GyroShooter (Win 10)

Release date: 24 Apr 18GyroShooter (Win 10)

Triangle Service
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GyroShooter (Win 10) Store Description

GyroShooter (Win 10)

This game requires a Windows tablet with gyro sensor.
If you are not sure whether your device has one, please play the free trial.

Aim the targets approaching from all sides!
Triangle Service, creator of many arcade games, presents a new stlye game for PC that looks like a shoot'em up without "shooting" element.

[Key Features]
・This game features no "press the button to fire", that is the most common feature in a shoot'em up
・Includes a classic shoot'em up recreated from a different perspective
・A device with gyro sensor supports intuitive gyro controls

Gyro-controls are tested on these devices
Microsoft Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft Surface 3
Asus T303UA
Asus T101HA
Asus T100HA
Asus T100TA
Asus T90CHI
dynabook Tab S60
dynabook Tab S80