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    25 Jan 2011
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    From the start, I'm marking this as an arcade game, so I'll be a little more generous than I would of a full retail game. The standard price is 800 msp, but I got it on sale for 160 and honestly think it would've been worth the full price.

    Right off the bat the game introduces itself with some humour and simple yet informative opening cutscene detailing the world of Greed Corp, a trend it follows throughout.

    Gameplay: Fairly straightforward in this regard, Greed Corp runs of a standard hexagon panel system. You can build tihngs on panels you control and send walkers around to capture nearby panels. The real thing to make Greed Corp stand out is the destructible terrain, as each panel will slowly sink into the mist either by being harvest for resources, or shot at by cannons. In this regard games often boil down to isolated islands with cannons firing and carriers transporting troops in order to attack. The real fun lies in the strategies you'll have to pull, as there's no telling how your enemy might respond.

    The single player campaign offers plenty of missions, and the achievements provide you some alternative methods of playing, encouraging walker rushes, cannon abuses, and other such amusing strategies.

    The multiplayer aspect is pretty much dead, but if you've got a friend to bring with you for some light entertainment, that's where Greed Corp really stands up.

    Single Player: 7
    Multiplayer: 8

    Graphics: There isn't much to be said for the graphics. They look perfectly fine and you won't notice any blocky textures or lacking poly-models. That said, the animations are limited at best outside of the two startup movies. Still, not disappointing by any standards. You'll see carriers fly over and cannons firing, but the walkers themselves just teleport from panel to panel. Probably for the best too, as it might've made turns take too long.

    Overall Graphics: 8
    Animation Presentation: 7

    Sound: The music is one of the more interesting points of the game, as it's all performed by an actual band and recorded. What should be noted is that it's not the kind of guitar and drum based music you might be used to, but rather more like a stage band, with brass instruments and piano. Like all music it really comes down to a matter of taste, but I personally found it quite enjoyable, and a welcome break from the daily assault your ears might take from FPS games.

    Music: 8
    Sound Effects: 8

    Overall I'm giving it a 4 star rating, It's a great little game and worthy investment, but it doesn't stand up to some of the best arcade games out there. If you're a fan of strategy games, go out and give it a shot. It's available on the PS3 and Steam as well if you'd prefer a different medium.

    If you're really not that in to turn based strategy games, it's well worth a look, and probably more likely to score a 3 star rating in that regard for general appeal.
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    NINja277I think I'm gonna refrain from voting because your the only one to write a review for this game , That being said I disagree with much of what you say , I thought what the developers tried to do with this game was good in theory but poorly executed.

    Every single level devolves quickly into the exact same scenario , each team ends up on a small patch of island and its just a race to build up money ( via skipping turns basically ) in order to buy an airship or two. That's pretty much the game of every level . I love Turn based games like this but to the degree they simplified it was insane.

    There is LITERALLY 1 "military" unit to buy in the whole game , 1 building , 1 ranged weapon building ( the canon and it's ammo) and Finally one harvester (resource collecting) unit in all .. and thats IT! no upgrades no nothing . I found the game incredibly boring , In fact one of the worst games I think I ever played . The harvester is usually only useful within the first 5 turns or so after that all income is generated by the money you get at the end of each round and IMO may be it's biggest weakness. The cost of the harvester vs. the money you can make using it compared to the money you make at the end of each round is out of whack. The canon is the most serious sin as far as this is concerned , It's simply too expensive to be used as a weapon 9/10 , You almost always better off in purchasing the transport vessel instead. The result of all this is stagnant gameplay that turns into the exact same scenario every time.

    As far as music goes ( and I may be wrong it was some time ago I played ) isn't there only one song in the entire game which is 1 min worth constantly looped?

    It is different I'll give them that but goddamn , It sure isn't fun.
    Posted by NINja277 on 25 Jan 11 at 07:39
    ValtzerI think that's more to do with opinion really. The limited selection means you have to use each tool carefully. It's something different that has to be carefully planned like a game of chess, not the war of resources and unit counters you might see elsewhere.

