6. Grim Fandango Remastered Year 4Update notes

Welcome to the 4th and final year of our adventure. This year starts near the entrance to the Ninth Underworld.

The Temple

Walk up the temple towards the tracks heading through a gate. A cutscene will play. After the scene, enter the station using the door below the Gate Keeper. Walk towards the bottom of the screen to meet up with Chepito who is walking his usual rounds. Talk to Chepito, there are no conversation options. After Chepito walks away you will unlock:

Once the achievement unlocks, try to follow Chepito through the train tunnel. As soon as you tell yourself that you're not done yet, you will unlock:

Leave the train station and go down the stairs (first you will receive a note from the Gate Keeper), and further down another staircase until you end up near two DOD cars. Open the coffin to find a familiar face. After you're done talking to Bruno, you will unlock:

Put the mug you just got in your inventory and move up the stairs. When you're in the middle of the two staircases, take a right to go into the small square house.

The Mechanics

Upon entering you will talk to Glottis automatically. After that do not start talking to Meche or Glottis but talk to the mechanic near Glottis first! Afterwards, the following achievement will pop:

Enter the little kitchen below where Glottis lies and take out the mug from Bruno and hang it on the rack on the right side of the countertop. Open the drawer to find some rags and interact with them to take one. Walk out of the kitchen and use the rag on the red barrel just around the kitchen corner. Go back into the kitchen and put the drenched rag in the toaster on the countertop. Interact with the toaster to start a fire. After a mechanic tries to put out the fire and finds out that the packing foam in your mug is very flammable, a cutscene will play. Afterwards you will end up in Rubacava again.


When you gain control over Manny, move away from the door opening and take a left towards the central hub. Take the right path and meet with Velasco. After you're done talking to him and Velasco leaves, take his bottle from the small wall near the chair. Leave through the left path and then take the top path to the Blue Casket and enter the nightclub.

Go straight to the back to the kitchen and use Velasco's bottle on the barrel that is standing on the countertop. Put the bottle in your inventory and leave the Blue Casket (Olivia will have a quick chat with you first).

Outside the Blue Casket, take a left. Walk all the way towards the lighthouse and enter it. Manny will say "Oh, Lola." and you will earn:

Leave the lighthouse and walk to the left, past the Sea Bees area and then go straight forward (towards the screen) back to the central hub. Take the bottom path to end up with Glottis and Meche again. Give Glottis the filled bottle from your inventory. He'll enjoy the drink and and of course wants more. After drinking a complete barrel, Glottis will be back. Talk to him to make him throw up all over the dominos.

Go right following the train tracks and down the steps to visit Toto's tattoo parlor. Enter it and interact with the cabinet on the wall on the right to find a bottle of liquid nitrogen. Put the bottle in your inventory and leave the tattoo parlor. Go back to Glottis and Meche and move through the door where the Bone Wagon is at.

Use the liquid nitrogen on the juice that Glottis spilled on the floor to freeze it. Don't interact with the dynamite just yet! First, look at the Bone Wagon with cn_X to unlock:

Now, interact with the dynamite to start a cutscene. Next, you'll end up in El Marrow.

El Marrow

When you gain control over Manny in the LSA headquarters, interact with the radio on the top-right corner of the desk to earn:

Move to the sprouted corpse and interact with it to obtain an arm. Talk to Meche to make her leave. Then leave the LSA headquarters by the same door as Meche was going through. Walk towards the bottom of the screen and climb the ladder on the left. Next, climb another ladder at the end of the hall. Take the coffee pot that is on the front of the screen and climb the ladder behind the two performers. Throw some coffee over the performer by interacting with him while you have the coffee pot in your hand.

Climb down and put back the coffee pot where you found it. Then go back up the same ladder. Take out the arm from your inventory and use the with the grinder near the big pipe on the left. After creating some fake snow, take the grinder that now has the arm in it. Climb down the ladder and enter the make-up room on the right.

