Gunpowder (Win 8)


Gunpowder (Win 8) Achievements

Most Earned

Parting Gift
Parting Gift5 (5)Destroyed a bonus item after destroying the Safe
Breaker's Dozen
Breaker's Dozen5 (5)Destroyed 12 Bonus Items
Time Sublime
Time Sublime5 (5)Received a time bonus on a mission
Cactucide6 (5)Destroyed 50 innocent cacti in your trophy-lust

Least Earned

Icy Reception
Icy Reception8 (5)Destroyed the safe and all piggy banks in Mission 5-20 without the waterfall extinguishing the fire
Snow Joking Matter
Snow Joking Matter41 (25)Collected all piggy banks in chapter 5
Haul of the Mountain King
Haul of the Mountain King16 (10)Collected all hidden trophies in chapter 5
Snow Country for Cold Men
Snow Country for Cold Men8 (5)Destroyed the snowman horde in Mission 5-9
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