2. Gunstar Heroes General hints and tips

This game is incredibly easy and shouldn't present much of a challenge. With that in mind there are only 2 tips worth mentioning for this game both of which are the reason why this game is so easy to complete.

First off this game benefits from the "save whenever you want" feature that help make so many other games super easy. With this in hand there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to complete this game inside a couple of hours. Make sure you're saving all the time. You just killed a few enemies? Good, now make a new save! With this mentality not even the final boss will present much of a challenge because if you mess up you can just reload and keep trying!

Now as great as that first tip is it's only function is to prevent you from having to continually replay long stretches of the game and having that ability is no good if you can't progress through the game... Fear not, with the right weapon combination you'll have nothing to worry about. Now the weapon combination I'm going to list is a little controversial as it's not widely credited as the best but I swear by it and this is my walkthrough so I'm going to suggest it. When you start the game select the fire based weapon and when you get the chance, pick up another flame emblem so that you have a "double" fire weapon. The reason I'm suggesting this over the homing bullets method is while the homing bullets allow you to breeze through levels without aiming the double flames method will annihilate anyone that crosses your path including the final boss and flicking the flame backward and forward is hardly a massive ordeal. However feel free to try out the homing bullets method as a lot of people do swear by it!

Finally, and while I hate to direct you to other sources, if you're finding a particular boss or part of the game difficult try checking out the solution for that boss or watching a video on Youtube of that level.

Anyway, that's it for tips! Click the next page for the achievement walkthrough.

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