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Information on this Playthrough:

It is time for our second playthrough. This time we will be playing in extreme mode. Choose a male character this time around so you will be able to get the final romance achievement with Aphra. The main changes in extreme mode are that enemies are stronger, hit harder, and come in more significant numbers and loot chests do not respawn as quickly. You also don't get much XP from killing things, the real way to level up is by doing quests. You should choose the playstyle you are most comfortable with, but I would recommend either a mage or a technician. You need to stay back as much as possible. I chose to play as a mage, but at level 2, I bought the firearm skill so that I would have guns as well. I

Our goal for this playthrough is to arrive at the end of the game missing a few of our allies. This, along with choosing the good ending, will get us one of the last two end game achievements. We will also be selecting the bad ending to get the last end game achievement. However, to avoid having to fight the end boss twice on extreme, we will change the game settings to do this. As far as companions are concerned, we only need to complete Aphra's quests fully so that we can romance her. I also recommend getting Siora up to friendly status to get a free vigour point from her. You mustn't do Kurt's quests. This will ensure that you can get the remaining three achievements of the game and will naturally cause two alliances to not be at friendly status at the end of the game.

Since I have already described every mission in the game in the first playthrough section of this walkthrough, I am not going to explain them again. I will only note some tips for this difficulty and any changes that occur due to the choice not to do Kurt's quests.

Serene Prologue

I highly recommend looting every container in this area. If you put 1 point into lockpicking at the very beginning of the game, multiple locked chests contain good loot. If you want a list of where these are located, see the TrueTrophies solution for the Cat Burglar Achievement. There are a couple of alleys that have enemies in them. It is best if you can eliminate one of them using a stealth kill as it makes things much more manageable. The locations of these enemies are on the map site I referenced in the tips and tricks section of the walkthrough. Some of the side quests have particularly tough enemies in tight spaces. So I recommend going to the location where Constantin is being held prisoner very early.

Sneak around the back and rescue him. This gives you a second party member to help in the fights, and it eliminates the need to pay the bartender for the damage he caused. Other than that, just do all the side quests available in the area in any order you want. This will get you to level 3-4 before facing the boss. As a reminder, the side quests you should do are the following: "Coin Guard Merchandise", "Disappearance Among the Nauts", "Heretic Hunt", and "The Charlatan". I recommend getting a gun before the boss fight as it is beneficial. It is very tough and takes away almost all of your health in one hit. So you need to bring health potions as well. Once the fight starts, I recommend getting back and start shooting. Use your magic shield (if you are a mage) or quickly dodge his projectile attacks. The worst attacks are when he throws himself on you. It is difficult to avoid this at times, so get away as quickly as possible after and use a health potion to heal. The gun takes out his health pretty quickly, so get in as many shots as possible between attacks.

Quests Before Treason

It is really up to you on which order you want to take on quests and if you're going to do some of the companion side quests. I would highly recommend grabbing skill alters as you can as levelling up is very important for survival. I will list the quests I completed and the order I did them in and give some helpful notes about survival. In general, you need to stay back and avoid enemy attacks. Rifles are killers as they take out your health in one shot. So take those out first. After finishing the Coin Guard Merchandise quest and speaking with Constantin, my quest order was as follows:

The Man with the Silver Coin - Make a save that you can come back to, before starting this as once you follow the man you have to finish the quest. The last fight is tough, and I was only able to beat this because I got stuck under a scaffolding where the people could not attack me, but I could still attack them.

Old Countries in a New World - Easy quest

A Name for a Family - (Optional) This is Vasco's first quest and is easy since you use a sailors coat to avoid fights (which is necessary if you do this)

Scholars in the Expedition- You need 2 points in intuition to enter the native area stealthily (you need to do that), so if you put points in lockpicking you may need to use a memory crystal to respec.

Family Reunion - (Optional) This is Vasco's second quest and is also easy as long as you have enough money to pay off the mercenaries.

The Vices of the Mother Cardinal - (Optional) This is Petrus' first quest and is relatively easy. The hardest part is getting to where the Candy Cane is located at night time. The groups of bandits you have to get by are tough. My recommendation is to kill one, run away, kill another, etc.

Attacks on Caravans - There is nothing notable about this Bridge Alliance side quest.

