Solution: an army of carnivorous bees.

  • The face of the enemy

    Exposed the vampire. Time to play Van Helsing!

  • To stop an Ancient Curse

    Alaric convinced you to help. Refusal would have been dangerous to your health.

  • One more inquisitor

    Met lady Beatrice. Technically, you resisted her charms. But in your imagination...

  • Blood supplier

    Brought corpse blood to the vampire. Not very tasty, but better than many popular diets!

  • Vampires are over

    Told Horadric the vampire was no more. Oh, if only everyone were so trusting!

  • Mysterious woman

    Watched a scene from the past. Nothing is clear but it's quite intriguing...

  • Spirit summoner

    Brought some smelly and useless filth into Dungeon, giving all the local ghosts a laugh.

  • Exterminate!

    All the ambushes have been cleared out. The Terminator and Rambo would have been proud.

  • Awkward interrogation

    Interrogated vampire Carl, leaving Carl greatly enlightened.

  • Between worlds

    Worked on someone's memory. Time to add "Neurosurgeon" to your CV.

  • Lesser evil

    Lady Beatrice made you an offer you can't refuse. Unless you decide to refuse.

  • Refugees are safe

    You rescued the refugees. Welcome to the Inquisition's blacklist!

  • Revolution begins

    It's your last chance to join the workers and peasants. To be more specific, the donkeys and rats.

  • Cook of Revolution

    You've helped the revolutionaries. Let's spread donkey communism across the world!

  • Writer of Revolution

    You've helped the revolutionaries again. They'll be hard pressed to hang you as a "dirty exploiter".

  • Ideologist of Revolution

    You've helped revolutionaries a third time. Who is next in line for General Secretary?

  • Long live the Revolution

    The Revolution has come to pass. It's time to look back on why you started it.

  • Camp

    Now you have your own camp! And hundreds of potential enemies -- in the form of Inquisitors.

  • Developed camp

    You've improved your camp. The chances that the refugees will die of starvation got lower.

  • Strengthened camp

    You've provided the camp with some fortifications. They look dubious, but the settlers like them.

  • Paradise

    Your camp is flawless. You should write a guide to camp management!

  • Raccoon thyroid stew

    The cook has recovered her peace of mind. Now her friends won't avoid obesity and gastritis.

    2 guides
  • Beheaded horse

    You helped the undertaker deal with her dead husband's relatives. The funeral mass is soon.

  • More forest thugs

    You provided the tanner's son with the bright and happy future of a forest thug. Nice work!


Better Save Soul

405 (27%)
Better Save Soul
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Graveyard Keeper Achievements FAQ
  • How many achievements are there in Graveyard Keeper?
    There are 125 achievements in Graveyard Keeper, worth a total of 2,500 Gamerscore.
    You can view the full list of Graveyard Keeper achievements here.
  • Is Graveyard Keeper on Game Pass?
    No, Graveyard Keeper is not currently available on either Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.
  • When did Graveyard Keeper release on Xbox?
    Graveyard Keeper was released on August 15th, 2018.
  • How long does it take to complete all the achievements in Graveyard Keeper?
    It takes between 60 and 80 hours to complete the base game achievements in Graveyard Keeper. You can find a full guide to unlocking all of the achievements in the Graveyard Keeper walkthrough.