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Posted on 13 May 09 at 16:57
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Alright, so this game isn't terrible, but it definitely not the best. Like all Guitar Hero Games, they have some good songs and a lot of who's heard of this song? The graphics and game play are the exact same as Guitar Hero 3. So this is GH3 red headed step child. There are not many songs on the game, so it should take you that long to beat, and the Hard on this game is more like the Medium of GH3. Only about half of the songs are Aerosmith songs. So here's the breakdown:

Graphics: 7 out of 10

Game play: 10 out of 10 (for guitar hero fans)

Replay Ability: 4 out of 10 (song list kinda stinks)

Online: 1 out of 10 (No one plays online anymore)

Sound: 10 out of 10

Song Selection: 4 out of 10

Suggested Retail Value: $9.99
Actual Retail Value: $9.99 at Best Buy

P.S. The game is worth the money for $9.99 and I think the buy back at Gamestop is somewhere around $3.00.
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Posted on 23 June 09 at 02:51, Edited on 08 July 09 at 23:40
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Ah, and on to my last Guitar Hero review.

That is until Guitar Hero 5 comes out compute

Since I'm such a Guitar Hero fan I've decided to review them all to help with the decision for all you fans of Guitar Hero to buy the games, that is if you don't buy them the day they come out like I do. With this purchase I didn't necessarily regret buying the game, but then again I was wishing I didn't spend 60 dollars on it. Weird, huh?

Well for Aerosmith fans, the game is a sure shot. Also they very easy achievement list(expert players who have dedication and Xbox live can easily get a 1000g on it)makes the game much more playable for people who don't like Aerosmith. The game has ZERO modern tracks aside from Aerosmith and Joe Perry, although you can somewhat consider the 1992 "Sex Type Thing" from the Stone Temple Pilots to be sorta modern, so the game doesn't really appeal to players who don't like classic rock.

The game is built on GH3's engine so all the easy-to-hit hammer on's are in this game as well. However, there is no DLC for the game, so I hope you enjoy the setlist.

The game's multiplayer has the same modes as GH3's, so no new features here. There are some glitchy multiplayer achievements over Xbox live as well, so if your going for the two, play all songs on lead or bass achievements, you might want to grab a buddy to be sure you'll unlock them.

The beating career achievements are stackable, so if you beat GH3 on expert, head right into the expert mode on this one since the difficulty of beating this on expert is a cake walk compared to GH3.

This game could have been great. Sadly, the lack of song diversity, zero new features, and the game's easiness make this game a missed opportunity for Activision.
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