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Guwange Achievements

Most Earned

With Love from Guwange-sama...
With Love from Guwange-sama...11 (10)Suffer a noble defeat by Guwange-sama.
Shishin's Technique
Shishin's Technique11 (10)Cleared the game using Shishin.
Pocket Change
Pocket Change18 (15)Collected 1000 coins during a boss battle.
Kosame's Technique
Kosame's Technique12 (10)Cleared the game using Kosame.

Least Earned

True Diabolical Power!
True Diabolical Power!153 (50)Destroyed Amagisu's final form without taking damage.
The Subjugation of Guwange-sama!
The Subjugation of Guwange-sama!49 (20)Defeated Guwange-sama without taking damage.
To New Heights...
To New Heights...49 (25)Scored 50,000,000 points.
Cash Fiend
Cash Fiend36 (20)Connected a 30,000 coin combo.
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