Now that you are incognito, leave this area through the open doors on the left and enter the door on the right with the casino sign above it. Move to the left and go to the slot machines in the middle of the casino and talk to the LSA agent on the unicycle. Talk to him a couple of times until he tells you about fixing the slot machines (Manny will ask 'Can you crack any machine?'.

Next walk up to Meche and talk to her two times (until Manny says it's him). When you get the piece of fabric, use it on Charlie (who's playing the slots) to cover him. Go to the LSA agent quickly and talk to him. If Charlie takes the sheet off, repeat the steps until the LSA agent 'fixes' Charlie's slot machine.

After the cutscene, go into the toilets. Once you're in Charlie's suit, take the brown door next to the toilets, walk towards the screen, down the ladder, towards the screen and then up the ladder until you are back at the LSA headquarters.

Interact with the trash can near the door to find a picture. Put it in your inventory and take out the letter from Hector (that you got from the Gate Keeper earlier). Give the letter to the pigeon and then take out the photo you just got from the trash. Show the photo to the pigeon. The pigeon will fly off, and a cutscene will start.

After the scene, leave the LSA headquarters and walk towards the screen. You will end up with Glottis and you will have a remote for the hydraulics of the Bone Wagon. Put it away and go right.

Take out the grinder from your inventory and use it near the dark tunnel on the right until Manny and Glottis can enter the tunnel (this will happen automatically). After a short cutscene you will face a giant alligator.

Drive the car forward until you can't go any further. Take out the remote from your inventory and use it to raise the car. Exit the car so that you are on the catwalk. Walk to the other side and attempt to climb down the ladder. When the alligator turns around, climb back up again and quickly use the remote to pin down the alligator by its tail.

Climb down the ladder and take a right into the next area. Enter the florist’s shop and take out your scythe, use it on the bell above the door, that's covered in spiderweb. When you end up outside the shop, go back in. After the conversation you will have a gun and some ammo.

From where you end up with Glottis, climb the ladder and enter the casino again. Move left and then towards the monster (remember Aitor?) guarding the elevator. Talk to him and give him the correct answer to his question.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

When you enter the next room, talk to Celso and his wife who are sitting at the bottom of your screen. And talk them into accepting Hectors offer (just go through all options) until you meet Hector. Try to follow Celso into Hectors office until a cutscene starts.

When you're on the ledge, go past the signs right foot to end up on the roof. There's a piece of concrete near the bottom of the screen where the sign is attached to. Grind some bone on it using the grinder in your inventory. Next, take out the sproutella container from your inventory and sprinkle it in the crack as well (it's the can with the flower on it). When the sign is down, climb the ladder in front of you to start another cutscene.

The Greenhouse

After the cutscene, you end up near a hill with a greenhouse on top. Go towards the greenhouse and enter it. After the cutscene, you will find yourself shot and about to sprout. Take out the liquid nitrogen from your inventory and use it on the flower on your shoulder.

Head back to the car and interact with the back door to meet Sal (well, part of him). Talk to him and after the conversation and the scene with Olivia, open the suitcase behind the car. A ticket (Sal's ticket) will fly out and over to his body. Pick up the ticket.

Move towards the greenhouse and go around it towards the back. Move around a bit until the tickets starts to move and you hear a sound until you find Sal's body. See the below image for the location to look for:

Location of Sal's body

After you dug up Sal's body, interact with it to find a key. Go back down the hill towards the car and open the trunk with the key you just found. Take out the ammo and walk towards the water tank at the back to the left. Shoot the water tank with your gun and after the cutscene go up to the greenhouse and enter it to start another cutscene.

The End

If you have played the whole game with Tank Controls on, during the cutscene with the train, you will unlock:

After the cutscene is over, you will also unlock:

And if you have not missed an achievement, the final one will also pop:

Roll credits.... The adventure is over. You have now unlocked 48 achievements worth 1000GS.

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