Battle of the Red Spears - Take out the rifleman first and you should be fine. Explore the ancient ruins while you are here.

Find Queen Bladnid - (Optional) This is Siora's first quest, and there is only one fight at the end of it.

An Aspiring Merchant - The arena fight is a bit tough but doable. Again, take out the rifleman first. You can certainly wait until later if you want to. I wanted to meet Ulan, so I did this.

A Peculiar Alliance - This is an average difficulty quest.

Islander Knowledge - This is Aphra's first quest. After it is over, talk to her about her thoughts while standing around the campfire and talk about the two youths in response. (This is necessary to romance her)

Demonic Cult - This is also an average difficulty quest.

The Cave of Knowledge - This is Aphra's second quest. The bats are a real pain because of the poison. Other than that, it's not hard. Talk to Aphra about the cave once the quest is over and tell her you learned a lot. (Again this is necessary to romance her)

The Linking Ritual - This is Aphra's final quest. The end fight is very tough, with a lot of enemies. One has a rifle, and many others have heavy hammers. You need to avoid them at all costs. Once you have finally defeated them talk to Aphra about the ceremony, In response tell her you to hope you will get to be part of it. Then head to any of your residences. Talk to her and accept her invitation. Head upstairs and complete the deed. Tell her you love her, and you will earn the achievement

Inquisition - There is only one fight in this quest at the end, and it is not very hard.

Face to Face with the Demon - There is a guardian to fight, but it is not that hard to beat.

Quest for a Panacea - This is a hard quest. There are many creatures to fight in the passage, and the guardian is very tough. His pounce attacks can kill you instantly, and it has a lot of health. It took a long time to take it out.

Mystery of the Ancient Ruins - This is very similar to the previous quest but not quite as hard. The guardian is much easier to beat.

The Prince's Secret - This is pretty easy. There is only one fight with a small group of inquisitors. Make sure to wear a sailor's coat when investigating the Naut areas.

From Treason till the end:

Well, here is where things are going to change from the first playthrough. Even though you have been friends since way before the events of the game, Kurt is going to be part of the betrayal because we did not do his quest. To make matters worse because of this, we will lose one of our allies. You will need to save one of them, but we have to do both to get all the achievements.

Treason - Kurt will fight you one on one. You need to kill him. Then you will need to kill the other groups throughout the palace as you secure Constantin and his advisors. It is tight quarters in a few places, so be careful not to get cornered. You will also fight multiple groups when going to arrest the guy in charge. Make a save when exiting the Coin Guard barracks that you do not save over. We will use that to get both achievements for saving the different cities. After the quest is over, you will receive the achievement

Then you need to choose which city to save. I decided to do San Matheus first. Once you make a choice, you will automatically be transported to the city. There you will need to fight off the guards at the gate, outside the palace doors, and inside. Save the Governor and then her advisors that are on the third floor and the first floor. Once you have secured everyone, you will talk to the Mother Cardinal and receive the achievement

Reload the save you made before choosing to save San Matheus. Now select to save Hikmet. You will travel, and the quest will be the same as it was saving San Matheus except that saving the Governor is much harder and some of the groups of enemies are much larger. You will also have to go to an extra location to save their research. Once you have completed all this, you will obtain the achievement

You will then have to assess the situation with Constantin to complete the quest. This just leaves two end game achievements left. It isn't exactly clear on how many factions can be missing at the end to get the remaining end game achievement. To be safe, it is best to get everyone you can to friendly status. I started with the Nauts by going to New Serene and talking to the Admiral.

The Admiral's Secret Service - This is very easy. There is only one small fight in the tavern. Just make sure to use charisma to persuade the guy at the end. Reload if the charisma fails, so you don't lose reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

The Spy from Theleme - This is also easy as there is no direct fighting involved. You only have to fight some creatures near the camp.

Sub Rosa - This is just slightly harder than the last quest because you have to fight more creatures, but nothing too hard.

The Enemy Within - There is only one fight at the end of this one, and it isn't too hard even though the enemies had skulls over their heads. That completes the Nauts quests and gets them to friendly status.

Next, I went to Hikmet and spoke to the Governor.

