4. GreedFall First Playthrough Mop UpUpdate notes

On this page, I will be explaining how to get the remaining achievements other than the other story-related ones, the one for romancing Aphra, and the one for completing the game on extreme mode. Some of these will have unlocked by the time you completed the story. Load the save you made after completing both attack quests. The reason for this is that once the game ends choosing the continue option loads you in the cave just before the last boss fight. You don't have many options available to you at that point, so that is why using a prior save is best. These remaining achievements mainly have to do with how you killed things along the way and some other miscellaneous tasks. So let's begin.

Start by checking your progress on setting up campsites by looking at your progress in the side quest "Information and Cartography." If you were diligent about seeking out campsites while playing through the story, you would have discovered all of them. If not, open up the quest and find the areas you are missing camps in. Go to those areas to find the ones you are missing. Once you have all of them, go to the palace in New Serene and turn it in by talking to Mr de Courclion about the camps. This will give you the achievement

With that out of the way, head back to your residence or any crafting table. You need to have 1 point in science for this part, so put Aphra in your party if necessary. At the crafting table, craft ten alchemy potions that only require science level one. If you were diligent about looting, you would have plenty of ingredients for this. The potions that only require level 1 in science are haze potion, fury potion, power potion, swiftness potion, balance potion, antidote, resistance potion, armour ointment, magic potion, health potion, and resuscitation powder. After you have made 10 of these, you will receive the achievement

If you did not use many potions in the game, consume 50 of them now to obtain the achievement

Now you will need to have 1 point into craftsmanship, so put Kurt in your party if necessary. At the crafting table, make ten equipment upgrades. Go through your armour inventory, find ones with empty slots, select the slot, and craft anything you can for that slot. Do this a total of 10 times, and you will receive the achievement

Now use a memory crystal to reset your skills and obtain any of the "skill" achievements you did not receive during your first playthrough. Depending on how you allotted your skills in the game, you may have already achieved some of these achievements. While doing so put 3 points into lockpicking to obtain the achievement

Now head to your residence in New Serene. If you are facing the door, there is a chest to the left that requires 3 points in lockpicking to open. Open it now for Lockpick 20/20 and the achievement

Assign all the Mage skills on the skill tree. These are all the skills surrounding the blue part (mage) of the tree and the two that branch away from the Storm Ultimate. Once this is done, you will receive the achievement

For the best use of the magic abilities, put 5 points into both mental power and willpower. Doing so will give you the achievement

Now head to the coin guard arena. Choose practice, and you will enter alone against a single opponent. Now just unleash spells at the guy. After you have dealt damage 500 times with your magical powers, you will unlock the achievement

Once that is complete, reset your skills again. This time assign all the skills surrounding the red part (warrior) of the tree. Again, once complete, you will receive the achievement

Now if you need melee kills, I would recommend grabbing the rolling skill and its upgrades, then put 5 points into strength and endurance. Go back to the arena and use the practice again. After doing damage 500 times with your melee attacks, you will receive the achievement

Now for the last skill tree. Reset your skills and assign all the ones surrounding the green part (technical) of the tree. Once this is done, you will receive the achievement

This skill line provides access to the last two types of kills, poison and shots. Put 5 points into accuracy to help with the shots. Assign bombs to one of your quick slots and then go into the arena again. Unfortunately, you can not use the practice mode for the next two achievements because that mode is meant for basic attack practice, and it does not count gun or bomb damage. So you will need to load up various challenges over and over again. You may need to exit to get more ammo. Do damage 300 times with any gun or rifle, and you will obtain the achievement

The poison achievement is a bit trickier. You can throw a bomb every time you max out your fury meter. So this takes a bit to do, but it is easiest in rounds with multiple human enemies. Once you have poisoned 100 enemies, you will obtain the achievement

Now if you did not play much with Aphra, enter the arena with her or create some "traps" of your own. The traps are exploding vials that Apra uses often. The game counts her use of these, so you never actually have to use them to damage 200 enemies with traps. Once that has been done, by Aphra or you, you will earn the achievement

Either through the playthrough you already completed or by grinding out kills in the arena, you will eventually kill 300 humans who will give you the achievement

You will also eventually kill 600 monsters which will earn you the achievement

That is it for this playthrough. Now its time for the challenge of extreme mode.

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