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Character Leveling:

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose from one of three types of characters: Magic, Technical, or Warrior. Each of these begins with 3 skills, 2 that are the basis for that skill line and one from another skill line. Magic characters start with the Divine Magic Ring, which is a melee and ranged magic attack, Stasis which is a magical skill that freezes enemies, and one-handed heavy weapons. Technical characters start with the ability to set elemental traps, use guns, and use one-handed blades. Warriors start with one-handed blades, one-handed heavy weapons, and firearms. Here is a picture of the skill tree:

One skill point is required for each small circle skill, two points are required for medium-sized circle skills, and 3 points are required for the large circle skills. Each of those skills requires Fury to activate. Fury is gained through weapon attacks. According to what I have read, the max level in the game is 90. However, I don't know how or why anyone would ever get to that level. I finished my first playthrough where I did every side quest at level 36. With 25 points you can obtain all the skills for a particular tree and for 12 additional points you can obtain both sets of skills that branch off from that tree. So that's 37 points to have a lot of things to work with. You do not need to obtain all of these through leveling. There are Skill Altars scattered in the various areas of the world that give you one skill point each. I activated most of them but not all of them and had 48 points available to spend at level 37.

Since you can purchase the "beginning skills" from areas you didn't start with, you can build your character any way you want to. Both killing enemies and completing quests earn you skill points. So, not very far into your first playthrough you will reach level 1. Allocate that skill point into the skill of your choice and you will receive your first achievement of the game:

In addition to skills, your character will also earn attributes and talents. You will gain one point in these at designated levels throughout the game. The attributes in the game are Mental Power which makes spells do more damage and allows the use of better rings, Willpower which increases the maximum amount of magic available and allows the use of better necklaces, Accuracy which increases the power of traps and firearms and allows the use of the best rifles, Agility which increases fury generated by melee combat and allows the use of the best melee weapons, Strength which makes melee attacks stronger and again allows the use of the best melee weapons, and Endurance which increases your health and allows the use of the best armours. At level 36, I only had 12 points available for attributes. Due to how few of these points you get, you will have to choose where you want to place these points based on where you feel you need them. As a full mage character, I chose to put 5 into both Mental Power and Willpower and then put the remaining 2 in Firearms so I could use guns. I then used a legendary armour set that did not require any endurance to wear. At level 4 you will obtain the first attribute point. Put that in the place of your choosing and you will obtain the achievement:

Talent points are also acquired at designated levels. At some levels, you will obtain both an attribute and a talent point, but most of the time they come at different levels. There are 6 different talents: Charisma, Vigor, Craftsmanship, Intuition, Lockpicking, and Science. Charisma and Intuition are very helpful in dialogue situations as they can be used to avoid confrontations. Charisma always involves a percentage chance of working. Even with all three points in this, you will still come across situations where the chance is less than 100% and you may have to reload to be successful. Intuition allows you to bribe people or use your knowledge to influence a person to go your way. This always works if you have enough points to use it. Two points in this will cover the vast majority of situations where you can use it. Vigor allows passage through certain areas. I recommend having 2 points in this to allow you to use the best routes to get where you need to go. Craftsmanship allows you to make your armour and weapon upgrades. I don't feel it is necessary to put any points into that since you can purchase upgrades. Science allows you to craft potions and blow up certain walls. Again, this is not necessary because you can find potions in the world or purchase them and there is nowhere you need to go that would require you to blow up a wall. By level 36, I had 9 talent points available. I recommend that you put an upgrade on your gear or invest at least one point into lockpicking so that you can pick locks relatively early in the game. There is an achievement for picking 20 locks and there are not many places outside of quests where you can do this. There is always a key for every locked item that needs opening, so try to remember to use lockpicking instead of the key as much as possible. At level 5 you will obtain your first talent point, assign it however you see fit and you will obtain the achievement:

Talents are also affected by your relationship with your companions. Each companion adds a point to one of these talents provided they are in your party once you reach friendly status with them. Vasco adds 1 intuition, Kurt adds 1 Craftsmanship, Aphra adds 1 Science, Petrus adds 1 Charisma, and Siora adds 1 Vigor. So if there is something you need to do that requires points in a talent you don't have, you can put the appropriate companion in your team to allow you to use that particular talent.

