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    26 Apr 2016
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    GunWorld: Xbox One Edition
    Developer: m07games
    Publisher: m07games
    Release Date: 16 September 2015
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    GunWorld is a retro-inspired action-platformer that released originally on Steam.
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    It's retro, a nice melodic background music. Its bloody hard and will take a lot of gameplay to beat. Nice.... and bloody hard.

    The main character is Dwaine, a brother from another motha, or in this case a planet where guns grow on tree's or at least pods for Dwaine.... and the guns are big, but you need tons of bullets to knock most opponents out..

    Other weapons are available. which you accumulate on beating levels... beating bosses, which then makes other levels beatable.

    An 8bit action game with achievements, for a few bucks its a blast, literally...
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    The Good

    - Challenges
    - Storyline
    - Co-op

    The Bad

    - Frustratingly difficult game
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    GunWorld: Xbox One Edition is available for $1.99 in North America Xbox Marketplace.

    Final score


    The developer has announced that Gun World 2 will be coming out soon...
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    ViaFixCan't wait to get 1000G in the second game too toast
    Posted by ViaFix on 26 Apr 16 at 18:17
    AceMcCoy73I really enjoy this game. From the sounds of it, the sequel is going to be really easy. Don't understand the shift.
    Posted by AceMcCoy73 on 26 Apr 16 at 22:44
    ParticleDualityI don't know what it is, but so far I have actually enjoyed the game. I would give it a good rating if it didn't crash on me every other level.
    Posted by ParticleDuality on 02 May 16 at 01:10
    QuiCkz MaryHard game for me :-)
    Posted by QuiCkz Mary on 02 May 16 at 13:01
    Har Miggidowhy are your reviews so shit?
    Posted by Har Miggido on 24 Mar 18 at 15:42