    The music is a few different tracks looping, but yeah your point kinda stands.

    The cannon is actually a very viable weapon used correctly as well. Keep one armed (Cheaper than building a carrier) with a good garrison of troops on your own island and you can stop enemies getting in by shooting any forces stronger than your own while slowly taking out your opponents.

    Though should be noted, I'm probably the only one to write a review for this because I actually thought it was fun, so I guess it was inevitable people would disagree.

    I personally, find the whole thing very fun indeed, but hey, it's opinion based. I didn't see much point writing a review about what everyone together might think, that's what the average score system is for.
    Posted by Valtzer on 25 Jan 11 at 10:30
    PatsredsI agree 100% with this review, I loved the simplicity, and thought it was quite fun. I picked it up at 160msp as well, but imo it would have been worth 800 to me. This is just about the only arcade game I have that I constantly just start up for a quick game.
    Posted by Patsreds on 25 Jan 11 at 13:59
    NINja277I totally agree with you about the war of resources issue (love chess BTW) and that's why I can see the potential and I applaud the developers for trying something new and different .

    I didn't mean to make the canon out to be as bad as it sounded in my first comment it definitely has it's uses at times but I found it to be SO limited by one thing or another. Even when it was useful you may have to wait 3 turns before you can buy one shell and if you and your opponent were on islands 2 or 3 squares big (likely filled with troops and unable to expand anymore) then both of you are just waiting out turns in order to build up money so you can fight ,this is what I found so boring. Unless there was a large landmass that was on it's final elevation then it was awesome and this is where I think the game had amazing potential . The only fun I had was the board was setup in such a way that using a harvester at my end or firing a canon shot caused a chain of landmass to collapse into the abyss and take out a ton of enemy units with it or something like that.

    I guess thinking about it now the game is just missing the whole rock paper scissors element ultimately. I think it just hit me as that's what I'm not getting out of it. Throw that in with money at the end of every turn (which only prolongs the battles with no real impact on strategy) and the shallow list of options with which you have available and these ultimately are why I couldn't get into the game.

    I personally, find the whole thing very fun indeed, but hey, it's opinion based. I didn't see much point writing a review about what everyone together might think, that's what the average score system is for.
    Don't assume I meant you shouldn't have wrote what you thought of it , please don't ... I hate when people write like that because the fact is no one knows what others may think of a game .... the only thing you can do is write how you felt about a game as long as you can back it up with examples or solid reasoning it's all good. Don't let my moaning bug ya =D.

    Sorry I'm eating up your comment space BTW lol , I just really really wanted to like this game and that's why I'm interested to hear what others thought about it. I've always been looking for a game to match up to Conflict from the NES , I could play that game forever. It's so hard to find Turn based strat games anymore.
    Posted by NINja277 on 27 Jan 11 at 07:09
    ValtzerOh don't think I was getting offended or anything. I just like discussing matters like these with people who actually think through their own side of the argument rather than spouting what they see other people write.

    Still think the cannon is a strategy thing. I use cannons heaps, rarely carriers. Heck I even pulled a cannon or two in the Manual Override achievement.
    Posted by Valtzer on 27 Jan 11 at 10:55
    DROGTURISTNice review and discussion, guys! Good info for people wanting to know more.

    I'll chime in and say that I agree with both ninja and Valtzer. The game is overly simple and, yeah, every scenario does devolve into the same thing but I still like it. What's there is pretty much perfect for what I expected. If one expects a more full-fledged strategy game, this one will probably be disappointing. For a quick-bite arcade experience, I enjoy it. I'm not a fan of the achievements, though. The ones for playing custom matches should've been multiplayer achievements so I have a reason to play it more with buddies.

    (Also, I love the fact that it takes place in the same world as Gatling Gears. Basically, I think you destroy the "greed corp" in GG. Hope they make more games in this series!)
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 08 Feb 12 at 14:24