1. Gunstar Heroes Walkthrough overview

Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for Gunstar Heroes. This game is incredibly easy to complete and should only take a couple of hours to do. The walkthrough itself is fairly basic as all but 1 of the achievements will be unlocked in a single playthrough with the last achievement requiring you to start up the first level 3 more times.

Gunstar Heroes like many games of it's day is very linear and so if you follow the walkthrough you shouldn't miss any of the achievements up for grab. That being said this is an ideal time to point out that the boss has a maximum of 7 different forms and when fighting him on the easiest difficulty you'll only see 3 of them. Fortunately the game allows you to save whenever you want and we'll be taking advantage of that when the time comes. On that note let's crack on with the next page, game tips!

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