Guns, Gore & Cannoli Reviews

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    05 Sep 2016 26 Sep 2016
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    Updated Metal Slug with an American Prohibition spin..... WAIT!! and a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!

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    Story - 5 out of 5

    Welcome to ThugTown, a 1920's American city, similar to Chicago. However a mysterious outbreak has occurred and people have started eating each other. You are Vinnie Cannoli, a hit-man for the mob sent to ThugTown to get a guy out of the city alive. The outbreak gets to full swing and the army is deployed.

    The story is cliche but we all love it. Your the good guy and zombies want your brains, it works. But the twist of 1920's american and the humor of your protagonist does give it a fresher feel. Vinnie although comes across serious, also seems to take the whole event in his stride and couldn't care less, Like a Boss. His banter with lesser characters and spawning zombies adds a great comic relief to the game.

    The game is just about the right length and believable with it. The events occur over the duration of a single night without any definitive time gaps. Levels flow freely into each and although the game can feel short, I personally felt it was just right.

    I enjoyed the story mode thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone.

    Gameplay - 4.5 out of 5

    The game plays much similar to any metal slug game. A side scroll shooter with different levels of height for a slight increase in complexity. Again, it works. although the game is not hard to complete, you can find yourself swarmed and defeated very quickly if your not careful even on easy. And again comic relief takes effect because even when you get swarmed and get passed a tight spot, you find yourself resorting to a delicious pun of cannibalism. Eating a Cannoli to restore health to Vinnie Cannoli did make me laugh.

    The game gradually gets more difficult with new enemies with new abilities popping up through-out the game, but equally the game gives you new weapons over the course of the game to even the playing field. From the iconic 20's Tommy gun to a Rocket launcher, the game gives you a variety of ways to thin the hordes of zombies.

    The controls are basic but very responsive, offering a very smooth experience. Only addition I would have made, would have been a weapon load-out option. A few times I found myself needing a certain gun, but having to scroll through a weapons list in combat to get the one I wanted.

    Although I never used it, the game offers a local Co-Op, so great for couch game time.

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    Graphics and Appearance - 5 out of 5

    The Belgium, crazy monkey studios, have chosen a hand drawn style. Although simple, it is well finished and good to look at. Transition of graphics was always smooth through-out my play time and no random "bullet through the enemy missing" moments. Characters are well presented and again cliche gangsters of the era. Sure its not a FPS stunner but it has it's charm.

    Achievements - 3.5 out of 5

    The achievements are a mixed bag on this one. It offers simplicity such as;

    Guns, Gore & CannoliMoonshine MassacreThe Moonshine Massacre achievement in Guns, Gore & Cannoli worth 75 pointsKill 2000 enemies

    A time honored zombie game achievement which leaves no enemy standing. But jumps to;

    Guns, Gore & CannoliIts a long way to the topThe Its a long way to the top achievement in Guns, Gore & Cannoli worth 103 pointsSurvive The construction site without killing any enemies with weapons.

    Which at times felt almost impossible, group after group of enemy race after you and there's nothing you can do but climb.

    But my pet love and hate of this game was the campaign difficulty achievements.

    Guns, Gore & CannoliCapo Di tutti CapiThe Capo Di tutti Capi achievement in Guns, Gore & Cannoli worth 94 pointsComplete the game on impossible mode

    As MILINKYO pointed out in the guides, the game ha(d/s) a glitch where you can play-through the entire game on easy and then on final hit on the final bad guy ON THE FINAL LEVEL, you can change the difficulty to impossible and get all 4 achievements from easy to impossible in one swoop. Which is great for an achievement hunter but a bit of a blow to the games replay-ability.

    Other than that the game other your normal cumulative kill types and a few challenges. It's a good sheet to go through.


    Great game and well worth the play and price. Can be abused by the average achievement hunter for an easy 1000G (I was one of them).