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    Puzzle Quest kicked ass! There, I said it. Puzzle Quest had THE perfect mix of block-busting puzzles and RPG elements, making it one of the most unique experiences on the 360 or anywhere else. With that kind of reception, it made sense that Square (Final Fantasy)and PopCap (Bejewelled) would want a piece of the action. Their collaboration became Gyromancer, and, while it lacks the novelty that Puzzle Quest had, it is every bit an enjoyable effort and well worth the Microsoft Points.

    You play as a mage named Rivel who is in pursuit of a warlord named Qraist who is after a jewel that would grant him all the powers of nature. The story is heavy-handed in true Square style. Get used to seeing unmoving character images in the (fortunately short) dialog scenes.

    Rivel doesn't fight himself. Instead he summons beasts to fight for him. You can have three beasts in your control at any one time. If you get another one, you must remove one of the ones you have. It's interesting trying a whole slew of different trios till you find one that works for you. On 13 of the maps, you can find new monsters to summon. Each time you get into battle, you choose one of your three beasts to battle, and each one has its own unique abilities.

    Yes, the battles. This is where PopCap came in. The battles are fought using the gem-crashing engine of Bejewelled Twist. The battles are very rewarding. Sure, you get experience for winning the battle, but you also earn point bonuses for finishing the fight quickly and for avoiding Idle Twists (twists that don't break anything). On each of the maps, you can also find items to use in battle as well as more money for creature-summoning.

    Gyromancer doesn't rewrite the book that Puzzle Quest wrote, but it does write an exciting new chapter. I had a lot of fun with it, and I'm sure others would, too. clap
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    Tasty PastryGood review. I loved Puzzle Quest so this might be one I'll pick up. Cheers.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 24 Jan 10 at 18:36