3. Grizzland Story walkthroughUpdate notes

I will refer to each area separated by a tree as level to separate out the sections.

If you prefer to follow along in video format, here is a video walkthrough:

Level 1

Go right until you are blocked by a tall animal. Go back left and talk (cn_up) to the person that has appeared. He will clear the way for you. Jump over the tall animal until you reach a tree. You will receive a quest to get water for the tree.

Go left and talk to the person to get the sword. Go left and kill the monster. Go further left and fall through the floor. When you land, go right all the way to pick up the feather. Now, you can jump (cn_A).

Go left jumping over obstacles, killing enemies and destroying vases until you reach the water. (I will no longer mention killing monsters or destroying the vases, but keep doing that for hearts.) Go back right until you can jump to the upper platforms. Jump up on to the top platforms. Stay on the top platform and keep going left until you reach the water. Go left through a false wall behind the monster and pick up the note (1/5).

Go back right. Instead of going down the slope, jump up to the right and keep going. You will eventually end up where you fell down after getting the sword. Instead of falling down that hole, enter the secret portal on the left of the hole. (1/3)

Exit the room and keep going right past the tree. When you reach a slope going down, jump to the island to stay on top. Go right to the next screen to pick up the water. Jump down through the floor. Keep going right, jumping over. (If you fall here, you need to respawn by exploding yourself. cn_Y) You will reach another water.

Go right and then climb up and to the left. At the top of the slope, jump over to the small platform in the middle of the screen and then to the alcove on the right wall. This is a false wall where you will find another secret note. (2/5)

Go left, jumping from island to island until you reach the water. Fall down making sure to hold left. Go left all the way back to the tree. Interact with the tree to water and make it grow.

Level 2

After the dialogue has completed, interact with the tree to go to the next level. Go left until you pick up your first water jar of this level. Continue left until you meet a character with an arrow pointing downwards. Press down on your d-pad to drop down. Go left a few screens, jumping over the gaps until you meet Kein.

Just go up to Kein and keep swinging your sword, Every once in awhile, he will attack by either throwing something at you horizontally, or have some projectiles drop from above. Jump over the horizontal attack, and stand in between the falling projectiles to avoid.

Soon enough, Kein will be defeated and you will earn the following achievement.

After killing Kein, keep going left, picking up another water jar on the way, until you can’t go any further. There will be an item on top of a platform. Jump up to grab the double jump. Now you can jump one more time in mid-air.

Go up one screen and then left one screen. Climb up and drop down in to the U shaped thing where a secret portal (2/3) lies. Enter the portal, and exit out. Go back down and right, jumping over the gaps, until you reach an area with a floor that you can drop down.

Drop down this floor and jump to the right to find a false wall to go through and pick up secret note. (3/5) After collecting the note, jump down and back track all the way to where you dropped down the floor. Instead of dropping down, continue right jumping over all gaps until you reach the third water jar of the level.

Double jump over the gap and keep going right until you reach the tree. Continue on past the tree. Kill the bat and pick up the water jar. One more screen to the right, you will meet Alternib. As soon as the fight starts, double jump over behind the bird and keep attacking. You will most likely win the fight without any harm. Killing Alternib will get you the next achievement.

Go back left to where the bat was. Wake the bat up and lure it to the right past the Alternib boss fight. There will be someone standing next to a cage. When the bat is trapped inside that cage, you will earn the following achievement:

Keep going right staying on the bottom side to pick up the final water jar of the level. Now, backtrack to the tree and water it to complete this level.

Level 3

Interact with the tree to go to the next area. Go left and jump up to the platform with three vases close to each other. Swing the sword to destroy all 3 at the same time for the following achievement:

Go left, up, left, down, left to pick up the first water jar of this level. Then, go left one screen to begin the fight with Zodius. Every time you hit Zodius, he will teleport away. Keep hitting him and he will eventually disappear. At this time, he will do the following attacks:

  1. 3 projectiles come from left to right - Just jump over
  2. 3 projectiles come from random location toward you - Do your best to dodge
  3. 2 projectiles come straight down and shatter into pieces - Stay in the middle and jump over the shattered pieces
  4. 2 projects start at the center and circle - Either stay in the center and double jump over or stay to the far left or right and dodge

After few attacks, he will come back. Attack him a few times. Repeat this pattern until his energy is depleted to get the following achievement:

Go left, up, left (top path), right (lower path), down (hold left as you fall), left to pick up the next water jar. Go right and then left (lower path) to where there is an item guarded by two enemies. Kill the enemies and pick up the item which allows you to shrink yourself to mini-form to fit in the smaller hallways. This also unlocks the following achievement:

Go left one screen, shrink down to get to the other side. Switch back to normal form. Then, take the upper path left. (I will no longer tell you to shrink/grow unless it is explicitly required.) Go left a couple of screens taking the lowest path. When you can, jump up and go back to the right using the upper path. Follow the path up, left, right, right to pick up the next water jar.

Drop down and go left using the lowest path again. This time, instead of jumping up and going right, go left. Climb the path upwards to the next screen, and then left. Jump up to the lone platform and then fall to the left. You will find the fourth water jar of the level in this area. Pick it up.

Go right, shrink down, to go through the false wall to pick up the secret note. (4/5) After picking up the note, go left all the way until you cannot go any further. Use the jump pad to get launched high into the air on to the platform above. Double jump to the right and use the teleport.

From this position, double jump up to the platform above with some animals. Double jump to the left to find the next secret room portal. (3/3) This unlocks the achievement:

Double jump to the right and keep going past the tree. Use the lone jump pad to go up. Go up again and then to the right. Drop down when you can and go to the right for another secret note. (5/5) This unlocks the achievement:

Jump up and go right, down (as you fall, hold right), right. There will be a symbol between two torches. Wait for the symbol to expand and interact with it to enter the store. This is where you will use the hearts to buy some items. Buy at least one item to earn the following achievement:

Go one screen to the right to pick up the final water jar of the level. You may need to teleport and then come back to pick it up. Then, enter the teleporter. Drop down and go one screen right to where the tree is. Water the tree to complete this level.

Level 4

Interact with the tree to move to the next area. Go right several screens until you reach an area that looks like the picture below.

Map picture

Change to mini form where the vase is and jump over to the small upper passageway. Go up one screen, then jump over to the right. Keep going to the right past the screen with the bat. Drop down. Go to the right and pick up the water jar. (Note that water jar is no longer needed if you only want the 1000G, but it does provide a checkpoint in case you die.) Go up and to the right to begin the final boss fight required for the 1000G.

Shaderick is similar to Zodius in that he will teleport when you attack. After several attacks, he will disappear and you will be teleported into a maze. Just go towards the exit as quickly as possible. Mazes are random, but very easy to navigate. Repeat this a few times. When you defeat Shaderick, you will earn the final achievement:

Congratulations on another completion and 1000GS!

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