Exploration and Combat:

Throughout your travels, you will be going through multiple areas. When you enter an area for the first time, your map will only show a small area around your character and a bunch of ?s where points of interest are located. I will warn you that even with the maps, some areas can be tricky to navigate. As you travel, you will find numerous crates that can be opened. Open all of them and take everything! This is the best way to get potions and earn money in the game. Also once you have emptied 100 of these you will earn the achievement:

Containers in cities refill each time you visit. Sell all your unneeded items to vendors to earn more money than you will use along the way. In addition to looting crates, you will find glowing trees and bushes. These contain crafting ingredients. They don't weigh anything so take all of it. There will be parts of the game where you will need certain ingredients to craft things required for quests. If you are grabbing these along the way, you will never have to take time out of the quest to search for the particular item needed. In addition to saving you time, collecting 200 ingredients will get you the achievement:

As you move throughout the areas of the game you will encounter a variety of animals and creatures. It is best to start stealthy by crouching with cn_LS as you move through the wilderness. This will allow you to get behind the dangerous animals and perform a deadly sneak attack on them. Just hit cn_A while crouched behind them to kill most enemies instantly with a dagger. Do this 30 times and you will obtain the achievement:

Crouching is also the best way to earn another achievement. There are sometimes non-hostile animals like deer and foxes that will appear. If you are not crouched, they run away very quickly. You need to kill 20 of them to get the achievement:

As you travel, I recommend setting up camps as you go. You will sometimes need to go a little out of your way to reach them, but they are handy for fast travelling, passing time if necessary, and there is an achievement for finding all of them. I also recommend having Aphra in your party fairly regularly as she uses "traps" to kill things. Her kills count toward the trap achievement and so if you have her along you will never have to use them to obtain that achievement. While travelling through the various areas of the game you will come across chests and doors that are locked. There is an achievement for unlocking 20 items. This has to be done in a single playthrough as the count resets for each playthrough. If you prioritize the lockpicking talent and get 2 points into it early in the game, you will have no problem meeting the requirement. All the items that need to be opened to progress in the story will have a key nearby if your lockpicking level is too low to open the item with lockpicking. For this walkthrough, I will tell you how to get the achievement as soon as possible. Then you will be free to respec your skills to use the talent points on more useful things.

The "boss" enemies of the game are called guardians. These are very large creatures and are the hardest enemies in the game. There are multiple types of them and some are easier than others to beat. On easy difficulty, none of them are very hard. The hardest part about them is during the early game when you don't have many skills yet. I will tell you about any of them you should avoid when you first encounter them. Otherwise, the main advice I can give is to dodge their attacks and then hit them with your best weapons. The 2 point skill at the bottom of the ring side of the mage tree is the lightning dash. This skill allows you to dash across the area in a second and does not use any magic. I highly recommend this skill as it is extremely helpful on extreme difficulty. The 3 point skill in the mage tree is storm. This skill freezes all the enemies nearby for a little while. Guardians don't stay frozen for long, but this can interrupt some of their most deadly attacks. Another great skill for guardian fights is the 3 point skill from the technician tree. This is a bomb that poisons enemies and also takes out a good amount of their armour. Rifles do a lot of damage, but it takes a bunch of bullets to take out a guardian. So I found it best to use storm, then magic until my magic got low, then use a bomb and a gun for a bit while my magic recovered. I made notes in the extreme playthrough of which types of attacks were the most effective. On easy, I mainly used heavy magic attacks with storm. After you get to a place where you have storm on the easy playthrough, the guardians are not hard. I would just recommend having health and magic potions on you at all times.


In the game, there are 6 factions. You are a member of the Congregation of Merchants. Although you can gain and lose reputation with this faction (it starts at Nice), this is the only faction that it does not matter how you end things with them. There are two other city factions: Theleme and the Bridge Alliance. The other two factions are the Coin Guard that serves as the protectors of all 3 cities and the Nauts which are sailors that trade with all the cities. You start the game with a Suspicious reputation with every alliance other than your own. There are two end game achievements tied to your relationship with these factions at the very end of the game. Although it is technically possible to meet the requirements of both endings in the same playthrough by using a strategic save and lowering the reputation of the Nauts down to nice, the achievements for both endings will not pop if done in the same game. One is for getting all of them to friendly status so they will all help in the final quest in the game. The other one is for missing "some" of them at the end. In this walkthrough, the first playthrough will be devoted to getting everyone friendly. The second playthrough will obtain the other achievement naturally due to the nature of the other achievements we will be getting then. The way reputation is earned in the game is by doing side quests. However, you can lose reputation with factions by doing these quests in certain ways and by making bad dialogue choices. Most of the factions are not difficult to get to the friendly level because there are ample places to earn reputation with them. However, this is not true for the Nauts. This is the most fragile of all of them. Losing any reputation with them at any time will prevent you from getting them to friendly. The easiest way to ensure that things go the way you want is to save before any dialogue. Note that sometimes the dialogue is triggered before you being right in front of the person you need to talk to, so save a bit away from that person.

The 5 companions in the game come from the 5 different factions. You will be able to have 2 of them with you as you go through various quests. Sometimes having the companion with you that is from the faction you are doing a quest for can help open up options for using their influence to help move things your way. However, sometimes they will interject their opinions in a situation without being asked. For example, it is not a good idea to bring Siora with you to meet with the Bridge Alliance or Theleme in the early part of the game. She will even tell you about the Bridge Alliance. After the early game, it becomes a matter of preference for who you bring along. Your reputation starts as suspicious with each companion as well. To romance a character, you have to be the correct sex, do all three of the character's side quests, and make the correct dialogue choices in conversations with them about those quests.

That's all the tips I have, so let's get started.

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