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  • ZenososZenosos422,886
    22 Jul 2016
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    Welcome to my review for Hawken

    Developed by: Reloaded Games

    Published by: 505 Games
    Release Date: 1st July 2016
    Price: Free to Play

    With Hawken being released at the start of the month many of you are asking the question is it really worth the download and time to play? Seeing as it's a free game many adopt the concept 'If its free why not download it, free gamerscore and free game to play'. However there is more to it than you think, Hawken is a mech based game relying solely on the weapons, type of mech and maneuvering around the maps.

    The objective of the game is simply based on the game modes you play from simple death matches to controlling certain points to build up your points to victory. However the game modes offered are not very varied and offer little in challenging matches. Working as a team is key and varying your mech to support each other is important to winning matches, where I found most the matches I won were from the annihilation of the opposition because they were split up and weaker alone.

    Then we have the performance of the game itself, it runs really well with matches being fast paced and action packed, however being focused with online features only there are the odd occasions when some players look like they are not moving when in fact their connection is so weak they are unable to do anything until their connection returns and when you try and hit them it just goes straight through them. The downside are the servers are quite bad at times and that all games even bot games are run through a server making this game impossible to be played offline.

    Graphics: At first glance and at a distance the worlds feel real and looks real, however when looking closer the snow looks pixilated, the metal layered to look real and most of the ground feels painted on rather than a effectively textured world. These little things always get overlooked on such games due to so much happening at once nobody has time to take in the smaller details.

    External image

    Music/FX: Music is intense and make the whole experience of mech warfare feel real, with the effects being on point and making the whole experience of gunfire past your mech or bouncing off the chassis feel ever so real. Also each level has its own unique effects making each level unique and mysterious at the start of the match, but gets overlooked once the carnage begins.

    Gameplay: Fast paced dangerous and fun it offers a destructive game of mech v mech and gives you the chance to fight it out in a heap of metal and pile of lead. Maps are very large and can be easy to get lost on them even a 6v6 seems too little for these maps and feel the maps are too big for the game. I do not enjoy playing the game at all and see it as more of a chore to complete it. If you are looking for a bit of mech battling at entry level this is the game for you, however if you looking for a full decent game I would suggest looking elsewhere.

    Longevity: There isn't much content on the game to make this game very long with only training and multiplayer games being the only games you can play. The game modes are team deathmatch, co-op team deathmatch, siege, deathmatch, missile assult and co-op bot destruction. You also have the option to explore the maps on your own and work out your strategies if you so wish. In my opinion this game misses two important features campaign and challenge mode as like titanfall many complained that there was no campaign available and how it was only online games.

    External image

    Achievements: The achievements are not very imaginative with very little being put into them, they are easy to complete and can be done with a friend with no need to play in a busy server. In my opinion I would use this as a quick 1000g and be done with it.

    Overall: I feel this game offers very little for enjoyment and wouldn't be of much worth to many people despite it being free. If you are looking 100% the achievements on this game, I recommend having a friend and doing on an empty server making it easy and quicker to get it out of the way. The game feels incomplete and glad it's free as it would be terrible as a paid game. The team behind this obviously had no fresh ideas to bring, so used titanfalls concept to make a machine game that offers very little to the gamer.

    I have awarded Hawken 2.5 stars as it is an okay multiplayer first person shooter that lacks imagination and has awful servers.
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    ZenososThanks and I'm just reviewing for the Xbox one version never realised it was on PC
    Posted by Zenosos on 21 Sep 16 at 20:12
  • HyacinthHouse71HyacinthHouse71525,723
    02 Jun 2018
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    I played this game in the past, and it was an ok experience. It's sort of like a watered down Titanfall. "Nothing special but at least it's free" was the takeaway. Anyway, I had a session in this game today, and the experience has gone severely downhill from where it was. The game was crashing constantly! In an hour and a half, I would guess it crashed 12-15 times. Beware unless you need something free.

    I am giving it 1.5 stars. The gameplay was fine in the past, but it seems the servers and game have been neglected by the developers, resulting in a frustrating and unreliable play experience.
  • Removed Gamer
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    Ok, where to start?

    Do you lack any kind of multiplayer skill? This game is for you.

    Was Titanfall a little too daunting and complicated? This game is for you.

    Do you like to generally mosh around in a big group of players in multiplayer picking off the stragglers kind of like in Halo 4? This game is for you.

    -Summary of game/Team Deathmatch

    Having spent about 11 hours 'playing' this game I can tell you it requires pretty much no skill. Just stay at the center of your group, behind the people trying to play the game (and dying quick because they're at the front) and just collectively shoot everything that moves on the enemy team, presto: kills and assists with no skill.

    Oh sure you could fly around or snipe but being that people can stop and heal themselves behind the readily available cover (by holding down B) all your effort will most probably count for nothing. So tactics pretty much go out the window and it's back to being part of the big blobby amoeba going round absorbing all the enemy stragglers again. Yawn.

    -Upgrades and Buying Mechs

    You can upgrade your Mechs with cash earned from the first 9 levels or so of ranking up. This will enable you to buy and upgrade a few mechs (or buy ones that net you achievements from using them correctly). But beware! The game features a "pay to win" element whereby players can purchase extra points for upgrades/mechs with real world money. These are the guys you hide behind. They also have no skill but do have a wallet bulging with money!

    -Difficulty and Cash Through Play

    So essentially the game becomes unfair on the newly started and will become more unfair as time goes on and everyone upgrades their mechs. Most of the money earned in matches is not through skilled play, winning nets you around 30-50 cash whereas simply playing the match for it's duration will earn you 200 odd for 8 minutes worth. That's right the longer you play the more you are able to upgrade. There is little incentive to go out and really try for your team and anyway if you're going to stand a chance then it's back to the amoeba...

    - Game Modes

    The modes in the game are thankfully quite varied: you have Missile Assault mode where you work to gather E.U. (whatever that is) and take it back to your base to charge up a missile which will slowly damage your enemies base as it heads towards it. When your missile is on it's way you fight for control of the Anti Aircraft area and stop the enemy from lessening the impact of your missile.

    There are team death match, death match and Co-op team death match which are all fairly standard modes. Co-op team death match allows you to team up against a team of respawning bots.

    Co-op Bot Destruction is the game's version of Horde mode where you fight waves of increasingly difficult enemies. This is quite fun for a short amount of time.

    There is also a mode called Siege which is a Capture Point mode where you fight for control of 3 points and try to score more points than the enemy a la Halo et al.

    -Achievements and Boosting.

    Achievement-wise you can boost the game on Australian servers with just two people to get pretty much all of the achievements. With buying mechs and grinding cash it should take you about 10 hours to 1000G the game.

    -Overall Score

    Overall I give this game a 2 out of 5. It's 'ok'. If you're looking for something mildly diverting/to mess around with with friends and not worry about skill-based play. If you are looking for a seriously competitive skill-based game then I would look elsewhere.