1. Guns, Gore & Cannoli Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to Guns, Gore & Cannoli, a game that is a shooter heavy platformer resembling the likes of Contra or Megaman, but nowhere near as difficult. You will spend most of your time running and gunning through pretty cartoon-like levels, shooting zombies and mobsters. The platforming and level design is very basic and easy. The bulk of your efforts focus on the disposing of large numbers of enemies, with a fairly broad arsenal of weapons at your disposal. The game has regular checkpoints, which means that should you die, you will only lose a few minutes of progress. There are only 12 levels with a total of 3 bosses. None of the levels or bosses are particularly challenging on Normal difficulty.

The game is a relatively straightforward, quick, and easy completion. The game is manageable in around 7 hours, which includes fully playing through the game normally on Normal difficulty, and then afterwards doing clean-up for all the achievements missed.

Do not be intimidated by the Impossible difficulty achievement. A key observation to make is that you can change the game's difficulty at any point during a level. This means you can play through the entire game on Easy, and switch the difficulty to Impossible right before the final bullet hits the final boss for all the difficulty based achievements. Only the killing blow on the final boss matters for the the difficulty based achievements. None of these are challenging at all using this method.

There are however 5 achievements that are moderately challenging:

  • The first such achievement requires you to beat a particular level on Normal without dying. You can actually do the entire level on Easy difficulty, and then switch to Normal right as you're killing the boss. However, even on Normal this level and achievement are not that challenging.
  • The next two achievements require you to beat a level using only a particular weapon. You can do these entirely on Easy difficulty, and it's actually easier to just run and jump for large portions of these levels, rather than attempt to clear them out. These two achievements are also not particularly difficult.
  • Finally, there are two pointlessly annoying and difficult achievements, for beating a particular level without killing any enemies. This is entirely doable on Easy difficulty. In fact I recommend only attempting it on Easy, as even on Easy, it is still annoying and rather difficult. This game consists primarily of killing things and as such this achievement is at odds with the core gameplay. These two final "annoying" achievements are pointlessly difficult and frustrating, but are still doable with some perseverance and luck.

If you are trying to beat this game as quickly as possible, you can play through the entire game on Easy, picking up all the level related achievements in each level as described in this walkthrough. At the final boss you will switch your difficulty to Impossible right before firing the final shot, earning you the entire set of difficulty related achievements. There are no collectibles or missable achievements, so you do not need to worry about them. After finishing the game, you can use the level select to go back to any prior level on Easy difficulty to clean up any achievements you have missed. At most, you will be replaying 5 levels. Even after beating the game and replaying these 5 levels, you will probably need to replay a bunch more just to get the final achievement for getting 2000 kills.


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