4. Gray Matter Bonus Points

There are several points you can earn in addition to the normal points. I will write down where to find them in each chapter.

Chapter 1 (14 points)

  • Use the bike in the garage for 2 points. Accessible by leaving the house through the main entrance and to the backyard.
  • Get the photo of the parents in your room for 3 points. Found in your backpack.
  • Upon entering the Black Wand magic store, check the shelves with all their contents for 4 points.
  • Talk to Mephistopheles after winning the riddle and reading the enigma for another 3 points.
  • After finding the beer coaster, try to get inside the Pub on Queen street for 2 points.

Chapter 2 (20 points)

  • Buy flowers at the market place in Oxford for 3 points.
  • Place the wildflowers previously bought on the oxford center in the glass in Sam's room for 3 points.
  • Place the rest of the wildflowers in the vase in the main laboratory in the cellar of the house for 3 points.
  • Talk to Miss Dalton in the kitchen about he accident for 3 points.
  • Upon heading to Christ Church, talk to the tour guide for 8 points.

Chapter 3 (11 points)

  • Head to the wardrobe of the Dr. and check the wedding dress for 2 points.
  • Check the 1st and 2nd dresser drawer for 4 points.
  • Examine the file cabinet in the main lab for 2 points.
  • Examine the whiteboard in Styles' private lab for 3 points.

Chapter 4 (33 points)

  • Examine the postcard rack in Alice Wonderland shop for 2 points.
  • Examine the history poster in the same shop for another 2 points.
  • Examine the mad hatter poster in the same shop for another 2 points.
  • Talk with the librarian about hogwarts for 3 points.
  • Try to get to the christ church dining hall for 3 points.
  • Check the open drawer in Charles room for 2 points.
  • Examine the lock of room 202 after searching Charles' room for 3 points.
  • Check the film gear in Harvey's room for 2 points.
  • Examine the desk drawer of Helena's room BEFORE searching her bed for 2 points.
  • Talk to Helena about all your discoveries for 12 points.

Chapter 5 (20 points)

  • Head to the dresser and examine the dress again for 5 points.
  • Once in the private lab, check the files for the reports for another 5points.
  • In the park, check all the trees and zoo in on all the carvings for 10 points.

Chapter 6 (24 points)

  • Once you checked your bike in the garage, talk to the woman in the kitchen for 3 points.
  • Get the flour from the kitchen for 3 points.
  • Use the flour on the window in the tower for 5 points.
  • Solve the ball and cup game for 5 points.
  • Inside the dining hall of Christ church, check the plaque above the fireplace for 5 points.
  • Once you changed the plans with Styles, talk to the magic shopkeeper for 3 points.

Chapter 7 (6 points)

  • Observe Sam's book in her backpack for 3 points.
  • Check the photo of Sam's parents after calling the case worker on her nightstand for 3 points.

Chapter 8 (17 points)

  • Talk to the bartender about the events in Oxford for 3 points.
  • Talk to the 2 clients in the club for 3 points.
  • Talk to the trickster behind the clients for another 3 points.
  • Upon checking the clue in the iron maiden to the right you get 2 points.
  • When you get out of the room with the queen of diamonds for 3 points.
  • Upon entering the club again, talk to the trickster about the cellar for 3 points.
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