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Gun Achievements

Most Earned

The Hunt Complete
The Hunt Complete5 (5)Progress through 'The Hunt' level on any difficulty.
Steamboat Massacre Complete
Steamboat Massacre Complete15 (15)Progress through the 'Steamboat Massacre' level on any difficulty.
Honest Tom Complete
Honest Tom Complete5 (5)Progress through the 'Honest Tom' level on any difficulty.
The Red Hand Gang Complete
The Red Hand Gang Complete21 (20)Progress through the 'The Red Hand Gang' level on any difficulty.

Least Earned

Insane Difficulty Complete
Insane Difficulty Complete273 (130)Complete the game on the Insane difficulty.
Hard Difficulty Complete
Hard Difficulty Complete143 (70)Complete the game on the Hard difficulty.
Professional Prospector
Professional Prospector74 (40)Mine every gold ingot in the West.
Easy Difficulty Complete
Easy Difficulty Complete16 (10)Complete the game on the Easy difficulty.
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