1. Gravity Duck Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello to all, my name is JeroenRos and welcome to the second walkthrough written by me. By following this walkthrough you can expect to have another 1000G added to your gamertag within an hour!

This game, Gravity Duck, has been developed by Woblyware and has been published by Ratalaika Games. It follows the trend of Ratalaika-games being a simple completion in a short amount of time.

Gravity Duck is a typical platformer in which the goal is to get your character, being a duck able to change the laws of gravity, to the golden egg at the end of each level. You have to avoid obstacles by changing the gravity and passing them standing on another surface.

At the top of the text-based walkthrough is a link present to a video acting as a walkthrough on YouTube, which might give visual aid to those who prefer this above text-based tips. Also, as this game is pretty straight-forward, there are multiple paths you can take in several levels when progressing towards the end of the individual levels.

As you will have all the achievements unlocked well before the end of this game (at the end of level 50 out of the total 140 levels), this walkthrough will only describe what you have to do during the needed levels until you unlock your final achievement in this game.

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