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Greedfall Game

Welcome to my Walkthrough of GreedFall. In this game, you play as a diplomat who is searching for a cure to a plague. Along the way, you will be trying to improve relations among the different nations and factions as well as fighting various beasts and creatures.

There are five companions that will join you in your journey, four of which are romanceable. This game is loaded with many end game achievements, achievements tied to your relationship with one of your companions, the choices you make, and who you romance. There is also an achievement tied to playing the game in extreme mode. Since you can not romance all 4 companions with a male or a female, you have to play the game at least twice to accomplish that. Even with that, you will have to play through the end part of the game multiple times utilizing strategic saves in order to obtain all the games achievements without having to play through the entire game four times. This game is by no means linear. There are many times where there are multiple quests available at the same time. So, it is possible to obtain the achievements without following my quest order exactly.

I will be going through two playthroughs of the game. The first playthrough will be done on easy. In this playthrough, I will be getting every faction and companion to friendly with me and will handle 4 out of 5 of the end game achievements. The second playthrough will be done in extreme mode. For the best possible use of this guide, please read the "hints & tips" section prior to starting your first playthrough.

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