At the heart of the Rebellion - The main issue with this quest is that the guy who guides you likes to run into areas with beasts and often gets himself killed. To avoid this, run past him and head right and take out the two creatures there and then continue forward to take out another group of beasts before talking to him. Then go back and follow him. Side with the Rebels even though it causes you to lose a little reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

Dr Asili's Experiments - There are some guys with rifles in this quest that can be a real pain. You can avoid the "skull" guy by the cells by sneaking, and that makes things much more manageable. This time around, I let the assistants go and killed Dr Asili because I knew that I would get enough reputation without doing the trial. After freeing the prisoners, he is harder to sneak past, so run up the hill back toward the house to escape combat with him. Then quickly take out the two riflemen at the base of the cave exit. After that, you are pretty much home free except for two groups of bats and another group of beasts. Turning this quest in raised me to a friendly reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

The Suffering of Constantin - You need 1 point in craftsmanship to complete this quest, so respec if necessary. You will be fighting a bunch of groups of beasts so be prepared for that.

The Trial of the Water - Make sure to have a sleeping potion so you can do this the best way like before. There is no fighting, so it is very easy.

Promises set in Stone - (Optional) This is Siora's second quest. It is very easy because there is only one fight in it.

Searching for Constantin - There are a good number of beast fights, but they are not that hard.

The Dead Man's Voice - This is the same difficulty as the last quest. Once you have completed the ritual with Meg, you need to move to the next quest to continue.

On the High King's Trial - There are many beats on the path, but you can sneak past a lot of them if you want. You can also sneak past the guardian or kill it to get the Warrior set for Siora. You do have to fight several creatures in the passage. The final group is the hardest because they kill your companions quickly. Once you enter the sanctuary, both this quest and the previous one end.

The Sky's Teeth - There is a tough guardian fight here. His swoop attacks will kill you in one hit, so beware. See Constantin after to continue.

A New High King - The qualifications for the remaining end game achievement do not specifically state who needs to be high king for it to pop. After reading many posts on the topic, I opted to choose Dunncas because it felt the safest based on what I read. Due to the fact I had not done many side quests up to this point, I had to do one here to get Dunncass on my side.

The Blood Price - Easy quest with only one fight at the end. Now back to the main quest

A New High King (Cont.) - There is another problematic guardian to fight. If you have bombs, they take down a bunch of its health quickly. There are more fights in the cave with the crown, but nothing too bad. Give the crown to Dunncas to wrap this up. (Note you have to choose Dunncas)

Face to Face with a God - Straightforward quest, just run in, have your chat, and leave.

The Attack on San Matheus - The waves of creatures at the outpost can be challenging as your companions will likely die early. The creatures at the campsite are also tough. The guardian is extremely tough as well because he constantly throws stuff at you and has deadly swoop attacks. This fight almost made me rage quit on the extreme playthrough. It took me so many tries. I lost count. The only tip I can give is that storm helps here as it not only interrupts its attacks but makes the next hits with magic do more damage. Bombs don't work, so don't even bother with them. You spend most of the fight dodging and trying to find a safe place to take potions. Quite honestly, this was the hardest fight of the entire run.

The Attack on Hikmet - This is very similar to the last one, but it is quite a bit easier. You can avoid defending the camp by using charisma, and the natives help in the other group fights. The guardian is also much easier, and bombs do good work taking him out.

Where Madness Goes - There is another guardian to fight here, but it is still much easier than the one from the San Matheus quest.

Together for Teer Fradee - This is just running around, talking to people.

Breaking the Lines - In this quest, you face two guardians. The first one is the hardest because of the instakill slam attacks he does. The second one is way easier.

Assault on the Heart - You will want to stock up for this one. The end boss is demanding, but a rifle helps a lot. Once it is dead, kill the bad guy. Then when the cutscene plays, you will receive two of the last three achievements of the game. For choosing Duncass, reaching the end while missing some of your allies, and selecting the good ending, you get the achievement

You also survived extreme mode so celebrate the achievement

To finish up, re-enter the game by choosing to continue. You will load in just before the final battle. Since there is no need to beat the last boss on extreme mode a second time, hit cn_start and go down to options, select game, and change the difficulty back to easy. Hit cn_A to save the change. Then defeat the final boss once more. This time, however, choose to bind yourself with the bad guy to receive the final achievement of the game

  • New gods

    You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside Constantin

    New gods

Congratulations, you have now perfected Greedfall!

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