Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Reviews

  • I Am EscherI Am Escher777,437
    03 Jun 2016
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    Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is the fourth game on the Xbox One from developer Artifex Mundi. Grim Legends, like its predecessors, is a point and click adventure game in which you must use your wits to work out how to get through each and every obstacle that stands in your way. Throughout the game, you will complete many puzzles as you work out the mystery surrounding the Abyss that lies just outside of the quaint village of Ravenbrook.

    Gameplay and controls are just like what you expect from any point and click adventure game. Most times you simply 'pick up' items to use later. Other times, you will simply grab an item and use it within the same screen. Manipulating items within puzzles can sometimes be finicky. For example, there are times when you want your cursor to go one way but it will either go the wrong way or not move at all. Other than that, the puzzles are fun and any problems with gameplay or controls are quickly forgotten. The game also does a very good job of remaining accessible while occasionally stumping the less than eagle-eyed player. I truly enjoyed feeling like the puzzles never became too difficult or required knowledge found outside of the game.

    The atmosphere of the game is wonderful. The visuals may not be breath-taking, but they are still charming and very appealing to the eyes. The sound throughout the game is fairly good if not for the occasional strange sounding voice. These are both improvements over the previous games, which looked and sounded alright, but weren't quite as clean. Above all, the addition of more full animations makes the whole game feel so much smoother, nicer and all around easier to lose yourself in. In the previous games, I would be taken aback when a character would even try to talk to me simply because they would move so awkwardly. I cannot stress how important having these smoother animations is. With that said, it's a shame to see that they didn't bother to polish the optional chapter to the same degree. In the optional chapter, it seemed like Artifex took a step backward for whatever reason. It's just a good thing this was the only spot like this in the whole game.

    The only complaint I truly have is that the story in the game is a little lackluster. It's not as if the story is poorly written, it's only that it seems like it may check off one too many clichés. Although, everyone plays games for different reasons and I do not personally play these games for deep, compelling stories. I play for the puzzles and to test my wits. I mean, how much world building can one truly do with a game that can last as few as 3-4 hours? I personally took longer on my first play though, but it wasn't much longer.

    As for achievements, it will require two play throughs of the main game and the optional chapter to complete the game. This is because there are achievements for completing all hidden objects scenes and completing all domino games, which are the game you can play instead of hidden object scenes.

    Overall, the price point is spot on for this game. I know I've spent far more money getting way less enjoyment back.

    Better animations than previous games
    Fun puzzles
    Never too hard
    Great atmosphere

    Story lacks depth
    Optional chapter has lesser quality